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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Now we know why SA shipbuilders were given $60 billion for (soon to be obsolete) submarines to be delivered in 50 years' time and why little Chris Pyne was given a higher salary to assist the hopeless Marise Payne in an unworkable joint administration of the Ministry of Defence which was well beyond her pay grade. 

Little Chris is Turnbull’s go-to man for wiping out Conservative Liberalism. But it could be that Turnbull and his treacherous Left is wiped out instead.

With inflation, overruns, servicing and repair costs the submarine cost figure will be closer to $1 trillion. Already drones are taking over all manned attack vehicles in the sky, on land and below the waves. In 50 years’ time it’s a good guess that the Collins Class subs may be dragged out of their permanent dry docks and linked to play stations.

                                              Ha, Abbott never saw me coming!

Christopher Pyne’s SA seat of Sturt was at risk prior the last election and Turnbull would not allow Mr Fixit to be condemned to long SA Centrelink lines no matter what the cost to taxpayers. Mr Fixit has the task of turning Liberal into Labor and a one Party State of Islamic affectionate, Green, UN-compliant, polyamour pillow biters.

                                         But he should have seen me coming

It’s not really about gay marriage is it? It’s about Turnbull’s determination to drag the Libs into an unholy alliance with the Greens, Labor and the UN. No-one gives a stuff about gay marriage. A bloke can marry three sheilas and their twelve sexually confused shih tzus and no-one will give a stuff. 

                                              Abbott was a sitting duck

But wait until a private member’s Bill is introduced to invite Lib Lefties to cross the floor and render Turnbull’s promise of a plebiscite obsolete.

Someone will finally read the text of this Bill where the Left is demanding the standing marriage Act be trashed and replaced with non-gender specific, polyamour open marriages that conform to the latest in sexually confused Green wet dreams.

Then we will see what this “marriage equality” bullshit has been about all along… the trashing of the definition of male and female in the marriage Act and replaced with numerous non-offensive pronouns.

                                                          Little bastard!

Abbott has as good as named little Chris Pyne as a traitor and that’s a first for Abbott. It will see him look for alliances to maintain Menzies’ Liberal Party as he intended. This is as far as it can go without all-out warfare.

Turnbull set out with Bishop and other Left faction members to destroy the Abbott leadership before it had more wins. Let me tell you, Abbott is prepared to die stopping Turnbull and he has plenty of assistants.

                                                       This could be close

A new Party is about to be born of Conservative Libs, Cory Bernadi, One Nation, ALA and a few Independents. I couldn’t give a stuff who is leader, that’s for the vote. But the interesting part is who will maintain the ownership of the core of the Liberal Party with all the finance and infrastructure necessary to win a Federal election. That is also for the vote.

Whoever fails to carry that vote will be confined to mere history book addenda.

Aussies’ hatred of Turnbull is only exceeded by their hatred of Shorten. Australia has seen enough of Labor, with the destructive Gillard and Rudd, to last another generation. That leaves Turnbull who has joined their ranks and leaves only the Conservatives as an alternative.

                                                   A treacherous twosome

This is why Turnbull has mollycoddled the ABC, the UN, Fairfax, HRC, Government Agencies, the UNHCR and the IPCC’s global warming hoax and all those he could convince of his un-Australian endeavours as future allies.

I have no idea who will win this imminent battle, but I do know you should never listen to what Turnbull says… only watch what he does.

And what he has done so far speaks volumes for his hatred of Conservatism and his final solution.    



Learning Mandarin?

Here is Jeffery Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, in a synagogue discussing how to bring down the Alt-Right.

"The rot started with Howard"

... whom we all have to thank for Turbdball's presence in parliament thanks to (a) his engineering of gigantic branch stack in Wentworth and (b) his begging the Turd to stay in politics when he quit after Abbott beat him in the party room vote.

Those pills are really starting to work!

So what happened to equal rights for all! oh i forgot , that only applies to those of a certain faith or political allegiance!

The Liberal Titanic with Captain Witless on the bridge. The iceberg cometh...There are none so blind as those who choose not to see. It takes a person of courage to stand up and pull the plug on what is now an absolute farce of a government and the even bigger farce in the Senate. My God, who would have ever believed that Australia could be governed by such a ship of fools, with an even bigger ship of fools waiting in the wings to take over as the Liberal Titanic sinks. If ever we needed a "night of the long knives" we sure as hell need one now...

Never thought in my wildest dreams I'd be saying this - Rinaldo's contributions to this particular thread are the only ones to make anything approaching sense.

Peter Dawson – Boots

"There's no discharge in the war" by Peter Dawson is one that often comes to mind.

Another rant -

To fight Islam first you have to fight with Israel and the U.S.of A.
Saudi Prince Reveals ‘US Conditions’ For Mohamed Bin Salman To Be King
The alleged conditions include “absolute obedience to the US and Israel and carrying out whatever they ask him to do.”
By Middle East Monitor | June 27, 2017
Professing belief in Jesus Christ is Idolatry? Penalty? Decapitation!
Public Law 102-14 sets the foundation for American and United Nations Law to be established in such a way as to uphold these Seven Noahide Laws.

"But the interesting part is who will maintain the ownership of the core of the Liberal Party with all the finance and infrastructure necessary to win a Federal election ...?"

Answer: It will remain in the ownership of one Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, who wrote a purchasing cheque for it during the last Federal election campaign.

And he's welcome to the stinking pile of shit that it is.



$2.5M with bonuses........obscene. My calculation: five times better than the PM's wage.

Anyone who believes anything NASA says is seriously deluded in my books ..

No Christians = more mosques, islamic schools

Iceberg, iceberg, iceberg

Subs with no nuclear power are temporary coffins for suicide missions

Buddhists are harmless, muslims behead them as well as Christians. There's more in Aus than muslims and you don't hear of them and NO halal

So the Queen has an army of advisor and is not the uniquely wise all knowing individual the myth has her
So people like Winston voted to keep these faceless men pulling the levers
Abbott , Flint and that Jones woman have a lot to answer for