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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Debating the injustice of a GST levied on tampons in Federal Parliament may have got a few grubby Lefties from Q&A all moist but it did nothing for the serious side of the issue. The GST, we are told ad nauseam, is a States’ issue and all must get together and agree to any changes, but we all know that isn’t going to happen when it comes to tampons, or anything else.

Each State will have its own idea of what personal products should be GST exempt. Personal female products can range from Canesten (anti mushroom cream) and KY jelly to incontinence diapers, with South Australia and Tasmania demanding double dildos be exempt. And what about blokes’ haemorrhoid cream? It would sure make an interesting COAG meeting.

As I have said here often, the centrist policies of Canberra no longer work. Since 1901 things have changed. States have matured and diversified to a stage where they alone should be administering their own forms of a GST to suit their own individual State needs.

States have their own elections where they are held to account and they have the tax collection infrastructure to easily handle a simple GST. The ludicrous situation that obtains now is where Canberra collects the States’ Tax and arbitrates over who gets what.

There is no upside for Canberra, only tears, and it’s not possible that all State Premiers will go home happy because those who do will have benefitted at the expense of other Premiers.

It’s a crazy arrangement where Tas and SA will never agree to what the other States get for the simple reason they already get an unfair share. For Christ’s sake let them electorally live or die on the imposition of their own GSTs... each State needs a different GST rate anyway.

Canberra wants a hands-off situation where the States must agree as one to an increase. That will never happen and anyway Canberra is lying, it can legally increase the GST rate itself, but it doesn’t want to lose the electoral skin while the States don't want to either. 

They want Canberra to cop the backlash while they cop the receipts. It’s a madness that only a control-addicted centrist government could invent.

We are not like European VAT inflicted nations where one cut of the cloth suits all. 

We have a cane toad and croc problem up north, a bunch of butch greenies who kiss frogs down south, underpriced ore out west and a host of homosexual gay marriage rightists over on the east. That will never be a European VAT problem because it’s a diversification problem and it’s unique to us in terms of a Federally imposed GST.

Other Western nations that aren’t as large and as diversified as ours don’t have a bloody GST... the US has no Federal GST but it does have individual State taxes as well as a Federal tax. 

Until we start acting like a grown-up Federation and make State taxes an individual State responsibility we will continue to witness spectacles like Canberra Press conferences concerning tampons.

Canberra already has plenty of other important stuff to keep itself occupied.


Canada to repeal tampon tax
The tampon tax is dead.
The federal government announced Thursday the GST and the federal portion of the HST will no longer be charged on feminine hygiene products starting July 1.
Last year, Canadian women spent about $519,976,963 on tampons, pads and menstrual cups, which put more than $36,398,387 into government coffers, according to Statistics Canada.
"Finally, the government has listened to reason and put an end to this injustice. That is a victory for all women," NDP MP Irene Mathyssen, whose motion earlier this month to nix the tax received all-party support, said in a statement Thursday.
The NDP said the tax "unfairly penalizes women, transgender and other people with periods."
Many consider the tax discriminatory because only women have to pay it and it's for something essential. Activist Jill Piebiak had more than 74,000 supporters for her No Tax on Tampons online petition this spring, but there have been calls to cut the tax ever since the GST was introduced more than 20 years ago.

That's true Tman and my point is that the Libs had the chance to fix this but did not. They are all the same. How about Stamp Duty on the purchase of cars and Stamp Duty and GST on Insurance policies? Double whammy.

Obama Desecrates Memorial Day And Agrees To Commit U.S. Military To Serve Under Turkey’s Conquest Of Syria (The U.S. Is Now Officially Advancing A Grand Caliphate)
On Memorial Day, the Turks told us that the “U.S. have agreed in “principle” to provide air protection to Syrian rebels being trained and equipped to supposedly fight ISIS, once they enter Syrian territory for battle, Turkey’s foreign minister said.
The two countries (U.S. and Turkey) agreed in February to train and equip up to 15,000 Syrian Jihadists at a cost of half a billion U.S. dollars paid by the U.S., of course, as a U.S. program designed to add a credible ground force to an air bombing campaign supposedly against ISIS. But don’t be fooled, read the trick between the lines from Cavusoglu’s mouth:
Both ISIS and the [Syrian] regime forces continue their assaults and killings. … with this program, we are trying to achieve a balance. The opposition forces are fighting on both fronts; while the fight against ISIS is prioritized, the [Syrian] regime must be also stopped.
“The [Syrian] regime must be stopped”. The war is not on ISIS, but committing our troops in Syria to end the government of Bashar Al-Assad.......

It's got me stuffed as to why the Government don't put a tax if one or two cents on every bank transaction in Australia. Imagine how many million transactions there are each day. The account holders wouldn't even notice the tax and the Government stands to make an absolute bloody killing!

I take it that you're being whimsical? Ironic? Sarcastic? Wry? Do tell Wasp.

Wasp, as George Pell would say "Hate the sin, love the sinner".

Are WE being DICK tattered to by a bunch of c................s? taxation This why the Australian taxation is stuffed tax and the multinational Joe .Do these things the country would be rich again in 2 years

Joe you don't have clue this is why our tax system is unfair and unjust to hard working Australians fix this and tax multinationals you idiot. taxation

Dead right. Never trust any politician to govern responsibly. They all want their gold plated fact finding tours to Europe Asia and the Americas which produce nothing worthwhile

you can put that barb where the sun doesn't shine Wasp.

Can anyone help out Keysar Trad? He needs to borrow $550,000, thanks to a rare and sensible court decision.


I just heard on the drum that Shorten said there would be no carbon tax. Does this mean it's a price on carbon? Same difference - it's still collecting money for nothing - or to give to the UN.

I received this text on my phone today.

Since the successful April 4 counter-rally against Reclaim Australia we have had many great discussions with diverse communities about how we can build a

unified movement against racism. Join us at the public "Uniting Against Islamophobia: How can we stop Reclaim Australia" forum this Sunday 2pm @

Multicultural Hub (506 Elizabeth St - Opposite the Queen Victoria Market) in Melbourne. You can also volunteer to join the organising committee for the next

rally against Reclaim Australia and other racist groups planned for July 18. See you on Sunday!:

This week's must-listen link is Tom Switzer's important interview with Lord Nigel Lawson on climate change, behind enemy lines at the ABC. BUGGER !
Maybe these sad photos of Tim Flannery and his crusading climate colleagues were taken after they listened to Nigel's interview.
(Or maybe Tim, Will Steffen and Matthew England were reflecting on their mobile phone use after seeing the IPA's viral meme this week.)