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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Malcolm Turnbull’s grinning honeymoon is about up as he struggles to be all things to all people by insisting this year’s budget must be “fair”. Turnbull is slavishly mouthing Shorten’s description of Abbott’s budgets.

But Abbott was mostly right and Turnbull is about to join Rudd and Gillard if he follows the Shorten “road to recovery”.

“Fair” is subjective. “Fair” to Shorten is to continue to increase debt and deficits by spending non-existent money. He will increase the Labor-voting public service, pamper his welfare-dependent Islamic electorates, give 16 year-old dickheads the vote and continue to steal union members’ funds while he “dances” the Pacific nights away in his Kiribati coconut bra with Ms Plibersek.

And “fair” to Turnbull? Well we don’t know what that is yet because he doesn’t want the love-making honeymoon with the electorate to end... there are a lot of untried passionate positions remaining and he doesn’t want to lose that silly grin.

The cold spoon of economic reality is about to whack him on the donger and if he thinks increasing the lazy man’s GST tax is the cure-all, he can think again.

Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain lead the way with GST (VAT) rate increases that now total between 21 and 25 per cent and, in case you have forgotten the EU meltdown, it is those nations that carry unresolved debt above 100 per cent of GDP.

A GST increase is no more than a crude “get out of jail free card” and it is no substitute for good economic governance.

Australians are among the highest taxed workers in the world and we are lied to every day about fair dinkum solutions to our increasing debt.

A GST increase will not be necessary if sensible cuts to current expenditure are made. But will Turnbull make them? Not likely.

Over decades, layer upon layer of bureaucratic torpor has been allowed to suck hundreds of billions from the taxpayer’s pocket.

The public service has exploded in DFAT, Defence and Welfare, almost one million Australians are on a disability pension, millions more are on many of the 22 various welfare payments including the dole.

Not one of Gillard’s 600 Bills that sailed through the Senate involved cost-cutting but all involved more public servants.

Of our 500,000 Muslim residents, 80 per cent are unemployed and on luxurious benefits including housing and foster care for dozens of exchangeable children.

Multiple wives are fully appraised of every rort going at the expense of Australia’s baby boomers who are made to justify a pittance of an aged pension the Government is determined to reduce.

Turnbull’s appointment of an obligatory female, Marise Payne, to the Defence portfolio is a sad joke. She is politely ignored by the Russell Office boys who are still wet dreaming over receiving the F-35 Lockheed joint strike fighters at an all up cost of $100 billion.

The Lockheed monster is a ludicrous boys’ toys proposition that only made marginal sense 25 years ago when it first hit the drawing board.

It is still undelivered and already obsolete as drone technology has overtaken it and basic pilotless fighter bombers can be scrambled from a laptop in a lounge chair at the Pentagon.

Dog fights ended with the Red Baron and the F-35’s only role now is in an X Box game.

There’s the solution to the deficit right there but there are no sheilas’ toilets in the Russell Offices... and there shouldn’t be in the sex plagued Duntroon.

Julie Bishop’s DFAT is financially out of control. She even refuses to answer questions about Gillard’s donation of $25 million to the crooked Clinton Foundation and she is now trying to restore her foreign aid calling card that was dog ended by Abbott.

He never trusted her for good reason as she now heads to Paris, this time with her boyfriend as chaperone, to join in the global warming festivities.

An increased GST will not cover the cracks of economic apathy and this lunacy of comparing our performance to the “success” of New Zealand must stop.

The Kiwis have no senate and no sovereign States or territories to worry about and they voided all their costly defence responsibilities 20 years ago.


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The current VW fiasco has brought into the spotlight why we are 3rd world, compared to Germany. (and I don't mean because what they were doing seems to be legal in Australia, lol). A German province owns 40% of VW. Ensuring well paid employment, industry and community wealth. No free trade traitorous Korean sell out there. I heard recently that the same applies to the conglomerate about to swallow CUB owner Millers. So have a beer and polish the Veedub and feel good about helping pay some German grandma's pension. No "austerity " there.

We need subs and warplanes to attack what with? Mosques in Australia? The nature of warfare has changed. The weapons we're investing our hard-earned cash into are useless against the enemy we face.

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Turnbull more and more is coming to resemble Kevin Rudd - all cheery smiles on the surface, pandering to populist public opinion, but an incompetent, smug, arrogant, useless, wasteful tyrannical fool behind the scenes.

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