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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Yesterday was a day that defined us as Australians. Where a slip of a girl stood astride the world stage and told those who think only a man can have an affiliation with a horse to, “get stuffed”.

Bearded billionaire owners in white robes and bereft of womenfolk were not present but could be heard squirming as they watched from a distance.

Her main concern was for her Down syndrome brother as she cuddled and kissed him on her return to scale. Everything else, like a weigh-in, a dozen clamouring reporters, stewards, owners and TV cameras, could bloody-well wait.

Stuff the $6.2 million... little Stevie’s ten bucks on his sister had been the most important result.

Time stood still for a moment as Parramatta mosque and dishonest politicians took a back seat to a magical display of who we really are as Aussies.

Her family of 12 had lost their mother 30 years earlier leaving their trainer dad to raise a family of horses and horse lovers on the smell of an oily rag. Her sister lost her life in a race fall in 2007 but even that did not deter Michelle Payne’s dream of a Melbourne Cup.

She described as a toddler how she slept next to her dad, holding his hand to ensure he did not go to the stables without her.

Yesterday her silky smooth riding style allowed her mount to relax in running until, with 300 metres to go, the heavens opened and they both ignited as one and forged past the best the world could offer.

Michelle certainly has attitude but it’s a good Aussie attitude we must never ever lose.


Pity she wasn't around to ride your horse, Larry.
Or you wouldn't want a 'sheila' on board?

Doctors Without Borders Releases Horrific Details Of Kunduz Hospital Bombing By U.S. Forces
The trouble with this new “fog of war” explanation for bombing the Doctors Without Borders hospital is it marks another shift in the U.S. account of what happened.
".....The story of what happened shifted four times in four days after the airstrikes. First, the U.S. military was unsure if the hospital had been bombed but claimed U.S. forces had been under fire. Then, the U.S. military claimed strikes were in the “vicinity” of the hospital and the bombing was an accident. Then, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan claimed Afghans had called for the strike and U.S. forces had never been under any threat. Then, while addressing a Senate committee, he stated U.S. forces had called for the airstrike after receiving a request from the Afghans......
The review recounts how staff were gunned down by the aircraft, as they tried to flee the main hospital building............
In the end, the Kunduz Trauma Center was one of the only facilities of its kind in northeastern Afghanistan. It offered free surgical care to victims of traffic accidents and civilians hit by bomb blasts or gunfire from ongoing warfare. Now, there is no facility for Afghans to receive treatment when they are caught in the crossfire and in need of medical attention.

No that monicker is held for you Fat Ego.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama. You don't need a torch. Go D Trump.

Hes definitely sympathetic to Muslims, his actions speak volumes

Didn't Obama get the peace prize? Chalk another one up

Not very judgemental are you sailor. Did your arse on the cup did we. Let me ask you what is wrong with bogans ? Then we can talk about what you do for a living and what you earn per year. Then we can talk about where you live and what car you drive and we'll work out what makes you think you are so perfect.

Why doesn't everyone just leave Michelle Payne alone. For fucks sake talk about Tall Poppy Syndrome. The fucking media and followers really know how to bring people down. She should have said the media can get stuffed as well.

Larry, could you find out what's happened to my subscription, yer makin' me look like a cheapskate. Also while I'm here, is there anyway to split comments into on and off topic sections. Wading through the graffiti can be tiresome when your not in the mood.

Channel 7 news last night tried to tell us that Tony Abbott is waiting to be PM again, and divert people from realizing how superficial Turnbull is.

Crikey buraq Ego is going to need a Masters Degree to answer that one.

All the dickheads you mentioned seem to be white Australians, will you be happier if the Australian cricketers were all Brown skinned? And your "vilify others because they belong to a minority" holds no weight at all

Good day for the Pilbara Traditional Owners ................................. BHP, Pilbara traditional owners sign multimillion dollar deal

One of Australia's biggest native title mining agreements, said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has been signed between BHP Billiton and the Banjima people of Western Australia's iron ore-rich Pilbara region, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The “whole of claim” agreement covers 8263 square kilometres of the Banjima's 10,000 square kilometres of land in the central Pilbara. It is understood to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars over its more than 100-year life.

I'm only his loyal deputy, there is only one Sheriff and he is ready to get rid of all the.. Omar Sheriffs.

Good to see the Scoundrels on the run. Good post duck.

Briefly scanning both Disraeli's and Rinaldo's posts neither has convinced me to waver from my strong 'don't give a toss' position. Both posters seem to have a strong commitment to their respective positions, and both obviously put in a lot of time and effort advocating their causes, but I wonder are there any posters here who have weighed up the pros and cons of both sides and have any been swayed to change a previously held opinion, or to embrace one side of the argument or the other. Having said that, I don't mind the repetitious, lengthy posts (My mouse has a scroll function), I just wonder if D and R are getting any sort of return for their efforts.

They should be treated as a fifth column and arrested..

Ducky, This, from Lord Monckton's piece in WND - published 4 days ago: "I shall be going to Paris. There, I shall describe the fraud, provide all necessary evidence of it, and leave it to lovers of freedom everywhere to take that evidence, complain to their national investigating and prosecuting authorities, and have the small clique of malevolent, hard-left, profiteering scientists behind the scare rounded up and put on trial.

One or two fraud prosecutions will be enough. All of the rest will rapidly scuttle for cover, and the climate scare will implode overnight.

For freedom cannot and will not be destroyed. The creatures who now sense absolute power within their grasp will find – yet again – that we, the people, are more powerful than they know."

Well respected scholars have agreed that Israel does have extraordinary influence on US foreign policy. The following paper has since been expanded into a book: Makes for fascinating reading.

Evelyn Schlatter
January 10, 2013
Veterans Today, a website that purports to be a “military veterans and foreign affairs journal” but is really a locus of the far right, is now squarely in neo-Nazi territory.

Oh, sure, Veterans Today (VT) has engaged in all kinds of conspiracy theorizing, most of it focusing on the alleged evils of Israel, for years. Senior editor and board chairman Gordon Duff has claimed that the 9/11 attacks were a joint U.S./Israel operation and that the U.S. government is totally controlled by Israel. The site has even claimed that the Holocaust never occurred or was greatly exaggerated.

But this December, VT seemed to be trying to outdo itself when its financial editor Mike Harris, who also sits on VT’s editorial board, went on Iranian government-backed Press TV to claim that the recent murders of 20 small children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary school was carried out by Israeli death squads. The reason, he said on Dec. 17, is that the Israelis were angry about the United Nations’ vote in November to grant the Palestinians non-member observer status.

“[T]hat is something that Israelis do very, very well,” said Harris, who, remarkably enough, came in third in the 2006 Republican primary for Arizona governor. “They target the innocent, they target children, they target women.” Harris went on to blame Israeli death squads for the January 2011 critical wounding of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the murder of six other people (actually carried out by a mentally ill man named Jared Lee Loughner); the July 2011 murder of 77 people in Norway (actually carried out by an anti-Muslim terrorist); and the July 2012 murder of 12 people at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater (apparently carried out by suspect James Eagan Holmes, who also was apparently mentally ill).

The Sandy Hook killings, which took place on Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn., were also a product of a violent American culture, Harris said on Press TV — a culture, he said, that “comes from the Jews in Hollywood.” He blasted the “Zionist-occupied government that we have in this country — words that might have come from the mouths of uniformed American neo-Nazis, who commonly refer to the government as ZOG, for “Zionist Occupied Government.” “I am very much anti-Israel,” Harris told Press TV’s audience. “I want Israel off the face of the earth.”

Perhaps Harris’ comments shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Joining him on the current VT advisory board are Jeff Rense, a longtime racist and conspiracy theorist who carries former Klan leader David Duke’s radio show on his website and recently offered to host former Alabama Klan leader Don Black’s Internet radio show there as well; and University of Minnesota-Duluth emeritus professor of philosophy James Fetzer, who recently wrote on the site that the Newtown shootings were part of a “psy-op” meant to “strike fear in the hearts of Americans.” He didn’t conclusively say who had carried out that “psy-op,” but did say that its brutality was a “signature of terror ops conducted by agents of Israel.”

VT’s propaganda is increasingly circulating on other conspiracist sites of the radical right, along with straight-up racist sites like Stormfront. After Harris’ appearance on Press TV, one Stormfront poster suggested offering him “honorary membership.”

Harris has been on the political fringe for some time now. He has defended David Duke as a “shining example of western freedom and democracy,” adding somewhat bizarrely that the veteran Klansman and neo-Nazi had “actively embraced the diversity of cultures around the world.” He also defended openly neo-Nazi J.T. Ready after he murdered five people, including his girlfriend and her 15-month-old granddaughter, before killing himself in May 2012. To Harris, Ready, a one-time member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, was “one of America’s greatest hero’s [sic],” a man who battled Mexican drug cartels and local police corruption. Harris hinted that Ready was murdered by the cartels.

Local police strenuously disagree.