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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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... bugger it “Allahu Akbar” anyway

Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Since September 2001, thirteen years have passed, despite the fact that it seems just like yesterday. Since that fateful day on the 11th of September, the world has changed forever... and sadly it is reaching a stage where western democratic Governments are going to have to take firm action in regard to the mass violence being perpetrated in so many Islamic countries in the Middle East and North and Central Africa. Because the hordes of displaced persons around the globe are fast becoming unmanageable.

Osama bin Laden, that deceased Saudi Arabian Sunni Muslim who hated all things American and turned terrorist and formed al-Qaeda, was the instigator of this mayhem.

What al-Qaeda unleashed that fateful day when almost 3,000 people lost their lives, now reads in history as an event equivalent to the attack on the US fleet by the Japanese at  Pearl Harbour.

That event in 1941 unleashed the USA against the Japanese who were waging war on the western world.

The al-Qaeda attack on US soil has had the same effect with the USA declaring war against terrorism and it was going along quite well, until Barack Obama was elected and things sort of got stuffed up considerably… but that’s another story.

The question now is, “What did bin Laden and al-Qaeda actually achieve?”

Well, we have had the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, we have had an uprising in Egypt, and we have had a civil war in Libya and the current one in Syria, massive bloodshed right across North Africa and a multitude of bombings all around the globe, all in the name of Islam.

Whereas the Americans wanted to smash those tyrannical Muslim dictators who were able to control the tribal hatreds within the Arab Muslim world, bin Laden and his al-Qaeda mates knew exactly how to exploit the entrenched hatreds within Islam.

The bloodshed and slaughter throughout the Islamic world is on an unprecedented scale, all initially propagated by al-Qaeda.

Based on the figures I can muster, mainly relying on Wikipedia and the figures published by the UN and general media, there are around 54 million people either displaced or immediately affected by conflicts... 99% of which are within Islamic states.

Of the 57 Islamic states across the globe… 30 are in some form of conflict.

Around 16 million refugees across the globe are in serious trouble.

However since 2001 around 1.7 million Muslims have been killed in these bloody conflicts. But here is the catch 22; how many western casualties has this massive onslaught accounted for?

Okay, if you include American, British, Australian and other allied military casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan then add the 3,000 from 9/11, then add those who have died from terrorist bombings in the past 13 years, and if you include Christians killed in Africa and the Middle East, it may reach 17,000.

Now if my maths is correct that is a ratio of 100 Muslims killed for every one Westerner.

Actually, since 1948 11,000,000 members of the religion of peace have died in violent conflict! Oh, do you think that your eyes are deceiving you? 11 million?

The information is available on Google.

Now if good old Osama was still with us and you put it to him that his great Jihad had only resulted in the deaths of around 17,000 Westerners but cost the lives of 1.7 million Muslims, what do you reckon the old bastard would say?

Probably “Allahu Akbar” that’s a good deal!

Yep!! And how could you possibly reason with someone who thought like that?

Actually, how can you reason with plenty of Jihadists who still think like that?


Well another so called Australian jihadist killed overnight. Good far kin riddance. Muslim scum..

Your Osama story of 9/11 is seriously flawed. Since this disaster, the truth is slowly emerging, even though it's officially a closed case as far as the US Govt is concerned. So many facts have come to light to dispute the Official version of what happened. If you believe the Official version to be true, then you must believe in Julia, Bill,The Easter Bunny and all the other fantasy tales.

Another Fake Bin Laden Story

Paul Craig Roberts

RT, one of my favorite news sources, has fallen for a fake story put out by the Pentagon to support the fantasy story that a SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden, who died a second time in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a decade after his first death from illness and disease.

This fake story together with the fake movie and the fake book by an alleged SEAL team member is the way the fake story of bin Laden’s murder is perpetrated. Bin Laden’s alleged demise at the hands of a SEAL team was a propaganda orchestration, the purpose of which was to give Obama a hero’s laurels and deep six Democratic talk of challenging his nomination for a second term.

Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 of renal failure and other health problems, having denied in his last recorded video any responsibility for 9/11, instead directing Americans to look inside their own government. The FBI itself has stated that there is no evidence that Osama bin Laden is responsible for 9/11. Bin Laden’s obituary appeared in numerous foreign and Arabic press, and also on Fox News. No one can survive renal failure for a decade, and no dialysis machine was found in the alleged Abbottabad compound of bin Laden, who allegedly was murdered by SEALs a decade after his obituary notices.

Additionally, no one among the crew of the ship from which the White House reported bin Laden was buried at sea saw any such burial, and the sailors sent messages home to that effect. Somehow a burial was held onboard a ship on which there are constant watches and crew on alert at all hours, and no one witnessed it.

Additionally, the White House story of the alleged murder of bin Laden changed twice within the first 24 hours. The claim that Obama and his government watched the action transmitted live from cameras on the SEALs’ helmets was quickly abandoned, despite the release of a photo of the Obama regime intently focused on a TV set and alleged to be watching the live action. No video of the deed was ever released. To date there is no evidence whatsoever in behalf of the Obama regime’s claim. Not one tiny scrap. Just unsubstantiated self-serving claims.

Additionally, as I have made available on my website, witnesses interviewed by Pakistan TV reported that only one helicopter landed in Abbottabad and that when the occupants of the helicopter returned from the alleged bin Laden compound, the helicopter exploded on takeoff and there were no survivors. In other words, there was no bin Laden corpse to deliver to the ship that did not witness a burial and no SEAL hero to return who allegedly murdered an unarmed bin Laden. Moreover, the BBC interviewed residents in Abbottabad, including those next door to the alleged “bin Laden compound,” and all say that they knew the person who lived there and it was not bin Laden.

Any SEAL who was so totally stupid as to kill the unarmed “Terror Mastermind” would probably have been courtmartialed for incompetency. Look at the smiling face of the man Who Killed Bin Laden. He thinks that his claim that he murdered a man makes him a hero, a powerful comment on the moral degeneracy of Americans......................" - breeding out of control, 2 wives so far and all paid by taxpayers

Dutch Orchestra walks out

I am proud of the courage of the Dutch Orchestra, when are the citizens of the US and UK going to get the courage to stand up against these Islamic ingrates and their false prophet mohamed!!

Islam, the world is beginning to see the light...
When the most liberal leftist country in Europe pulls the plug on Islam, the world is beginning to see the light....

Wow. The Dutch orchestra walked out on a concert directed by a Muslin who made his personal beliefs known to Queen Beatrix of Holland. Now that took courage. Good for the people of Holland. Watch the walk out.

Bet you didn't see this on your local news at 11 pm.... Well done to the Dutch Orchestra!
Dutch Orchestral Concert Staged Friday, 09 May, 2014!

Queen Beatrix of Holland attends an Orchestral Concert. The Conductor, who just happens to be Muslim, proceeds to give the Queen a lecture on the "beauty" of Islam. Then the members of the Orchestra stage a walkout!
Great to see Dutch people with the courage of their convictions!

in keeping with Islamic faith,?????
It was so that they couldn't do any DNA Tests

11 million - is that all?

Norway is TOO WHITE… According to the President of Jewish Communities in Oslo…

Conductor has a walkout after giving a dopey Muslim sermon to the Dutch Queen.

OMG!! To stop them making a shrine of his grave

If you believe Osama did 9/11 you will believe anything

Because OBL wasn't there....
He died 10 years previously.
It was all a LIE!

Sadly, way too many Australians ( not Austrayan) actually believe that Israel is the oppressor in "Palestine".

Now THAT was a Damn Good Yarn.....
Yep, We All HATE those Moslem bastards, and They HATE us right back.
But there was just one little tiny error.....
Osama bin Laden DIDN’T DO IT.
The al-Qaeda were happy to claim responsibility, because What a boost to recruitment that was;
“See Infidel Pigs, Just a handful of our brave fighters, armed with nothing but Stanley knives, had no trouble in by-passing all your fancy hi-tek security and successfully wreak havoc on your most protected building/s .....”
But all the Sheeples swallowed it, to the delight of the real perpetrators – The ILLUMINATI.
And THAT was their “Pearl Harbour” Excuse for the Never Ending War on Terrorism.
But still a Good Yarn all the same notwithstanding that;
9/11 Was an INSIDE JOB

Every year, over 100,000 Christians (one every 5 minutes) are being slaughtered, mostly by Muslims, solely because of their religion

As you probably know JS half of the 250,000,000 murders committed by muhomMADists half have been fellow muhomMADists.

11000000?! Not enough

Paradise is running out of virgins, they can no long assure 72 for each jihadist. Mohammed (may you fry in hell) is making the problem worse by exceeding his personal quota.

Now 55 no go areas even for police in Sweden. It'd be terrible if terrorists destroyed all transformers associated with those areas during a week long blizzard in the middle of winter. Power workers wouldn't go in to fix outage. Majority would freeze to death . Be a crying shame. The ensuing 10,000% drop in rape and crime and the apocalyptic relief to the welfare purse and work generated for hundreds of Volvo excavators digging graves would help to alleviate the pain for the Swedish govt. Sorry, just day dreaming out loud.

That around 122,400,000 virgins. Farcanal