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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Idiot blokes like socialist Vic Premier, Daniel Andrews, are everywhere. Andrews has angrily dumped contracted Sky News from all Vic trains and stations just in time for Andrews' run-up to his State election. Now just watch how Sky and the Herald Sun treat Andrews on the hustings. 

It appears when a bloke is born with an IQ below 8 he is automatically attracted to Labor.

So most will agree political blokes don’t have a good record, but sheilas have fared even worse.  

Emma Husar is a glassy-eyed git suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, Julia Gillard and Marise Payne are raving, red-headed fruitcakes. There hasn’t been a single successful sheila Premier and most should be in the slammer. 

Ms Plibersek doesn’t understand there are 54 countries in Africa and Angela Merkel doesn’t know how many a million Muslims amounts to.

The UK’s Theresa May is clearly mentally disturbed, the US’s Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are batty beyond belief, and most Hollywood actresses are deranged dipsticks.

In fact the only two political females you would have bothered feeding in the past millennium are Margaret Thatcher and Joan of Arc!

I have never allowed a wife of mine to enter the workforce, it’s just not worth the risk.


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Feminism: genesis and conclusion

Feminism: genesis and conclusion

(Sorry - pressed the wrong button)
So mabe women don't have all the answers (like the think) - mabe silly old white fellas can do something good after all and not just be a whipping post for all the grievances (real or imagined) of women.

Now, then ever before in the history of mankind, there are more women in positions of power. Be it worldwide politics, business, charities etc. I realise that it is not 50/50 as the feminists would like, but there is still many, many more (%wise) than 20, 50 or even 100 years ago.
So how come, if they can run things better than men - we are not seeing even a small reduction in numbers of wars, refugees, homelessness, poverty, etc(you get the picture)
These global problems are accelerating faster the population growth so it can't all be put down to that.
So mabe women don

Agree that people with an IQ of eight or less are attracted to Laba but with almost half of the Australian population possessing IQ's of that rating in addition to those that have no brains at all we could very well end up with a Bill ShortOn Laba Government after the next election. That is if Electricity Bill hasn't been rolled by Albo in the meantime.

Dead right about Margaret Thatcher and Joan of Arc. Try imagining having Gillard as PM for the same length of time as we had John Howard.

Bat Tue 14 Aug 2018 12:00:39 am

Purposely done 3 times, check it out at the end at the 57.00 minute mark.

Thing is, absolutely typical pollie crap, but in this case.....billy big titties.

I can't say what I'm thinking, someone may hear what it is.


O/T..New post ..

"In fact the only two political females you would have bothered feeding in the past millennium are Margaret Thatcher and Joan of Arc!"

I would have shared my last scrap of food with Golda Meir.

A comm over on AB, s blog , saying that Turnbull ""won"" the last election because he turfed out Abbottt and Credlin, Given that the lib/nats only snuck in by one vote and lost a large majority, i can only say that , '' ANY MORE WINS LIKE THAT AND THE TURNBULLL LIBERAL PARTY WILL BE TOAST''

Next thing we will have is a Hijab wearing Muslim woman Politician dictating to us [and all the women will vote for her purely because she is a woman ,without caring a crap about her Muslim policies ]

Not hard to see why they didnt want to give women the Vote ,with dimwits like Gillard ,bloody halfwits like SHY ,dickhead German women Politicians who state that ,''Germans becoming a minority in Germany is a ''Good thing '' and the Right should know that '',look at the downfall of every past Society, when women and homos took over running it [into the ground]

Good ARTICLE LP......In the bible women cannot have authority over a man !!!!!! God sent a man, a man who was a carpenter, hung out with fisherman and made good wine !

When the female "tokens" break the glass ceilings the nation gets showered with the glass of their failures from that ceiling...

Yes, Have to agree Larry. I worked in TAFE SA for 11 years during the time that it was decided women must get some of the managerial roles in the male trade areas. What a disaster!

Minister Payne doesn't have a clue what her Army chief's are talking about when they have their meetings, but she always ensure that their coffee break will be the focus of these strategic talks, decisions will have to made on either to have iced-vovo's, lamingtons, apple-custards twirls or nice biscuits at smoko which will keep them occupied until lunch time.