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Friday, 14th December 2018

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...even if it's too soon to start counting

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Libs believe their current crew is electorally acceptable... well not all the Libs believe that and many in the Labor Party don’t believe it either. But like it or not the Conservative crew is too few in number to challenge Turnbull just yet, and Turnbull knows it. 

Abbott’s poor polling was the reason Turnbull gave for knifing him and now that Turnbull’s polling is as bad or worse than Abbott’s, it’s just a Turnbull resolve to steady the ship, talk shit and keep vomiting big words. But is that really enough?

                                                           Dutton weighs the odds

Clearly he thinks it is, and while we all argue over gay marriage and how many cartridges fit in a lever action shot gun, the debt and deficit keep floating off in the distance in untethered helium balloons.

Turnbull needs to grasp a nettle along with his poorly endowed scrotum, and start steering Australia out of an abyss that possibly includes the loss of our AAA credit rating. But don’t expect a merchant banker likeTurnbull to understand our dark economic future, merchant banking is merely punting with other mugs’ money.

There’s the “R” word, and possibly even the “D” word lurking the Canberran backblocks and every lever available to Treasury is already hard on the metal. There is nowhere that interest rates can move even if the RBA wanted to move them. And even if they chose to, no-one would take any notice or even care. 

The banks will do exactly what they want and if it all blows up in their faces they can expect a Government underwrite as usual while they continue to foreclose on hundreds of thousands of broke homeowners.

What happened to the GST and negative gearing debates? And what happened to debt reduction plans, let alone any deficits? Well, you see, after knifing Tony Abbott our sagacious brand new PM decided to pull on a ridiculous double dissolution election. 

Now, as I said at the time, it takes a special kind of idiot to see any sense in that scenario with a brutal May budget needed BEFORE the poll date and the certainty of getting even more bogan bums on Senate seats!

Is it any wonder Aussies are more interested in how the Yanks will survive another idiot who has lit a fire underneath every dysfunctional Arab nation on earth while coddling Turkey and picking a fight with Putin. Bloody hell!

A much improved Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is set to swamp the odious Greens and flood State elections but she can only play a preventive role right now and she’s a long way from wielding an axe in the Lower House where one is needed. 

That is unless Conservative forces combine to get this joint back on track.

But each time I suggest coaligning to ALA and a few Libs I get shot down in flames with accusations about who stole whose policies. Does it really matter who stole what if the policy is sound? And anyway Hanson needs to get a decent economist elected along with the ideologues.

I’m getting too depressed, so I will finish this here and concentrate on dodging tonight’s ABC programs. 

Malcolm Turnbull is an avid ABC watcher so there could be another Royal Commission into something formed by morning.   


Hunter..and you could go on and on...not that BK will ever listen...

B.K. "But please stop demanding that other Australians stop selling THEIR assets, it's none of your business." Since when did Australian Publically Owned Ports become the property of traitorous politicians to sell off / 100year leases at their leisure?

bag..yes I am aware of what you are referring to..I however cant but feell that he is into tokenism....especially when he starts openly spruiking for China

As i said bags, it makes perfect political sense. A no brainer as it were. There will be massive effort by the Coalition to try and stop the hemorrhaging.

Bruce has had more come back tours then Johnny Farnham.

and why not go after Nat votes they are not supporting the people who voted for them ,

we will see ghost that's why Turnbull is going to Birdsville and Winton ,fancy the great PM having to visit these places and the races are not even on, What the elite do not realize is this is a movement that is not going to stop increasing the same as Trump people in America they probably will get beaten this time around but they will be back with greater numbers ,no longer can the elite rest easy their days are near a end ,just like Britain leaving the EU ,get used to it

One Nation is after National Party voters Bags. They will say and do anything to get those votes. It makes perfect Political Sense for them to do so. By taking a counter position they gain absolutely nothing. It's easy to promise the world to farmers knowing full well that they will never have to deliver. You should be old enough to realise this. One Nation should stick to the anti Islam and the Global Warming Con message.

Just reading the facts as presented in the Australian Bags. No bias.

Pelican My view on Twiggy is he is a great Australian supporting towns burnt out by bushfires a genuine supports for workers to get ahead including blackfellows ,and the Basic card to control alcohol etc ,he may have done some things to survive against BHP and Rio ,but he is having a go ,

BK needs to work out who he supports ,he starting to talk about One Nation well I can inform him that One Nation supports the Farmers and their rights and their rights to Water and every think else on their land ,they do not support mining companys and Banks riding rough shod over them ,BK supports this on this site many times also in his support of the Ghost

the Ghost goes on about Cubby Stn well with all this foreign ownership Australia is getting to the stage where they are to scared to complain ,the Ministers that is and in time as China becomes more powerful in Australia it wont give a shit about Australian workers

Stop acting like a tarted up schoolgirl and try to engage in some civil discussions DG. You never know somebody might like you in the end.

What do you expect Bruce when you keep going back for more.

Larry, I love this site and what you do here. We are a democratic society and I love to read the PP views. But of late it is getting out of hand. Now I don't have much of a clue about what has gone on with between Bruce, Donna etc. But do we have to have personal vendetta's aired. Back and forth like a school yard he said she said kind of thing.

"The mining magnate and cattle producer believes Australians in the future will be "whingeing there is not enough Chinese investment". The Chinks don't want to know about "investment". They are however intent on "ownership ". Perhaps B.K. would give us some examples of how this wonderful "investment" has benefited Australians and how it has reduced the foreign debt. What about examples of all the new infrastructure these sales have provided the Australian people.?

I was in Port Augusta on the weekend. I should have dropped in to visit Donna.

5:48 Wed in QLD, I just read that, and my day is, now, going to be a boomer. Lucky I wasn't about to sip from my muga hot tea. Thanks IE, for setting the tone for my day. ;-))))

Gold !

thanks Dry...