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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Date: Tomorrow, Wednesday 10th September

Time: 8.30 am in readiness for the “City Planning Committee’s” deliberation commencing at 9:00am on the application for a Mega Mosque to be approved in suburban Currumbin.

Venue: Gold Coast City Council Chambers, 135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise.
Meet at the main entrance of The Council Chambers Building with the white flags out the front.

Speakers: Larry Pickering, Kent Bayley.

For further info contact organiser, James Darby at [email protected] or phone 0406 553 333


It turns out dogs are taboo in Islam so taking a dog for a walk through Lakemba wouldn't go down real well.

Gold Coast Bulletin
12.35PM: GOLD Coast City Councillors have rejected a controversial mosque proposed for Currumbin Waters.

Councillors voted 10 to five to scrap the application that had received a record number of objections in the lead up to today’s vote.

Just announced, Controversial Gold Coast mosque rejected

Have a look at this folks, a Muslim jihadi wears concrete shield to protect genitals for his 72 virgins in heaven

Think the building industries union will be happy to handle it either way. Let them show what side of Australia they are on.

Yep! That went Well!
Today the Goldie
Tomorrow the Sunnie

The next day the WORLD!!!!!

Why don't we take a leaf out of the "Japs" Book.
NO Mosques.
No Moslem IMMIGRANTS - EVER. do you reckon the Israeli's feel with the muslim abomination smack in their faces......., and the Jews are their sworn enemy's....... and they sware to kill them...... and they are half brothers.........and lots of people have tried to solve the problem going to take something and someone very special and outa this world to fix that little grievance .......

The Gold Coast City Council and the Councils right around Australia should think careful before granting Muslims a Mosque rights in infidel society because Islam being State and Religion it will grow itself into a larger entity that will never be Australia but Australia will be it's own as it bows towards Mecca in Saudia Arabia as seen in so many countries world wide where guns are needed to quell the Muslim threat as it expands .

The Muslims have just bought a property from the Uniting Church on Church St, Maroochydore near the Catholic and Anglican churches.

Mr Abbott:

1. Referendum - stopping moslem immigration
2. Strip the "religious" status away - it's a cult
3. Stop talking to them as though they are somebody special
4. Recognize that stopping bombs won't stop Islamization


How can we get a financial report on the Mosque developers financers ?

Abbott, you are an idiot.

Abbott, you are an idiot.

Abbott, you are an idiot.

> Just finished reading an unapproved (he didn't like publicity)
> biography of Clive Caldwell DFC Bar, Polish Cross of Valour, DSC.
> Killer (he hated the name) Caldwell Australia's No1 fighter ace in
> WWII with more than 30 kills. He was one of the "Empire trained"
> pilots and as such was limited as to how many awards he could receive.
> He started at the bottom and was promoted and demoted up to Group
> Captain and flew Tomahawks with an RAF squadron in the Middle East
> early in the war against Rommel, the Luftwaffe, the Vichy French and
> the Italian Regia Aeronautica becoming an ace including ten Me109s, a far
superior fighter.
> He made an interesting observation while based in the Middle East in 1941
> as noted in his diary jottings "No compassion you see. Islam is going to

> turn this world upside down before this century is out. The Middle
> East will need keeping an eye on".
> Clive returned to Australia commanding a Spitfire Wing based near
> Darwin and went on to shoot down a further 8 Japanese planes including 4
> He and colleagues were part of the "Morotai Mutiny" of pilots
> resigning their commissions as MacArthur wanted only Americans to have
> the glory of removing the Japs from the Philippines and the victorious
> road to Tokyo leaving the others behind to undertake useless, boring
> and dangerous clean up activities.
> I thought you might be interested in Clive's observations of Islam
> back in 1941. A bit like Churchill's in the 1890s.

Where's that idiot of a Premier hiding, another Liberal letdown.

Hadenuff:What we need is more clout .

Fred Nile has the right idea

The company building the Mosque is called Salsa-bil Charity Organisation Ltd . When I googled it nothing came up .