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Friday, 16th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


This bloke is a joke, he has always been a joke and after yet another major stuff-up and 20 odd consecutively worsening polls he really needs to do the right thing by the Parliament and just piss off and take the treacherous Stick Insect with him. And I believe there is a good chance he will do just that as there is no respectable space left for him in the Parliament now.

Barnaby, who had better foresight than Turnbull is well prepared for a by-election fight amid dodgy Telegraph stories by a Ms Markson of an extra marital hanky panky with a female staffer.

Of course that grubby bastard Tony Windsor, who gave us Gillard, is all over the unconfirmed rumours via Twitter. But Barnaby will be okay.

Turnbull's numerous and outrageous claims that the High Court “shall so rule” (in favour of Barnaby Joyce) ensured Barnaby’s demise and ensured the government’s life be determined via a precipitous by-election.

If you think the High Court is some august body of highly ethical people, it most certainly is not, it comprises a very ordinary old bunch who are politically appointed by Prime Ministers of the calibre of Rudd, Gillard and now Turnbull, who has only just appointed the slow-thinking Susan Kiefel (above) as Chief Justice. The remaining six would be lucky to get a feed in the real world.

Persistent rumours abound of paedophilia and child abuse on the High Court Bench involving credible witnesses. Retired openly homosexual Justice Kirby (above) was accused by Senator Bill Heffernan of using a Commonwealth car for his driver to procure young boys and return them to his home. 

Heffernan (above) provided a pile of Comcar driver records which were described in the Senate as concrete evidence of trips in which Kirby used Comcars to pick up and return young male "companions''. Kirby’s response to the charges, amid a virulent defence by the Fairfax Press, was that, “The Comcar evidence could not be true”. Hmmm, the Comcars were not true eh?

One young boy prostitute gave a colourful account of Kirby's advances. 

As with other similar charges, and blatant conflicts of interest, the Howard Government chose to ignore the accusations.

So it’s no surprise that these flawed, petulant slew of Santa-suited judges were determined not to be dictated to by the likes of Turnbull who was persistently telling Parliament what their decision regarding Barnaby would definitely be. 

That is a madness that would never have been entertained by an intelligent bloke. Poking a hornet’s nest naked with a stick would make more sense. But this is Turnbull, one of the dumbest, most devious and most accident-prone PMs we have ever been graced with.

And now the time has come for him to resign before he leads his Party of second choice over a cliff and into a permanent graveyard. Australia deserves better that Turnbull, the Liberal Party deserves better than Turnbull, 

… and most of all, Sir Robert Menzies’ legacy deserves better than Turnbull.


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