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Monday, 25th March 2019

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‘Their’ ABC speculates on future policy direction

Dave Pellowe

Dave Pellowe is the director of Axiomatic Events, architect of the annual Church And State Summit and writes for the Spectator & Quadrant online.


It’s become quite fashionable with the advent of social media, for rank amateur theologians to posture as experts on Christian living, doctrine and to even claim confidence of what the historical Jesus Christ would support or oppose. 

Ironically many of these people personally reject any authority or validity of Scripture in their personal lives – it’s just something they pretend has authority when they ignorantly assume it supports their position.

The most common example by far, is that of people who quote the first two words of Matthew 7, “Judge not.” 

These people haven’t even read the rest of that very chapter- or the Gospels or the Bible. These texts teach Christians how to judge righteously, looking beneath the surface of every issue, identifying the root by the fruit, discriminating against metaphorical pigs, dogs and wolves in sheep’s clothing, and rebuking oppressors. There’s a lot of good judgement required to achieve all of that.

Another common example is the old chestnut that- allegedly- Jesus was a refugee. The point of this is to embarrass anyone critical of their preferred immigration policy as being so callous of heart that even Jesus would be their victim.

 It’s a false equivalence to compare an angel warning Joseph flee to neighbouring Egypt with his family in the 1st Century Middle East, with an open border policy in the 21st Century Western world.

But graciously indulging the clumsy comparison for a while, let’s examine the immigration policy which the claim that “Jesus was a refugee” supports. Firstly, we’ll establish the facts of the story.

When Jesus was born, kings from the East came to worship Him as a King. Being a rather insecure ruler, Herod perceived the infant Jesus as a threat to his own power. He subsequently ordered all male children of around the same age to be killed. 

Joseph was warned in a dream by an angel to flee to Egypt and returned to Israel when Herod died not much later. Most historians guesstimate that Jesus would have been no more than 2 years old at the time.

It’s fair to say Joseph didn’t employ an immigration lawyer or a people smuggler because there were open borders in those days, and people moved about freely. 

This wasn’t a huge issue, because they had no appreciation of agricultural quarantine restrictions, and there was no welfare or subsequent burden to the tax payers.

if 1 or 1,000 people came to town. It was pretty much survival of the fittest. All that aside, he didn’t even leave the Roman Empire!

The extreme positions on the immigration debate are closed borders – no one’s allowed to come here, and open borders – anyone can come here anytime with indiscriminate approval. 

These are the crazy ones, the outliers, and should go live in open borders Germany or closed borders North Korea, whichever nation best approximates their preferred immigration policy.

The real debate is about how much immigration is sustainable & safe. Both sides are for the large part genuinely motivated by compassion to do as much good for as many people as possible. What they disagree on are the details of what is actually good and how to achieve it.

A constructive debate features logic, evidence, facts and data. It’s not usually persuasive in a post-modern, pluralistic society such as ours to rest entirely on Scripture. 

Yet it’s often ‘progressive’ liberals who, having exhausted their low logic reserves, resort to flinging “Jesus was a refugee” into the dialogue, smugly persuaded that it must silence their conservative opposition. 

Take for example their ABC’s attempt to satirically argue that Christians have Christianity wrong.

They are the low hanging fruit of the leftist tree, attributing only irrational religion and callous hearts to their challengers. They are wilfully ignorant of the deep compassion for human suffering and undiminished value of every stranger’s life which motivates most critics of their own harmful immigration policies.

There is only so much money a nation like Australia has to give away before it becomes a nation like Venezuela. Immigration built our nation, but mostly when welfare wasn’t part of the equation. 

Until the mid-20th Century, new Australians increased the size of the pie instead of just being given another slice of the pie. 

Such generosity is wonderful and laudable, but definitively finite. Growing the pie can grow the slices available to give, but only while the growth keeps pace with the generosity. 

Most concerns about the number of migrants relate to concerns that the generosity promised will exceed the pie available to be given away.

Devastating to the position that some bleeding-hearts are trying to argue via the claim that Jesus was a refugee are the goals it actually sets for immigration policy (if we accept their premise). They are:

It’s irrelevant that Jesus may have been a refugee by modern standards. It is not a well thought through line of argument in the least and suggests that the rest of their policy position is not very well thought through either. 

What it reveals in the person desperately hurling it, is the old strategy of character assassination: seeking to embarrass their opponent rather than engage their argument. It assumes and is designed to make challengers look callous and unchristian.

If you want to argue from Christianity – for example quoting Scripture or asserting what you assume Jesus would do or support – you need to have more than a casual relationship of convenience with Christianity. 

It’s actually a rich complexity and complementarity of the 66 sacred books, grounded in history and two millennia of cumulative revelation and intellectual exploration.

In our post-Christian society, far fewer people are anywhere near qualified to critique someone else’s Christianity, and doing so is not an argument against their policy position. 

It’s hypocritical to assert the Bible’s logical authority to support your position while rejecting its personal authority to change your position. 

Sadly, unbelievers are often the first to introduce it into an argument. How humiliating to offer erroneous interpretations, only to have them easily demolished by someone who simply went to Sunday School.

Instead of being personal, let’s give each other the credit of good motives, put our heads together and try to come up with ways of making the limited money we have go further.

Let’s expect those who become Australian to also do their part to grow the pie. This way we can safely and sustainably help as many more refugees as possible.

Dave Pellowe is a writer and speaker and blogs at


Trumby, The wise men (maji) were not present at the birth of Jesus. They were from the East and the exact number is not known although the word maji is plural.

They likely travelled with a great caravan of people over many months, as when they arrived in Bethlehem, Jesus was around 2 years old and his family were living in a house not a stable.

The wise men presented Jesus with gold, frankincense and myrrh and possibly this is where the 3 comes from, being 3 gifts.

The maji were to led to Jerusalem by a star and when they told King Herod about this and that they were looking for the King of the Jews, Herod commanded them to report back to him when they had found Jesus, but they were warned in a dream not to return to Herod and not to return the way they had come.

Joseph was also warned in a dream to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus so that Jesus would not be killed by Herod, who had ordered the death of all babies and children 2 years old and younger.

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It is written that eastern Kings attended the birth of Jesus and that Herod saw this as his threat that Jesus being as mystical as he was so he killed all boys of that age SO why didn't those Kings return with their armies to protect Jesus seeing he was SO important for them to be there in the first place ?

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Dear briankhyslop,

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