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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Now there’s a couple of heads you would never get tired of kicking. They are exchanging a few Allahu akbars after demanding to see the colour of the $4 million cash reward promised by Baird and Turnbull for cultivating Farhad Jabar, the 15 year-old killer of Mr Curtis Cheng.

Now every imam, mullah and cleric from every mosque in Western Sydney and Northern Melbourne is searching for their very own Farhad Jabar.

Suburban terrorism looks like becoming a very profitable business for the operators of mosques!

When the despicable leader of the infamous Parramatta mosque, El-Kadomi, right (Keysar Trad left) was asked if he had seen Farhad Jabar, he not only replied in the negative, but emphatically denied ever laying eyes on him.

He lied of course, (that’s called “taqiyya” and it’s allowable under Islamic law if it furthers the advance of Islam). But El-Kadomi quickly changed his tune when $4 million was on offer to "de-radicalise" the youth attending his Parramatta mosque.

Young Farhad Jabar had been in regular attendance at El-Kadomi’s mosque for the past two years, arriving up to five times a day to pray with others and had been busily praying at the mosque one hour before he murdered Mr Cheng. And El-Kadomi maintained he had never laid eyes on him?

He then kicked out at a reporter who asked for clarification.

El-Kadomi’s Parramatta mosque has been an active partner of extremist pan-Islamic terrorist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The 15 year-old killer had regularly attended lectures by Hizb ut-Tahrir leader, Ismail Alwahwah, at Al-Kadomi’s Parramatta mosque. Ismail Alwahwah was also a known associate of Muslim killer, Man Monis.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is an internationally banned terrorist group and has been the main Australian recruiting agent for Syrian Jihadist fighters. A recent video shows Hizb ut-Tahrir explaining to Islamic youth how to get to Syria via The Maldives using two passports to avoid detection.

The outlawed group has been allowed to continue to operate by our inane security agencies because, “We need to monitor what they are up to”. WTF?

Turnbull and Baird’s reward money of $4 million is an absurd move and shows a complete ignorance of how Islam works to achieve its aims through mosques' radicalisation of Muslim youth.

But Bill Shorten won the absurdity prize when, in protecting his Islamic electorates, he offered this: “Our thoughts are with the family of this 15 year-old alleged perpetrator as they must be struggling to comprehend how someone so young could be part of such a terrible crime”. Not a word for Mr Cheng’s "alleged" grieving family.

This Shorten bloke just gets better each day.

The thought that these mosques should be allowed to continue to operate is sheer madness... the thought that we should allow more to be built is utter insanity.


Fed up with Curtis Cheng' son covering up the killer of his Father. Why would anyone do such a thing. Does he know the killers family. We also have the mother of the murdered Qld backpacker lying about the Terrorist attack on Curtis Cheng and her daughter. Did they get compensation money and asked to put the false story out. It has on the net where reporters were threatened when doing a story on Curtis Cheng and his son has told of his strict upbringing where he had no TV as this was not allowed either was soft drink. The family of the killer was hushed up by the Police.

Kirralie got this right. Why don't these ragheads dogs use their own money from halal certification and all their Islamic fucking charities instead of taking our 4 fucking million. Wake up Turnbull you fucking imbecile !!

Todays news. Where's Turnbull's cash to save this school. Oh that's right, its not a muslim school,

It's sub-normal

This is a good one to subscribe to KW... thanks for the 'nudge'.. it came to me today.

Good grief! . . . I'm outa here . . .

The 'Protocols' first appeared in 1906, a period of extreme turbulence and anti-royalist sentiment in the Russian Empire, particularly after the overwhelming humiliation at Tsushima in 1905. With the fortuitously timely 'exposure' of the Protocols the energies of the hoi-poloi were directed towards staging pogroms against the usual scapegoats. Stoney, read up with some better in-depth publications . . . Not all the answers are on Wiki and youtube - much as quoting Wiki extracts may impress your pals at the coffee shop.

Best laugh I've had this week. stoney's a funny boy. Gave a link to an anti-semitic hate propaganda site and said it was Jewish.

Russian fairy tales are really boring stoney. Try the Brothers Grimm.

stoney has a problem with the word forgery lg. He thinks as it's a forgery there must be an original. The lad has a poor grasp of language. Forgery can also mean FAKE stoney. Your moslem mates don't grasp English well either.

You may quote me as per above.

Hi Dis, it was a bit of light entertainment, sort of self defeating circular argument.
Stoney indeed! The Moa on Easter Island have more insight.

Even though the Protocols of Zion exist and have been discredited, the aspects regarding New World Order are unable to be ignored.

Every Nation must recognise their need for sovereignty and defend their populace against the creeping cancer that is represented by UN and for want of a better word.. the "illuminati".

Formulating laws without consultation and attempting to impose their will on a global scale has nothing to do with our own good, it is an attempt at global communism under thinly veiled pretences.

The first thing to do is to recognise it for what it really is and then to turn our backs collectively on the whole shebang.

Well said CC!

I take it then that you answer is nothing.

Do you know anything about islam?

BTW, what is your understanding of islam?

Alright, for me the first stop on the net is Wikipedia. I don't say that Wikipedia is gospel, but it is a handy springboard for further research.
'Jew Watch is an antisemitic[1] website that promotes Holocaust denial[3] and makes many negative claims about Jews,....'
'Established in 1998,[11] the website is owned and maintained by Frank Weltner, a member of the National Alliance, a white nationalist and white separatist organization.'

If you repeat a lie often enough eventually even you will believe it.

I could agree with you , but then we would both be wrong.

No, I don't pretend to know more, I just like truth being spoken instead of what is soothing to the masses.

Ok, I understand you know all about Jewish conspiracy. What do you know about islam?