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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


So here we go again in the doldrums that follow the footy finals. Fourth grade ethnic soccer scores spilling over from SBS, our Test batsmen couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of a boat, politics confined to gays and dishlickers... all that’s left of any interest is the US elections.

I apologise for my concentration on Donald and Hillary but it seems to evoke more interest than Bill and Mal right now. I find it difficult to believe that while Australia sinks under outrageous debt and deficits our Parliament is preoccupied with gay marriage for Christ’s sake.

And not one section of the media has focussed on the nub of the argument... the question, or the phraseology of the proposed plebiscite question or the legislation itself! 

The Left will always find a warm and fuzzy title for the most despicable of its aims. “Safe Schools” would be better named "unsafe schools", if your kids’ school adopts this Left program, get them out of there and quick! 

The US Left have named their taxpayer-funded late term abortion clinics that flog baby body parts as, “Planned Parenthood”. Why female activists have a fascination with late term abortions is a disturbing mystery.

“Renewable Energy”? Who wouldn’t agree with that, until you uncover its hideously damaging results like we have recently seen in our most renewable State of SA. “Climate Change”, well that’s the blatant renamed “Global Warming” fraud. 

And now we have “Marriage Equality”, which is nothing more than an unmitigated trashing of the Marriage Act that will allow gay men to adopt toddlers for toys.

No-one will agree to the title “Trashing of the Marriage Act” so the Left calls it something more palatable like, “Marriage Equality”, that sounds fair enough, eh? 

And now that Bill Shorten has somersaulted and canned the plebiscite, the truth will not be exposed in a proposed $7.5 million advertising campaign. He wants Turnbull to agree to a Parliamentary conscience vote where the people may never view the legislation until after it is gazetted. 

A divisive campaign? No Bill, it would have been an informative one... and that's something that scares the shit out of you and the gay Left.

But Turnbull cannot agree to a Parliamentary vote without creating a Conservative revolt that will doubtless finish with Turnbull’s sacking.

Shorten would do well to stop wedging Turnbull because Turnbull has proved unelectable. 

He has made the most basic of political mistakes as he did when he was previously leader. If the Conservatives return Abbott, then Shorten, or anyone who might replace him, is toast like Abbott's Rudd.

The present Parliamentary kindergarten farce has only been made possible by Turnbull and Shorten agreeing to a pathway to solvency. The problem is there is no pathway, as they both agreed that a predicted growth rate of 5 per cent would see the debt repaid in ten years. What garbage! 

China will be lucky to maintain that growth figure, the US is sitting at around 1 per cent and we are struggling with an embellished 3.3 per cent, and with the cash rate at 1.5 percent, and inflation in the negative, that figure can only go south toward a recession while nothing is done.

So both these useless bastards have decided they can relax and play with each other's dongers while they argue over gay rights instead of budget reparation.

I dunno, all we need now is for Hillary Clinton to take over next year and we’re all stuffed. 


We have got some real grubs trying to call the shots in Australia. Islams no.1 grub, Wally the Toxic Weed, Old Tricky Triggs, the Kiwi escapee from the nut farm, Hinch ( who should be deported ),The Green Communists and all the CFMEU UNION PARTY masquerading as " labor ".

Shorton has maneuvered ANOTHER union grub into parliament. None of them would work in an iron lung.

Abbott defends Trump policies as 'reasonable enough'

Are we more interested in the US Presidential race than local politics, or is it an interest in what is coming down the pipeline for us? Same (jewish) masters......

Bruce... you have it 'right on' here... more than interesting methinks????

Does anybody here know the reason for Labor Senator Stephen Conroy's "abrupt departure" from politics? Remember? It was very fishy as he'd just been re-elected to the senate for another six years and he sneaked his resignation in so that nobody would notice. His explanation that he wanted to spend more time with the family is insulting hogwash as politicians would kill their grandmothers to be pre-selected. Somebody must know the real reason.

The Taxman will hold his hand out Drac. Can't have you making too much money. Politicians need it to fly on their study tours.

More fuel for the Trump pedophile rumors

DONALD Trump’s plummeting reputation has taken a series of new body blows, with multiple women claiming he sexually assaulted them in incidents spanning decades, reports he barged into a changeroom full of teenagers and new video footage of him talking sleazily about a 10 year old girl.

Following the damning recently released 2005 tape where he boasted about using his fame to grope women, new video emerged of Trump aged 46, being suggestive about a group of 10 year old girls.

Also today, Mr Trump was reported to have barged in on Miss Teen USA contestants while they were changing clothes, and engaging in “creepy” dressing room banter with the girls — some as young as 15.

At least four women told Buzzfeed that the mogul — who owned the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants from 1996 until last year — nonchalantly strolled into their dressing room during the 1997 pageant.

and check this too :

This planet has been caused to be the greatest fuck-up of all time by people voting for incompetent people to be leaders and authoritarians to dictate everything and anything as instructed as You Will, And Will Not which relates to everything in life......and the majority of dick-heads believe, follow, agree, and tittle-tattle complaints among their own kind ..... blaming THEY should do SOMETHING about IT.
Real life has been taken away from humans, and they have NOT fought hard enough to cut the festering puss of politicians out of life, more so they vote for their least hated person...... no refusing to vote en masse, no en masse no more tax rip-off to fund mega-dollars to retired politicians, el al. No en masse country wide protests, DEMANDING that politicians SERVE the citizens.

check this from Putin and why is he worried.... a vote for Hillary is avote for war


Labor leader Bill Shorten has weighed into the internal ALP battle over the replacement for former senator Stephen Conroy by backing one of his closest friends, controversial lawyer Kimberley Kitching, to fill the breach.

Senior Labor figures are also concerned about the role of both Ms Kitching and Mr Landeryou in the scandal-plagued Health Workers Union, formerly the Health Services Union (HSU).

Ms Kitching was the union's general manager after the victory of a team led by Diana Asmar team in 2012.

The union racked up heavy losses and was warned it risked insolvency after spending heavily to defend senior union officials in a case over the alleged forging of permits to enter workplaces.

A 2014 report by the Royal Commission into trade union corruption recommended criminal charges against Ms Kitching, and others, over the right of entry permits. It is unclear whether police have followed up the recommendations.

O.T. The real China outside our Kowtowing duopoly parliament
Canberra dictatorial duopoly puppets capitulating to China's cashing up silent invasion via a Trojan Horse, are remote controlling Australia from behind a facade of glossy assimilation.
BE PREPARED, new owners in waiting will remove the tiny residue of freedom we have left.
Duopoly faithful lemmings sustain promoted mountainous fear driven legislation, set in place by self appointed political masters agenda to maintain total control by deception, and so glaringly obvious to a far greater master targeting the defenseless. At the moment it is a bit overwhelming but think of the long term objectives of this not so benevolent take over of Australian assets .

Just about enough for a cruise..keep on going at this rate it shouldn't take long

Telegraph UK - Climate advisers pour cold water on idea of high powered kettles in Brexit Britain. It was one of the stranger battlegrounds of the Brexit debate : the controversy over the EU's plan to save energy by banning high powered toasters and kettles. But now the Committee on Climate Change has poured cold water on Brexiteers hopes that leaving the EU would see Britain carry on using power guzzling appliances with abandon.

Tried to comment on Bolt's site by linking to this site below about how rotten the media in the USA has become. LOL. Surprise, surprise it didn't appear. I guess the moderators didn't want to be tarred with the same brush.

His site has really gone to the dogs and he appears to be jumping to someone else's tune or the reins have been pulled on him. Even some of his regular conservative types are berating him more & more & the GetUp crowd seem to be getting a free reign with multiple postings. I hardly go there any more & no longer listen to him & Steve Price or watch his Sky News interviews.

Germany Submits To Islam

The fall of German Christianity leaves a vacuum likely to be filled by a multicultural - islamic society.

Germans have a falling birth rate and Europe's largest Muslim community.

Die Welt reports, Christians will become a minority in 20 years.

In the past year the German army spent 428 million euros on various operations relating to migrants…..-…the costliest mission within German borders that the army has ever undertaken.

The world - especially affluent western nations, pays dearly for muslims demanding support and inspired to destroy the benefactors……A lesson for all.

Why is Cath Burn Acting Police Commissioner after the revelations at the Lindt enquiry? Why does she still have a job?