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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The crimes committed by the Islamic State (or the ‘death cult’ as Tony Abbott likes to refer to it) are no worse than those committed during any other war except that, for the first time in history, a war is being fought using Utube and highly professional production crews. 

Yep, Islamic State is doing no more than presenting the world with coverage that no previous war correspondent has been able to.

But Islamic State burns its victims alive, you say?
The US did the same with flame throwers thrust down foxholes in WWI and WWII along with napalm in the Vietnam war.

But Islamic State uses suicide bombers.
The Japanese used heavenly rewards for Kamikazes in WWII.

But Islamic State beheads its victims.
The Japanese beheaded many more Australians during WWII.

But Islamic State herds its victims into trenches before spraying them with automatic weapons.
This was commonplace in European and Asian warfare. It was widely practised in the Chechen wars.

But Islamic State publicly hangs its victims.
The Allies, Russia and Germany did the same, hanging has been a part of all wars.

But Islamic State uses rape as a weapon of degradation against women and young girls.
Again a common practice in all wars.

But Islamic State establishes cells behind enemy lines in the West.
Espionage has been very much a part of all wars.

But Islamic State destroys the iconic landmarks of its enemies.
Hitler and the Allies did the same.

But the Islamic State intentionally targets civilians.
The Germans sunk the passenger liner the Lusitania and Lieut. Calley wiped out the entire village of My Lai. 

But Islamic State uses religion as an incentive.
Let’s not go there shall we?

So what IS the difference? Well, this war is an undeclared war, a war where we refuse to publicly identify the enemy. It’s a war where we welcome the enemy on to our homelands and allow it to build religious monuments to demonstrate its supremacy and to train its operatives.

We allow it to plan our demise and recruit members from our own citizenry on our own doorstep. We shower it with social welfare benefits and make it illegal for us to complain about it via racial discrimination legislation.

This is a modern PC war where the atrocities are identical but the usual retaliation doesn’t exist. Al Baghdadi’s handbook has coloured pictures instead of diarised notes to be pored over by vexatious politicians at a later date. 

This is a war where war crimes are not concealed but boasted of.

Islamic State as a fighting force should have been extinguished two years ago but we chose to ignore it. In those two years radical Islam has become an amalgam of hundreds of loosely aligned, often competitive, terrorist organisations that grow stronger daily.

Ignoring this war has become the West’s biggest mistake yet.

Islamic State was allowed the time to force the “coalition” into an unwinnable guerrilla war. It infiltrated and terrorised Iraqi, Kurdish and Yazidi cities where it melded into civilian populations. We now need indiscriminate bombing that kills hundreds of civilians, in order to extinguish one Islamic State fighter.

Visions of Vietnam, yet this is a fighting force with no helicopter gunships, no air force, no navy and no satellite intelligence. It relies on utes that become undetectable in city backstreets. 

The tanks and equipment it stole from retreating US-supplied Iraqis have become useless, as desert warfare requires that everything from tanks to choppers have two hours’ maintenance for every one hour in service.

But they have had time to develop a sophisticated international network and for every hour the West refuses to confront them on the ground they sneak two hours ahead. 

In a matter of months now, al Queda splinter cells in the West will be directing drones laden with semtex to sports events and iconic structures including parliament houses. 

Airline pilots on final approach are already being met with trial runs of drones loaded with IAP glide slope co-ordinates. No need to fly airplanes into buildings now, this can all be done on a laptop from the safety of an unknown lounge room.

Did we really have to wait this long to identify a homeland threat? 

But don’t expect Australia to confront an Islamic threat here while it is encouraging similar Islamic slaughter of hundreds of thousands of West Papuan Christians next door. When the pubs have closed you can almost hear them screaming from Darwin. 

This is an Islamic World War we have set ourselves up to lose... and who have we left to sort the Islamic State out? ...the Iranians of all people! You know the ones who, with Obama’s blessing, are developing a nuclear bomb to blow Israel off the map for starters. 

Bloody hell, this is a madness beyond belief! I’m going back to bed to try waking up again.


Kevin - morals and honesty are two words not to be used in relation to labor or the greens.

The desire of IS to create the Caliphate could in fact be very useful; once the various ‘nations’ of Arabia are subsumed into the Caliphate, the West will no longer have to agonise over who is with , and who is agin us. The whole Caliphate will coalesce; will congeal into a stinking putrid pool of Islamic slime. It will be relatively easy then for a Crusade to rid the world of this evil. After all, Islam consists only of 10% of the Global population; a population that will never submit to something so primeval as Islam. This Super Caliphate has nothing that the rest of us really need….dates? camels? I rather think not. And the oil is assuming a far less important role.

The Persians have a nuclear weapon, however Israel will if necessary deploy its counter strike, all of which will hasten the demise of Islam. The US is fast becoming self-sufficient in oil, and by sequestering oil areas in Venezuela and Nigeria , the world could possibly survive without Saudi/Kuwaiti oil. Australia has sufficient resources to withstand this event; coal to diesel, LPG ,Uranium, Thorium in abundance. The only reason that Earth continues to rely on mineral oil is that our politicians are too lazy and short sighted to invest in the alternatives that are proven, and available to us all.

And yes the collateral deaths will be huge; mainly women and children of the Super Caliphate, but be honest, would they ever contribute to the world at large to any significant degree? The only other large infestation of Islam is Indonesia. However it seems that the Indons are far more secular. It is rare to see a burqua in any everyday street in Indonesia, and as Larry has pointed out their rag-tag army, navy and air-force is riddled with corruption and would fold quickly before any serious attack. None of Indonesia’s neighbours, especially India or China would dream of supporting Indonesia; who would be mad to even contemplate any overt aggression.

I would not accept a position in any Western Embassy in Arabia from now on. One would have to be stupid or extremely well recompensed….

Can somebody provide a list of global conflicts that involve the US? I bet you will be hard pressed to find one that doesn't.

Yet after all that, I am no more concerned about Islamic terrorism than I was on September 10th 2001.

Can somebody provide a list of global conflicts that involve islam? I bet you will be hard pressed to find one that doesn't.

They're sh*t scared of upsetting Muslims, why - well 1 sh*t scared of the violent demo's and 2 the ABC and its leftie bleeding heart do gooding brigade followed by other media. Not just here, and look the UN invited in Yassa Arafat, he started up the Jihad which hasn't stopped since with Black September then Munich raids, boats, planes hijacked - and many more organizations all intent on completing the final push for that one large Caliphate taking in the whole planet. And we take them in as refugees when they could buy and sell many of us and our elderly pensioners nevr have had the money to pay people smugglers but are first to be cut - and labor cut the married rate in 2009 - to pay for these. Now thousands more left will want to take in.

Telling the current 'Leaders' they are GUTLESS does not seem to offend them or stir them to 'ACTION' that may save Oz from such atrocities. We pay more attention and money to Fire Ants and smuggled dogs, than we do, to this nationwide threat!

Call it like it is! NOT war!? THEN!! It is mass MURDER. Serial murders of the worst kind. NO Death Penalty in Oz for such mass murder says how weak as piss we are.

Geez! When you're right, your RIGHT!
Geez! When you're right, your RIGHT!
Geez! When you're right, your RIGHT!

Muslims in Italy disrupted a Catholic procession with insults and threats. The Catholics must have provoked them. “Apparently understanding the procession to be a provocation, a group of Muslim youth from the Islamic Center began hurling verbal abuse and threats at the passing procession.” If only they weren’t so…Catholic. If only they wouldn’t stop needlessly provoking the Muslims by…not being Muslims, then things like this wouldn’t happen. I mean, what if the Muslims had set off a bomb? Then the organizers of this procession would have had blood on their hands!
That’s the reasoning that the critics of free speech are using. The reasoning they used to justify gunmen attacking a cartoon competition in Texas. It is the reasoning of cowardice and appeasement.

I had some dick on FB say to me the other day: "Oh, the Halal food tastes different does it?' I said, well, as a matter of fact Halal slaughtered meat can & does. Then I get hit with: "Oh, I suppose u think you'll get converted if u eat Halal?". Some people are clueless about the whole rort.

"George Stephanopoulis outed as Clinton crime family operative, has financial ties just like Monsanto, ExxonMobil and the Bill Gates Foundation"
"Mainstream media news anchors just can't help lying all the time, it seems. Mere months after NBC News anchor Brian Williams was outed for utterly fabricating a long list of sensational news stories, ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulis has been exposed as a Clinton crime family operative who donated $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation and then deliberately withheld that information from his employer and ABC News viewers, reports Politico.

The $50,000 donation was only disclosed after The Free Beacon inquired about Clinton Foundation records. Realizing he couldn't hide it forever, Stephanopoulis then disclosed the donation to Politico's Dylan Byers.

The Clinton Foundation is the same crime family slush fund that has been financially supported by Monsanto, the Bill Gates Foundation (for vaccines), and the world's most evil corporations such as ExxonMobil and Goldman Sachs. Click here for the full list. The Clinton Foundation also received strategic donations of millions of dollars from foreign governments, even as Hillary Clinton made key decisions in their favor as Secretary of State. Some of those decisions involved giving Russia new access to uranium resources used to build nuclear weapons........."

Learn more:

De radicalization has failed with first test case -

So the reason Muslim's do not eat pork is because they see pigs as "dirty animals".

As opposed to all other animals we eat that take regular showers.

Gentleman. It looks like Zaki has been booted along with Adam as well as Boo and Pistol. And such right wing birds. Doesn't seem right somehow.

Of course you are right, Larry, in that the human race long ago set the precedents for inflicting dreadful atrocities upon enemies. But of relevance to the IS abominations is the historical context of our times. Since the Enlightenment the West has substantially changed its paradigm of norms of human conduct (admitedly, often one step forward, two steps back). This is most apparent today, since it contrasts markedly with the mores of many other contemporary cultures. This is why IS shocks the West to its core. It is central to our survival that our values assist, rather than weaken us. This is what we are going to find out in this century.

The Lusitania was not a civilian target. It was loaded with ammunition, which was why it exploded. The Germans posted ads in newspapers warning people not to travel on it. Recent dives have revealed the ships hull to be loaded with ammunition