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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Islam continues to win converts while Catholicism continues to lose numbers. Why is that? Well, only Islam preys on moronic misfits while Catholicism preys on baptised babies and, fortunately for us, many of those babies grow up to be independent thinking, intelligent members of the community.

Let’s face it, if Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews and Christopher Pyne were first introduced to Catholicism at the age of reason, and not as babies, all three would have said, “You’ve got to be f***ing kidding!”

Catholicism recruits very few teenagers, it has no attraction for the young, with its judgment days, fearfulness, punishments, penances and hellfires... so where’s all the good stuff? Islam thrives on the “good stuff”... it concentrates on rewards, not on punishment and the fear of an ethereal god.

Catholicism ain’t got 72 choir boys either, there ain’t no martyrdoms available for feeble-minded youth desperate to mimic Xbox barbarism.

Politicians haven’t yet grasped exactly what they are dealing with.

Jake Biladi was a walk up start for Islam. He was destined to make flying mince meat of himself as soon as he saw his first Jihadi website and consulted his first mullah.

He was a scrawny kid, picked on at school, shunned by sheilas, sexually confused, unathletic, no self esteem and desperately looking for a reason to live... or even better, a reason to die.

He was perfect for the Islamic cause, not as a warrior, but as a suicide bomber. There’s a spot for everyone in Islam. There was no spot for Jake in mainstream Christianity.

You see, it’s only a lack of good PR that separates Islam and Christianity. Each has an omniscient deity (Allah and God) each has a demigod (Jesus and Mohammed) and each says they will rule the world, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Jesus said to turn the other cheek, suffer little children, love your enemies don’t chuck the first stone, don’t indulge in bestiality and he never mentioned 72 virgins.

Mohammed said you can kill little children (“if they are of them”) and “if they are not of them” you can shag them. You can behead your enemies, stone women, you can give the family goat a good ol’ rogering as long as you don’t eat it and if you martyr yourself you get to enjoy 72 underage girls.

Okay, if you’re a sick little puppy, like Jake, with a lost soul and an Xbox, the edicts of Mohammed beat the hell out of those of a boring, self righteous Jesus.

So Abbott and Shorten suggest the answer to this disparity in dogma is to enlist Islamic clerics to help in the de-radicalisation of its youth? WTF! Would they ask the Pope to beat the bejesus out of its Christian youth?

Until the teachings of Mohammed, the hadiths (in other words Islam itself) is determined to be a subversive cult, that has no place in the first World, then this so-called radicalisation of youth will continue.

We were told by our learned leaders that youth arriving in Syria would be radicalised and would need intensive “counselling” on their return. Well, the penny is finally dropping, those who want to get to Syria are already well and truly “radicalised” right here.

They are nurtured and “educated” in mosques and on-line by the same muftis and clerics who are in Indonesia right now bad-mouthing the Australian Government to attentive Muslims.

And they wonder why sensible Aussies want the proliferation of mosques stopped?



The kid in the photo was described by his Jihadi mates as being soft in the head and he gave himself too freely to the cause to be Martyred so I am wondering who these who have ridiculed him really are that they themselves are to cowardly to follow in this true believers path to his Allah ? These cowards are not true Muslims ,more so scum of the earth who nobody else wants , including Allah .

Hang on BDS. Don't Christians see that when a person dies and is taken into the arms of god all of their suffering is over and everybody should rejoice. After all don't Christians call funerals a Celebration of life. So who failed him? The church, his family or was he just some kind of NUTTER who was always hell bent on finding a reason to DESTROY.

Media Release

Fred Nile demands the Government to also include "NON-HALAL" labelling on food

27th February 2015

Rev. Fred Nile declares that, "Australian people are been discriminated against and are being forced to eat food which has been prayed on by the Islamic god "Allah"…

It is estimated that 80 percent of food which Australians consume has a 'halal certified' ingredient!

Now 90 percent of all meat, including, beef, lamb, chicken and fish is 'halal certified'.
Thousands of our supermarket products like bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables, bottled water, shampoo, dog-food even chocolate Easter Eggs have been halal certified!

This Islamic tax has been forced on farmers, industry, transportation, retailers and all consumers. The Rev. Fred Nile claims, 'We as Australian citizens are being discriminated against and have not been given our democratic freedom of choice!'

Rev. Fred Nile stated that, "Christians and non-Muslims are been deceived to pay a tax which has not been regulated by the Government but also in fact, has allowed the Islamic Sharia Law followers to impose its' religion on every Australian citizen.
- This is discrimination against people who do not want to consume food and buy products which has been prayed on in accordance with the Islamic Sharia Law!"

According to the last census, the non-Muslim population is 98% -"Why then, I ask the Government - are we paying an Islamic food tax on almost our entire food-chain?" demands Rev. Fred Nile.

Citizens should unite and voice their opposition to having their democratic rights to freedom of choice - Australia is NOT an Islamic Nation - citizens must have much more 'NON-HALAL' choice at the super-market.

"I urge the Government to make it a priority to investigate the 'halal industry' and to include clear labelling of 'halal' and 'non-halal' on ALL products and food."

"Right now, the food industry is being sabotaged by money making, self vested greed via an unnecessary ,hidden, deceiving tax which every Australian is paying everyday!"

The worldwide 'halal tax' estimate is $2.7 trillion per annum and growing strong, all non-Muslims are unknowingly paying a contribution everyday via our crucial food-chain.

The Christian Democratic Party strongly opposes the imposing of Sharia Law in Australia including its' 'halal certification'.

The Government must answer to the 98 percent of citizens who should not be paying this unnecessary and discriminating tax, investigate the 'halal' industry and include in its' Food Labelling measures to include clear labelling of 'non-halal' products to all citizens.

Media Enquiries: Neveen Pavlatos : 0431 792 668.

From the BBC.....According to Fairfax Media, CTU teams in Sydney and Melbourne intercepted at least 11 terror suspects in their first three weeks of operation, as well as seizing extremist material.

The Customs and Border Protection Service said the teams had also found evidence of attempted movement of large sums of money.

The tactic has led to accusations of racial profiling from Australia's Muslim community, including the country's most senior Islamic cleric, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, who said in September that the policy had caused "severe stress and unwanted inconvenience"....... So effing what!

Halal Stand Off--

Queensland's Maleny Dairies has come out against the halal scammers
and declared they will keep prices down and will refuse to be bullied into
paying a halal tax on their product. Their stance has had overwhelming
support from everyone except the regularly-out-of-touch Courier Mail.

The move by the Maleny dairy farmers is an important one because
the Halal protection racket that supports dubious anti-Australian and
overseas causes can only be stopped if the Government makes it illegal
for companies to comply with threats from halal certifiers.

The Maleny Dairies' Facebook page which has 24,000 likes and 3,000 shares
since yesterday indicates the strength in the groundswell of angry
objections from regular Aussies to a tax on Australian food from Muslim
opportunists who are demanding certification fees for everything from milk
to plastic containers.

A brief look at their site showed thousands of comments supporting the dairy
farmers' stand with a couple of comments suggesting it was silly because,
"milk was halal anyway".

The Courier Mail stupidly took this to mean these comments were objecting
to the dairy farmers' stand and falsely claimed, "others had accused the
farmers of promoting xenophobia" with this ridiculous on-line headline:

HALAL: "Maleny Dairies' Facebook post on Halal certification sparks customer
backlash" Well, the backlash is on all right, but not from the dairies' customers...
they seem in full agreement.

The Mafia-style halal extortion racket was up in lights in Perth when
police recently arrested a Dr Ratab Jeneid, Chairperson of the WA Halal
certification Committee, with $8million worth of methylamphetamine
and $380,000 cash in his possession.

Janeid was also charged with illegally carrying unlicensed firearms.

Five of his associates from the Muslim Halal organisation, run from the
same mosque, were also charged with various drug and firearm offences.

The Courier Mail unfortunately did not carry this story.



I buy Maleny milk or A2 only (Dairy Farmers have got an A2 on their Halal milk in order to trick the consumer) Kenliworth Cheese is non Halal & it is the best cheese I've ever tasted, Email; [email protected] Ph. 0754460144, far better than Bega, Cracker Barrel, Coon, Devondale, Kraft, Mainland, King Island & other Halal approved crap that tastes like soap.

Five of his associates from the Muslim Halal organisation, run from the
same mosque, were also charged with various drug and firearm offences. Does not this emphasise the the criminal aspects of HALAL???

One more dickhead that couldn't find his way to Paradise and the 72 virgin camels. Couldn't take anyone else out except himself.

I agree Joylene.

Good on Maleny Dairies. All changes start with the power of one. It's time to send these evil prick back to the dark ages and their scam with them

Despite my shit early life I had a church upbringing. Hypocritical arseholes did nothing. To me ALL religions are just man made organisations that seek SUPREMECY over others. The Catholic Church is a prime example of this in western religion.

The QM wouldn't cover the story because they are too busy doing sob stories on the Bali 9 (soon to be 7 hopefully) and all the anti Abbott propaganda that they can find. Although they don't have to look far. The ALP and greens are feeding it to them like pigs in a trough.

I am glad the little germ kill himself. Sorry about the people he killed or injured. Time to fight these Islamic madmen head on.

Oh ...Sorry, letmerephrasethat;
The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.
The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.
The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

After complaining to Aldi about halal butter, obviously not alone, a small win. New packaging, no halal certification exhibited.

The lad went to live with the Muslims and found it so much to his liking that he killed himself????????

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Let’s forget the socially disaffected youth bullshit.
Biladi wasn't forced to visit mosques,.. read / believe crazy islamic rubbish or
“ supposedly sneak away from family “ to join I.S.

His diaries state intention to commit terrorist acts here in Aus if he was stopped from going.

His case clearly illustrates why we should let jihadist leave Aus..-.. BUT stripped of nationality and Aus passport and NEVER permitted to return.

By his actions,..Biladi not only rejected his family and country,.. he rejected civilised humanity....Let all islamists join him in oblivion.. –.. then the world can rest in peace..Amen.