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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The European Renewable Energy Foundation, a Green body supportive of all forms of renewable energy, has carried out research at Edinburgh University involving a look at years of wind farm performance data from the UK and Denmark. Their conclusion is this:

“Put bluntly, wind turbines onshore and offshore still cost too much and wear out far too quickly to offer the developing world a realistic alternative to coal.” And these guys are Green renewable energy nuts!

The good news for Australia is that this highly subsidised and ineffective form of Green inspired visual pollution will be non-existent within ten years. The report found that by 10 years of age, the output of an average wind turbine will have declined by a third... and by 12 years of age it will be uneconomic to recondition the moving parts.

The bad news for Australia, if they intend to persist with this windmill madness, is that they will all reach their maximum life span at the same time!

Bloody thousands and thousands of these hideous, noisy monstrosities will all need to be replaced at once, and guess what? Investors will have headed for the hills because all those delicious subsidies will have disappeared like Christine Milne and it will cost governments (again you and me) a motza to dismantle and dump the things in the ocean as fish reefs.

They will become worthless bits of metal and plastic no other industry can possibly use. The government of the day will no doubt keep one turbine in a museum somewhere as an artefact so schoolchildren can be shown just how stupid the Greens really are.

South Australia, which has the highest cost of electricity in the nation and the most wind turbines per capita, has saved 4% of their rated capacity in fossil fuels at a cost of $1,484 per ton. That’s roughly $1,474 per ton more expensive than Europe’s current carbon credit price.

The cost of these commercial white elephants, that must eventually be destroyed, is between a highly subsidised $350,000 and $1.3 million each...

and the temperature of the globe hasn’t shifted one thousandth of a degree.

Stand underneath a wind turbine that is typically 120 metres tall and try to imagine how our beautiful countryside once looked. But that's a visual and noise pollution that will never disadvantage the Greens, oh no, they'll be happily sipping their lattes in leafy green inner suburbs.

Only two forms of energy can replace the Greens' hated coal, and neither is wind or solar. The only freely available clean forms of energy are hydro and nuclear but the Greens refuse to allow dams to be built while frogs need protecting and uranium evokes Green paranoia. Funny eh?

Greens present the best case yet for late term abortions... very, very late.


How many trees had to be knocked down and burnt to make room for these turbines in the picture ?

The problem with renewable energy from wind turbines and solar farms is that governments have gone into this madness without a thorough independent cost/benefit analysis. They have acted on 'consultant' reports that have told governments exactly what governments wanted to hear in order to justify embarking on this madness. The reality is that other than hydroelectricity, renewable energy is not viable, which is why subsidies have to be paid to keep investors in the renewable energy game. It is insane.

"Global warming", Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, scientific elitism and a contrary theory: we're going to be freezing our butts off
The scientific elite
The first clip is a discussion with Aldous Huxley while he was at Berkeley in 1962 lecturing on the future of science and getting people to consent to what is happening to them. This talk is an extremely relevant topic as we take a look at where science is today which seems to be in disarray concerning "climate change." That science is in disarray on "climate change" is probably intentional as science has become the dictatorial power over our current circumstances with a technocratic elite clearly in control........................."
. abeldanger/zWgH (Abel Danger)

Me too CS. Pleasant dreams.

Went there on a cruise in the 80's. We hired some bikes and rode about. Innocent lovely people was my take, smiling children, simple life. Hope it hasn't changed too much.

I love the excitement of people who have little. You'll make some friends, and not BS friends. How good is that, I can see the smile. Then the sharing will be on. Sounds like heaven CS. It's grand.

I can't fish with no idearer's. You'll have heaps over there. A few fishing shows recently have been giving it the nod.

That's good to hear CS. Glad you have passed on your goodness. Single and happy is a blessing. A friend here and there is good, no need for sex, it clouds the brain. Let's get back to the fishing. If there's anything that pisses a woman off it's a bloke having a fish. You're supposed to be looking at me, I have, pass the bait.

CS, your offer sounds most inviting. I can well imagine your ex could cook up a storm. What would you do with a fit hard working 45 yo? Complain like I do. You best wait a bit and go white teeth big smile. Lots of cuddles and a few piglets.

Ummm, there has been no rise in temperatures for 17 years. Nuclear F F S is the way to go.

Good news CS. I like your plan. Lovely place to spend the rest of your life. Best wishes. I'd love to go bush somewhere, wife is a city lover so stuffed there. I won't leave her, she's a good person just can't see the waste life is in a big city. We need independent water and food supply, I know that but can't get the message through.

Do they have banks in Vanuatu - or is it all coconuts?

My fear is one day I will go into my Internet Banking accounts and see zero balances. phoning the bank and being told I was a mug for trusting them.

Pie, that's their plan. Remove all cash, get a chip implant and join the darkside. Remember Cyprus? They just took their cash. We have nothing when it's all in cyberspace. Not funny actually, bloody scary.

Then they hack into the banking system and pinch all our money.

Wind Farms' Dirty Secrets
It's not enough that they kill large numbers of birds and bats and that they are eyesores ruining the landscape and seascape.
Wind farms are being investigated in Scotland for their possible harm to human health.
The Scottish government has commissioned a report studying the effects on over 33,500 families living near 10 wind farms North of the Border, just a sample of the 2,300 wind turbines in Scotland. Its results will be known in autumn.
The research was prompted by campaigners who claim that some people living near the wind farms and suffering ill health don't realise that the cause may be infrasound emitted by wind turbines: noise at such a low frequency that it cannot be heard but can be felt.
A local resident is Andrew Vivers,
"an ex-Army captain who has suffered from headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, raised blood pressure and disturbed sleep since Ark Hill wind farm was built near his home in Glamis, Angus."
Medical examinations and tests failed to find the cause of his symptoms.
"Mr Vivers, who served almost 10 years in the military, said the authorities had so far refused to accept the ill effects of infrasound despite it being a 'known military interrogation aid and weapon'.
"He said: 'When white noise was disallowed they went on to infrasound. If it is directed at you, you can feel your brain or your body vibrating. With wind turbines, you don’t realise that is what’s happening to you.'"
In addition, "Mr Vivers said he has also witnessed an 'incredible number' of dead hares on the moors around Ark Hill and believes they may have succumbed to 'internal haemorrhaging and death' as a result of the turbines."
Mr Vivers believes that infrasound low frequency noise monitoring should be mandatory before and after turbine erection.
Scotland had been involved in the discovery, earlier this year, of environmental damage caused by wind farms:
"Scotland’s environmental watchdog has probed more than 100 incidents involving turbines in just six years, including diesel spills, dirty rivers, blocked drains and excessive noise.
"Alarmingly, they also include the contamination of drinking water and the indiscriminate dumping of waste, with warning notices issued to a handful of energy giants."
It will be interesting to see if environmentalists and celebrities respond to any ruinous effects of one of their pet "renewable energy" projects with the same ardour and vigour with which they've been attacking fracking and fossil fuels.
Judging from their weak reaction to the massacre of birds and bats by wind farms, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Read more: Warming#ixzz3dkmiaemj

The best solutions are 1. Hydro power, 2. Nuclear. Greens and Labor are against both.
Hydro capital costs are a lot less than nuclear, and there is less chance that Labor's union mates can f*** that up as badly as they would a nuclear power plant.

It has many benefits. Saves the farmers from drought. Saves towns from dying. Provides community recreational enjoyment. Basic water security.

Once the capital cost is paid off it provides very low maintenance cost "free" electricity thanks to "free" natural rainfall and "free" gravity ("free" meaning governments and councils will find ways to tax natures gifts as well). Unfortunately the Greens will find some obscure frog mating habits to cancel that idea as well.

Even the firking Pope is getting in on the act, saying we must urgently do something about climate change, he's gods representative here on earth, why doesn't he get the big fella to dial it down a degree or two.

This is an interesting concept. An Australian company is proposing to mine cleaner burning high energy black coal by underground methods under Victoria's existing open cut brown coal fields. Once the underground mining is completed, the cavities formed will be concrete lined and used in conjunction of with the overlying open cuts to generate hydo electric power. Water will be allowed to fill the open cuts and then when required dropped down into the lower underground workings thus generating electricity in peak periods. In off periods the water from the undergrounds will be pumped back into the higher elevation storages. Read more .................

I drove from Melb to Darwin a couple of years back (not sure why) these ugly windmills lined the hills for Km after Km. Very picturesque. That's what all the tourists who do the drive see as well.....doesn't anyone consider what they will look like when they're up?