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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Jihadi Martyrdom Starts At Home

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


We will not see an end to young Muslim males acting out their religious duty of jihadi martyrdom any time soon. It is a part of Islam. How many times have we heard the families of young jihadis say, “We had no idea”? Not true. They had more than an idea. 

It’s the religious duty of mothers to raise and instruct jihadis. This is the call to Paradise with Allah. 

Martyrdom in Allah’s name is the highest honour for Muslims and in particular for a Muslim mother. The love for Allah must be supreme over the love for her son. 

Mothers must be prepared to sacrifice at least one son for Allah’s sake, to advance the religion of Islam and to gain entry to Paradise for the family. The Prophet Mohammed instructed this on behalf of Allah. This higher, nobler cause of jihad was his greatest weapon against his enemies. While the enemies fled, the Islam army kept fighting to the death, a formidable army of fearless warriors. Their reward of Paradise is assured by dying for Allah. 

This is taught at the mosques - and will result in more brutal murders of non-Muslims like the innocent Parramatta police worker Curtis Cheng. 

Today the police said at their press conference, “We do not know what motivated the 15 year old shooter”.

Well, they can start by reading the Qur’an. 

We already know the juvenile jihadi shooter had been attending regular prayers at the Parramatta mosque where he was instructed on his Islamic duty.

We also know he sang Islamic State songs in his school playground. Islamic State practices the most pure, devout form of Islam. Islamic State is a beacon of perfection for devout Muslims around the world.

ISIS practises Islamic life as the Prophet Mohammed did. It’s the duty for all Muslims to emulate Mohammed, the perfect man. 

Young Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar was doing what he had been told was god’s will - with a guarantee for his family’s passage to Paradise if he became a martyr. 

It’s a fallacy for police to believe they can ‘reach out’ to the Muslim community to try to stop what is the will of Allah. This morning, Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, stressed the need for Muslim families to contact authorities if they had any suspicions about their children.

"If you've got concerns about somebody in your family than obviously they themselves are in grave danger", he said.

Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Concetta Fierravanti-Wells told Sky News on Tuesday that families are the front line for tackling radicalisation.

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas said (Muslim) parents with children at risk of radicalisation must take a stronger role to deter them from violent influences.

Deputy Commissioner Kaldas said families and the community, rather than police, were the key to stamping out terror-related violence. Kaldas is Egyptian born of Coptic Orthodox (Christian) background.

"A lot depends on what happens at home," he said.

"Unless the parents are talking to the kids, unless they're talking to them about what's right and wrong, chances are they will fall under some other influence.

The most polite word I can think of to describe their understanding of what’s going on is ‘clueless’. The most accurate word is probably ’foolish’. They are living in a bubble of self delusion.

Until they understand what’s going on inside the homes, taught from the holy book of the Qur’an, we will continue to see more jihadis on our streets. 

Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar believed he followed the will of Allah. This is why he called out “Allah, Allah” while he was shooting and preparing for martyrdom. He knew the likelihood of being killed was high. 

He sought the path to Paradise with Allah - the highest goal for a devout Muslim. Devout Muslims love death more than they love life for its eternal rewards. 

Every life choice determines your status in the after life. Fighting for Islam, for Allah is the most noble cause. Faith is everything, more than life itself. 

This is why Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar is now being praised on social media as a ‘good Muslim’ and a “hero of the Islamic people”.

You have not heard a word from the Grand Mufti condemning the shooter’s martydom becausethe young jihadi’s actions are the will of Allah. If the Grand Mufti condemned the shooter’s actions he would be sending the wrong message to Muslims and would need to step down as the grand Mufti for defying the will of Allah.  

Public statements have instead been left to a suburban Muslim GP, Jamal Rifi.

Jihad and martyrdom are crucial to Islam. This is the ideology that drives suicide bombers. Jihad has been Islam’s greatest growth technique. The Islamic conquerer and Prophet used this method of warfare to conquer all of Arabia until he became king. It is still going on today, taught at mosques for the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate.

Muslim mothers are encouraged to have as many children as possible to spread Islam through population growth - and to sacrifice their sons for Allah.

It’s a futile exercise for authorities to try to get co-operation from Muslim families to cease their religious duty. It just won’t happen. To stop jihad or martydom will ensure a lower status in Paradise - or lying awake in a grave until the end of days.

This is an excerpt from "The Story of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled" by Harry Richardson, a primer into understand Islam. I highly recommend all of you, our politicians, our authorities and security forces read this book to get an understanding of the ideology we are all dealing.


Mohammed gave his followers an account of what would happen at the end of the world. 

This day would not arrive until the whole world was conquered by Islam. Once this happens the remaining dhimmis (non Muslims who have not converted but allowed to live as subservient to Muslims, for the purpose of paying the onerous jizya tax) will be murdered by the Muslims. 

The Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, but the rocks and trees will grow mouths and will call out to the Muslims to kill the Jews hiding behind them. 

Until this day happens, Muslims believe that when they die, they will lie in the grave still awake and aware, just waiting for the Day of Judgment when they can enter Paradise.

The only ones who will ascend straight to heaven are the martyrs who die carrying out Jihad, and the families of these martyrs. 


A Muslim mother who would normally have a large family has a powerful incentive to want one of her sons to die as a martyr. 

This will be a passport to heaven for her, her husband and the rest of her children. 

The alternative (being buried alive whilst waiting for the world to be conquered) is a fairly unappealing alternative. 

This is why Muslims will never allow their dead to be cremated.

HADITH Sahih Bukhari [4:52:177] Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say, 'Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him'."

HADITH Sahih Muslim [41:6985] Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying:

"The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

"Muslims are encouraged by Islam to fight until the whole world is conquered, which will mark the end of the world. When this time arrives, all true Muslims will ascend to heaven. 

"Those who refuse to participate in Jihad will face punishment from Allah, and will be replaced by others who  are more obliging."

From the Koran:

9:5 When the sacred months [by ancient Arab custom there were four months during which there was to be no violence] are passed, kill the Kaffirs wherever you find them. Take them as captives, besiege them, and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush. If they submit to Islam, observe prayer, and pay the poor tax, then let them go their way. Allah is gracious and merciful.

9:38 Oh, believers, what possessed you that when it was said, “March forth in Allah’s cause [jihad],” you cling heavily to the earth? Do you prefer the life of this world to the next? Little is the comfort of this life compared to the one that is to come. Unless you march forth, He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and He will put another in your place. You will not harm Him at all, or Allah has power over everything.

(end excerpt)

Harry Richardson went on to say, "Having read this far you should by now realise that this war (Jihad) hasn’t ended. Instead, it continues today in a more discreet form (in the West at least). If Islamic history is a guide, this could be a precursor to the all-out military style Jihad, which is not yet feasible within the borders of Western nations."

The following is from a video interview with a Palestinian Muslim mother standing next to her jihadi son about to commit suicide on behalf of Islam. She calls this, "The best day of my life.”

She says: 

“How do I feel as I promise my son Paradise, and as I offer something (my son) for Allah? 

"By Allah, today is the best day of my life. I feel that our Lord is pleased with me, because I am offering something (my son) for him. I wish to offer more (sons) for Allah’s forgiveness, and for the (flag of Islam), “There is no god but Allah”, to fly over Palestine. 

"I’m not parting from him to his death, but rather I part from him as he goes to a better life, the Afterlife, which our Lord has promised us. 

"By Allah, if I had 100 children like (my son) Muhammad, I would offer them with sincerity and willingly. 

"It’s true that there’s nothing more precious than children, but for the sake of Allah what is precious becomes cheap.”

Another interview with a Muslim mother after martydom:

“I gave my son to Jihad for Allah. It’s our religious obligation. 

"If I wanted to have compassion for him, or to make him change his mind, it would be wrong, a mistake. 

"I don’t want to be guided by my feelings, a mother’s feelings. I put them aside for something greater, although a mother’s feelings are involved. Why? Because I love my son, and I want to choose the best for him, and the best is not life in this world. 

"For us, there is an afterlife, the eternal bliss. So if I love my son, I’ll choose eternal bliss for him. 

"As much as my living children honour me, it will not be like the honour that the martyr showed me. He will be our intercessor (a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by religious faith) on the day of Resurrection. 

"What more can I ask for? 

"Allah willing, the Lord will promise the Paradise, that’s the best I can hope for. The greatest honour (my son) showed me was his Martyrdom”

You can view the video here :

This mindset is the hope our authorities are relying on as their ‘front line’ to preventing more Islamic inspired deaths in our suburbs (Martydrom).

Good luck with that.


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A mulsim is like a dimsim with mulberries.

Hear the moslims bleating about the new proposed laws. I think they should apply to ALL TERRORISTS regardless of whether they are religiously or politically motivated. However, the moslims feel that they are being targeted. Um!. TERRORISTS acts haven't been done by Buddhists,Christians, Jews, Coptic Christians BUT THEY ARE BEING PERPETRATED BY MOSLIMS. What right do they have to plead DISCRIMINATION. NONE! If the shoe fits - wear it. And TURDBALL - no people are not going to sit back and not react. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PROTECTION FOR DOING SO. Just like you hypocritical LOW LIVES in COWARD'S CASTLE have.

incwhat you are a fool first the story was written by Paul Zanetti duh fucktard and your turn will come either by bullet or knife at the hands of Islam and if you are a will be pushed off a very high building but by all means defend your Islamic Brothers they will wait their time for you !

- Rafah Cleric Brandishes Knife in Friday Sermon, Calls upon Palestinians to Stab Jews

- Rafah Cleric Brandishes Knife in Friday Sermon, Calls upon Palestinians to Stab Jews

- Rafah Cleric Brandishes Knife in Friday Sermon, Calls upon Palestinians to Stab Jews

He probably hates MT as much as most of the supporters.

Turnbull is a lefty which is completely inexplicable to the majority of the Conservative supporters as to why the politicians supposedly representing us voted him in as PM. They are going to have egg on their faces as their party shrivels and fades away.

Frankly I regarded the Parramatta attack as a direct response to Turnbull and Bishops deluded appeasement......".this is what we really think of you and you dumb soft approach"..a terrorist attack on a police station and an innocent Australian slaughtered.

It was an appalling act of hatred and intolerance. I hope that little prick looked like a colander when the good guys finished firing at him, but even that would be too good for that vile piece of garbage. I note (unless I've missed something) that no muslim leader has apologized or said that is not what islam believes in or wants. There was the low level 'community leader' who laid a wreath at the site, but nothing more.

Bruce you were a waste of time then and still now a waste of time you are on a fishing trip wanting to keep in the limelight, now CS Its wasn't Beattie initially from the ALP and you are all well off the mark but CS you need to open your eyes and blinkers off and think Laterally and the Police were informed but chose not to do anything as there was no one to make an official complaint. Yes I laughed also CS with Bruce's comment. Bruce no use getting you involved you have nothing to offer but wanting to get your name in lights.

Remember who he had worked for in the past that should give you more clues to what was going on that no one picked up, but it was by a few and even Sharples didn't know as everyone was concentrating on other matters. That will make you but the old thinking cap on and something to do over the weekend.

CS yes it was to make money that was never declared and didn't have to be very clever and many in Sydney knew more of the background of Etteridge and that should give you more clues. Bruce is that all you can do but cut and paste, seems that's all you can do. CS you are correct he Bruce is full of it and also a PLANK. The names used were only Supporters not actual members of the Party and if you have your old membership card you will see that printed on the back of that membership card. Many missed that small print. It was deliberately done that way not to stop the Chinese from taking over as was stated by PH and the 2 David's but to keep everyone in the dark. Just think back of the chain of events and Ettridge's past.

Bloody hell Larry better check who his advertisers are, instead of the usual Chinese bride ones that pop up, I just got a Muslim Singles advert. Arghhh!!!!!

Thank you, Annie Mac for confirming that.

Surely that's none of Bruce's business, CS. Not like Bruce to poke his nose into other people's affairs.

Thanks, AE. Great day here in Brissy . . . blue sky, mild temperature, nice drop of rain the past few days, garden flourishing. Life's good. Enjoy your weekend too.

LG must agree with you on that point and Bruce will never learn. Have a great weekend.

"Those who were minor players as history passed them by are condemned to repeat their waffle ad nauseam"