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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Dave Pellowe

Dave Pellowe is the director of Axiomatic Events, architect of the annual Church And State Summit and writes for the Spectator & Quadrant online.


Context and explanation meant absolutely nothing to the outraged leftist media complex collaborating with self-interested politicians when accusing Senator Fraser Anning of Nazi levels of racism for saying the words “final solution”.

Senator Anning declared, “In the days of Menzies, immigrants  arriving here were not allowed to apply for welfare and that attracted exactly  the right sort of hard-working people this country needed. We should go back to  that and ban all immigrants receiving welfare for the first five years after  they arrive. The final solution to the immigration problem is, of course, a  popular vote.

WOGS =Work Our Gut Sout

Turnbull called the reference a “shocking insult” to the Jewish people. Left, right and centre, people rushed to condemn Fraser Anning’s entire speech on the strength of a phrase commonly associated with Adolf Hitler, despite the Senator’s protestations that he had not intended any reference to Nazism.

There were some parts of Senator Anning’s speech which may have been disagreeable to some, but they certainly weren’t Nazism. If the media & political classes had stuck to the facts and dealt with what was unworkable and unpopular their commentary would have been less hysterical and more credible.

But when one of their own made the outrageous comparison of Australia’s offshore detention policies to Nazi concentration camps, all of a sudden the progressive liberals were once again capable of nuance and appreciation of context and intent.

Father Bob Maguire, an octogenarian known for advocacy of left-wing politics, casually  tweeted his thoughts - that haunting photos of the Nazi’s concentration camp at Auschwitz reminded him of photos of transferees on Manus Island.

The guards have truncheons this big - I imagine

The fact of this flippant comparison is that it is profoundly ignorant of the liberty and choices afforded transferees excepting residency in Australia. Photos taken through fences conveniently exclude a wide open gate just out of frame. Transferees are free to come and go as they please on the tropical island. They can take local employment, go to local schools and shops, even marry locals. 71 of them recently declined an invitation to live without welfare in the United States. I replied to Bob’s tweet with photos of Auschwitz prisoners contrasted with photos transferees had famously taken of themselves frolicking on the idyllic beaches of Manus Island.

Father Bob’s comparison is not only indulgent hyperbole, but it’s deeply offensive to survivors of the Holocaust. Responding to the rush from progressive liberals to explain and excuse the comparison, the Australian Jewish Association commented, “The Holocaust was a systematic attempt  on an industrial scale to exterminate an entire people. Whatever your views on  off-shore detention, it is nothing of the sort and to try to link one with the  other is outrageous.

One of those very liberal NSW Liberal members called the criticism Bob received “hatred for an  inelegantly drafted tweet”, and ridiculously suggested that “the Right” was less upset about sexual assault in churches. At least he didn’t say far right or alt right. By this omission he correctly identified that many people on the Left have infiltrated the Liberal Party.

Kristina Keneally asked her Twitter followers if Father Bob should be named Australian of the Year instead of Alexander Downer, who was one of those critiquing the regrettable tweet. The echo chamber provided the desired response to the personality poll, (the Left supposes that these “polls” are a suitable substitute for an actual argument).

At least if we let them in and give them high paying jobs, they will be grateful to us.

Protesting at the “abuse” (a.k.a. critique) he was receiving, Father Bob’s unapologetic response was, “I simply said the barbed wire of the Auschwitz Museum photos REMIND me of a dehumanising detention camp operating on our watch.”

This kind of rhetoric is exciting to liberals who simply adore an emotion-laden dog whistle regardless of its veracity. Led by their feelings and partisan loyalty, they relish any opportunity to marginalise people who dare to dissent from their dogma and portray them as “literally Hitler!”.

Perennial show-pony Rod Bower unhelpfully changed his poetically corroded street sign to enjoin, “Manus is how the Holocaust started.” I’m quite certain Nazis had no need for New Guinea let alone Manus Island. The Holocaust started with a despotic tyrant determined to divide society by identity and marginalise those he conveniently blamed for perceived problems.

Ve muss stop zeese Jewish Assylum Seekers reaching Deutschland at all costs!

The CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and former Chairman of Multicultural NSW tweeted, “Comparing #Manus to the murder of 6  million Jews is inaccurate and undermines the enormity of the Holocaust.  Irrespective of one’s position on asylum-seekers, such analogies are  irresponsible and hurtful to Holocaust survivors and the families of the  victims.

He’s identified the hypocrisy of leftists & liberals in their circling of the wagons around this silly tweet. Our position on the policy, party or person should never blind us to the merits of the message, or lack thereof.

It was deeply regrettable to use the phrase “final solution” in a speech which Anning & his speech writer had ample time to consider.

It was also if not equally ignorant and insensitive to compare Australia’s policy regarding immigration via human trafficking with the Nazi Holocaust.

If you want to talk about bad immigration policy then talk about bad immigration policy and don’t make false comparisons with Hitler’s “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”. Likewise, Warren Mundine sensibly said, “If you want to stand up for people on  Manus Island then talk about Manus Island. Stop making false comparisons with  Auschwitz. There is no likeness.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If you want to hold your political opponents accountable for the manifest ignorance of their words, you have to use the same standard for your side as you do for your opponents, and not simply look the other way because it’s convenient to your agenda.

Dave Pellowe is a  speaker, writer & political commentator and blogs at


dusty sent me this email -
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Sat 19/01/2019, 10:04 PM
Here's the proof in what I said when I left the site after being relentlessly harassed FROM (what I asserted) WITHIN. Now you are copping it - flatfootedly too, without responding effectively at all (Re Churchill, Boer War etc)...the Pommy SCUM - you know who they are or you ought to - and it is VERY political because it's ALL Zionist...
I left because - as I said at the time - the people with decent views like yourself, pel, sailor etc etc ACT AS TOTAL FUCKING POLITICAL NARCISSISTS never defending cothinkers VERSUS the opponents Harry, Disraeli, TS etc etc who ALWAYS do.
That scumbag Hello Harry is Harry Richardson who hates my guts and uses his insider status, connected to Disraeli etc (dossier makers) to threaten to dox me. And NO one came to support me. You guys are worse than Stalinists. Believe me, I know what I am talking about on this.
Please get this out to sailor, pel etc.
This isn't personal, Rin, it's VERY political.
BTW, I covered all that stuff on Churchill, Boer War, etc on the Trot site over a decade ago. You might like to use the search engine on the site to explore it.
The Shadow Sat 19 Jan 2019 06:37:53 pm
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Once is enough.
The Shadow Sat 19 Jan 2019 06:38:11 pm
ATTN: Harry Richardson Sat 19 Jan 2019 06:24:53 pm
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Harry, I thought you said there was to be no doxing of posters on this site. Some of are wondering if that applies to your 'personal friend' Bruce Whiteside as well. As stated here on a number of occasions (posts now deleted) by ???, he and you are personal friends and you have been a guest in his home and proof of that is in the link posted below, obtained on Bruce's website under Controversial comments, complete with a picture of you and Iris at Bruce's house. Isn't it only fair that your 'doxing' rule applies to ALL, irrespective of who you are "personal friends" with? Why do you continue to let ??? dox long time, upstanding poster Concerned Senior?
Concerned.Senior Sat 19 Jan 2019 10:14:50 am
Fifty years ago and Aus was a great place and most Kiwi's were still in N.Z.
Hooray Harry Sat 19 Jan 2019 10:32:22 am
Grow up.
BlackRoo Sat 19 Jan 2019 10:38:05 am
ha ha ha good one
Matt12 Sat 19 Jan 2019 10:49:29 am
And hardly any muslim slime.
??? Sat 19 Jan 2019 12:00:39 pm
Vanuatu is the Kingdom of Kelly. He believes in one nation and deserts it. Kind of says it all really.
Concerned.Senior Sat 19 Jan 2019 01:37:30 pm
I am allergic to the smell of Kiwi shit, but I still have more interest in Australia than you will EVER have. Four kids, eight grandchildren and two great-grand-children and other interests.
Hooray Harry Sat 19 Jan 2019 02:54:43 pm
Superb hypocrite our CS. Lives in Vanuatu yet preaches to us all here doing the heavy lifting in Australia. Ned you gave up your right to comment on what is good for Oz by living in another country. The one saving grace is that you don’t pollute this part of the world any longer. To denigrate ANZSAC with your piffle shows the measure of your putrid character. A National disgrace you are. Stay put.

Hooray Harry Sat 19 Jan 2019 02:56:23 pm

Edwin Sat 19 Jan 2019 03:23:41 pm
To true CS.
Edwin Sat 19 Jan 2019 09:16:31 pm
Typical Whiteside behaviour

I don't care much who says what in replies. People can make up their own minds as to what the truth is.

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Give me a break, we are a wake up now a days.

There are three bills of particular interest that were introduced shortly after the 116th Congress opened its session.
The Bill to audit the Federal Reserve:
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There's a good place for Africans. It's called Africa. Maybe they have just run out of opportunities to stuff things up over there and need a new challenge. Roll on the revolution.

That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Trump administration officials told CNN the strike hit al-Badawi while he was driving alone through the Ma’rib Governorate in Yemen, killing the terrorist leader without any collateral damage. The report strongly implied the attack was conducted with a drone aircraft.

Oppppps….Someone has some splainin to do.....

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“As of January 10, he will be usurping the presidency and consequently this National Assembly is the only legitimate representative of the people.”