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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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... well, sort of

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Standard and Poors, the world’s leading (albeit notoriously inaccurate) ratings agency, says Oz had better get its budget under control or risk losing its AAA credit rating, and that sort of international commentary is music to Joe’s ears. Apparently Clive Palmer, the ABC and the Left of Fairfax are all wrong! We DO have a budget emergency.

Anything less than a AAA rating will devastate Joe’s plans for an eventual surplus because the $1 billion interest we pay on borrowings each month will escalate, dragging a budgetary resolution of Labor’s largesse into the mid 20s. 

S&P expressed “some pause for concern” if this week’s budget backlash was a “fundamental shift in the community’s attitude to what they expect from government”.

Joe Hockey tried valiantly last night to explain to a hostile Q&A’s Tony Jones (the audience is always hostile) that an $80 billion cut to health and schools is sheer fantasy. Jones and the audience remained unconvinced.

Let’s cut the bullshit... the $80 billion was never there to be cut! Here’s what happened:

Prior to the last election Julia Gillard promised umpteen billions to the States and the States all fell for it, all except for WA that is. It was awake to the scam.

It was John Howard’s idea back in the 80s to anticipate government funding four years ahead (now termed forward estimates). It made sense to plan a stable economy’s anticipated available expenditure. 

But Aunty Julia and Uncle Wayne had a plan to gazump Tony Abbott in his first budget. It was both devious and blatant and designed to discredit Abbott if he won the election, if not, Gillard would have simply continued borrowing to fund her completely inane and undeliverable hoaxes.

Gillard took “forward estimates” to a whole new level with the States. She funded the first four years’ expenditure but extended the vast bulk of her total spend of $80 billion over the following six years, taking her “forward estimates” to a full decade. 

An ethereal fairyland assessment of anticipated government revenue!

In an unannounced move just before the election Gillard then took another lump sum of over $1 billion from the four year period and also dumped it in the following six year period. This move was to make her four year funding arrangements appear credible under the audit of budget honesty.

Hope you can see what I’m talking about here.

Anyway, Tony Abbott could see what the little devil was up to and, quite sensibly, only committed to the first four years of Gillard’s back-loaded ten. 

Now the States (the starry-eyed ones that fell for her scam) are screaming that Abbott has ripped $80 billion out of their budgets and the ABC and Fairfax are predictably agreeing with them... not because they think it’s right, they know it’s not, but because it hurts Tony Abbott.

And Tony Abbott is not defending himself well.

The Gillard scam is hard to explain to the bogans out west so Abbott isn’t even trying to. He needs to talk in simple terms and Labor will always win a simple terms contest. Thus the polls and Shorten is loving it.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey will get together this week and agree not to continue with the “we didn’t lie” line. That one is not a goer and places Abbott in the Gillard category, giving the Left four full quarters of free kicks.

What should have been the Coalition line, even before the budget, was: “We unfortunately had to go back on a couple of election promises because after we took Office we discovered the extent of Gillard’s waste. We apologise for that, but we won’t apologise for trying to keep our AAA rating.” 

That simple statement would leave the hysterical Shorten and the nasty Jones without wind in their sails.

But the misinformation the ABC and Fairfax are still peddling out there is staggering!


I like this Budget. Australians have been spoon fed for far too long. well its time to heed the call of the Piper. and start tightening our belts. its not about the "how's about me's" its about putting our nation back on track. Good on you Joe Hockey for staying true.

to continue: The welfare people of today whether rich or poor need to realise that the days of welfare handouts to all who apply is over. Unfortunately the previous Government I feel felt that by developing the welfare society it would assist their re election... Glad to say that others saw it differently. Before I finish I know a family on $120k a year and they get part Family Tax benefit "B" and pay less in tax on income than what they receive in payments... That is morally wrong.

This Country has lost its status as a deliverance of good respected fiscal policy and also good standing Politicians. I am a Liberal voter but even Hawke and Keating had what I would call professional ethics and looked at building the Country. Today we have 15yr old girls staging a sit in Melbourne because at 15 she does not like the Budget. What is the world coming to ? I heard an interview by some University students yesterday and they were a pleasure to listen to. They commented that the rioters are a small portion of the University BUT my point is that they get air coverage all over the front page. This Country needs to start changing its values in this regard.

Unbelievable 59096 tell me it's not true

Baz: Well said!!!!

Still paying out foreign aid on borrowed money, buying ice breaker ships and giving 87million to Indonesia, I guess it really must be dire if its only 87 mil.

Harden up lifeline if we stop fucking voting for these small shit party like pups and green this country may have a chance to recover. So many Australian have had their noses in the pig bucket end is time to give a little now stick that were it fits best . You prick

Are you talking about Gillard,Swan, Rudd, or any of the other labor liars. Swan for instance told 345 (apprx) lies about the Budget, Mate don't come at me a about lies. It seems you brushed aside all the lies of the last Government. Now you know what it was like being lied to. You are upset with one perceived lie, how do you think we felt when we were told hundreds of lies - was there protesting in the street - NO - because conservatives do not do that sort of thing because they don't have time to they are working to keep the socialists in the style they want to be kept in, and I tell you mate that is coming to an end.

Ubbie Bubbie, you are saying about truth and you had a go at me about being shocked well MATE I was shocked because that bloke told me a LIE and I felt sorry for him, and the old bloke buying the tobacco is a patriot because he has been asked to tighten his belt, a far cry from the person I was talking about, he wasn't prepared to give up anything.

He did a lot when he said that we could not keep borrowing money to pay back interest on the debt, because if you did that with a credit card or mortgage, you would be STUFFED.

Aaah, hello Clive eerr hadenup. Speak for yourself ' look in the mirror it is us who votes these PUPs'.......what sort of lunatic logic are you writing. Can't be bothered reading your rubbish anymore.

It would appear that we now have a PM who is prepared to sacrifice his career for the good of the economy and an opposition leader who is prepared to sacrifice the economy for the good of his career.

Please please please all look in the mirror it is us who votes these PUP and greens in. We are all guilty of line up at the pig dro

Please please please all look in the mirror it is us who votes these PUP and greens in. We are all guilty of line up at the pig dro

Not as far fetched as you may think -We have a "fiat" monetary system,which means money has no real value or is underpinned by a tangible asset like gold,so the govt could create $20 trillion as credit and draw on that credit to assist individuals on a needs basis,it could go towards pensions unemployment benefits education health housing etc...This system could go even further by allowing individuals to go outside the system and receive no govt monies/credit but in doing so are free from all forms of taxation.

Well the idea has merit in that the Tax flow on from that and the boost to retail sales and GST would be enormous. If you remember this was Clive Palmers line some 2 years ago... I reckon she has been reading too many Clive Palmer lies.. ( I was only joking when I said it had merit)

Palmer I am told has 11 writs out on people for defamation of his Character. Fancy trying to live off that for a living !

Agreed, David. Palmer's problems are to do with his psychology rather than his intelligence.

I am aware that Clive Palmer owes millions $$ for arrears in Carbon credits so I wonder if he will try and get the Government to retrospect the dropping of the Carbon Tax ? If he does then that is a corrupt move in itself. If the Government press Palmer and his Companies for the debt I reckon that would be a better way to go. That may Bankrupt Palmer and that would be good for Australia as he could not serve as a Senator.