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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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... have we underestimated Turnbull’s genius?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Not only that but he has ensured six more years for some of the most moronic senators ever to grace the upper House and a Double Dissolution that could easily backfire with the distinct possibility that a joint sitting could lack the numbers to pass one single Bill! And this bloke has been able to achieve all this in less than a year. Remarkable effort!

If it wasn’t for the Libs looking certain to win the vacant WA seat of Canning there would not have been a Turnbull coup. Had Turnbull left it until after that Saturday by election, Abbott would have been seen as a winner again... Turnbull and Bishop’s numbers would not have been there, the coup would not have occurred.

Abbott has been the Libs’ winningest PM ever and it has cost him and Australia dearly. His record election majority exposed him to a pile of nervous Nellies on the back bench whose Party room votes were integral in bringing him down. 

Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop took advantage of the situation and moved at the time Abbott was at his most vulnerable. But around mid-term a Prime Minister is usually at a low ebb.

How the treacherous Libs can look a camera in the lens and appear as tho’ all is normal is a mystery. 

They know that Abbott was a victim of his own electoral success and the champagne only lasted a day after the 2013 election before the plotting began.

Abbott is far smarter than Turnbull and Turnbull is far less loyal than Abbott. Abbott would never have brought on a DD election to be held AFTER what needs to be a nothing election year budget. The window for a DD closed around the time that he was deposed last year.

I’m not sure if, like a praying mantis, a stick insect also chews off the heads of its partners but I sure recall a stick insect bouncing her way up the corridor before clicking her heels and skipping to a flying change before turning right into Abbott’s office to tell him to pack his gear... the gratification was doubled with the demise of the hated Peta Credlin.

Turnbull will most likely lead the Coalition to an embarrassingly small victory when a victory over the likes of Shorten should have been equal to that of Abbott’s victory over Rudd. The Champagne will be scarce in the joint Party room as the Turnbull crew tally up the losses. 

When Lib backbenchers moved against Abbott to save their own necks they actually signed their own death warrants. They put themselves in the hands of the dishonest Liberal lees.

The political tragedy is that even a tiny Turnbull victory will immediately allow him to turn Left to embrace gay marriage, a carbon tax, increased Islamic immigration, expensive green energy "initiatives" and a republic.

Debt and budget deficits will be of little concern to Turnbull.

It’s clear that neither Turnbull nor the media understands the depth of feeling against him. “The disenchanted Liberal voters will return to the fold come election time”, said Lib heavyweight Michael Kroger. Well, Michael, it’s a bit different this time. Anti Islam feeling is at fever pitch and disloyalty is not seen as a virtue. 

There are well organised parties in the wings that intend to clip his.

Reliable reports show that the ALA Party is fielding multiple senate candidates across the country and multiple Lower House candidates are being pre-selected from a host of eager national applicants.

Puppet reporters are neglecting research in favour of aping their media colleagues’ contention that these are mere fringe groups and will have no effect. But there are no decent reporters left now to uncover the truth even if they wanted to.

As newspapers die an agonising death, tabloid reporters are relying on cut and paste copy that reflects their dishonest ABC and the Left’s blogs. Even radio is failing the public and without researchers is also getting it all wrong.

Polling is purposefully inaccurate with editors splitting Islamic concern votes from immigration concerns. When both are combined, naturally Islam is the number one concern, but apparently that is too politically incorrect to show the real figures.

The fact that Bill Shorten is polling even close to the Coalition is an indictment on Turnbull’s leadership. At least Abbott with his admitted faults stayed loyal to his ministers even when it became clear many were not loyal to him.

Turnbull’s loyalty is restricted only to himself and his Left ideology.  And the worst of him will be seen after this coming election.


"...It’s clear that neither Turnbull nor the media understands the depth of feeling against him..." In that case the only hope is that he loses his own seat, while the Coalition scrapes in.

that prick wants to turn the Gold Coast into a islamic Mecca...he already openly demands the tourist industry adopt sharia law during the off season while Muslim invade the place with their insipid much longer

Where is the ALA ?????? Got to be better than Traitor Turnbull and Shithead Shorten

I seriously want to see the WWW, do a Malcom Fraser after this election,, quivering lips, sobbing, with Tears running down his face, after losing the election. Strange both have the first first name Wanker.

Is ALA running candidates in Tasmania? ANYONE?

This country is run by welfare bums.

I think Donald had better start wearing a bullet proof vest.-------

“Never one to shy away from discussing unsubstantiated tabloid fodder, Donald Trump told the Fox News Channel on Tuesday morning that Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, was spotted with Lee Harvey Oswald around the time of the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

"His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald being, you know, shot," Mr Trump said during a telephone interview. "I mean the whole thing is ridiculous. What is this? Right? Prior to his being shot. And nobody even brings it up. I mean, they don't even talk about that - that was reported. And nobody talks about it."

Mr Trump seemed to be talking about a photo published last month by the National Enquirer that shows Oswald and another man distributing pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans in 1963. The tabloid claims that the second man is Rafael Cruz, the Republican presidential candidate's Cuban-born father.” (There is a photo of this taking place in the Age)
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Imagine having Dan the fag man in Vic and Bull Shittin an Canberra. FFS. God help us. I am beginning to understand why the ragheads think we are dickheads. Can you blame them?

Brian Owler - wanker extraordinaire. Politician wannabe or tax payer funded neurosurgeon ? Fuck off dickhead.

Turdball flogging more superannuation from people who have saved hard. What an utter socialist vagina.

The Senate is our only hope. I believe A.L.A. , with the majority behind them, is capable of turning the page of our destiny. Their victory will slow the cancerous rot that is destroying us, regardless of which of the idiot Parties is elected. They will then have 3 years to consolidate and get a serious challenge organised for the House of Reps. (2019) But any progress will be depend on what we do for A.L.A. in the Senate.

Yep. It has all gone like clockwork for The Banker. The riches to rags assassin must be by now wondering ... WTF.


I have said always said Turnbull is the best Labor plan ever put into action, he will ensure a man arrested for Rape will be our next Prime Minister. Turnbull was applauded by the left media, a dream run, he was treated well by Labor in Parliament with very few meaningful attacks on him. He is Labor's plant & will hand the keys to the lodge to a man arrested for Rape, not allegedly punching a wall, raping an under age girl! Australia we deserve this we are a nation of fuckwits of the first order. The only way of curbing these criminals is to elect a Senate that will look after Australia for Australians. Spoil your lower house ballots & vote ALA or Pauline Hanson for the Senate, if not get used to praying on a mat or being raped or beheaded or both! Not even your goat will be safe.

I am no Indian Giver Houdini. You stick it out ANZAC and live to fight another day. That's an order Soldier !!

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"kee betachbulot ta'ase lecha milchama"
Translation: "With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war"