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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... but it's about to get a lot harder

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Federal Government is slowly dismantling the Green rorts promoted under Gillard... it was a very expensive three years. Union heavies may have “gifted” the top job to a known communist crook but she then needed to sleep with the Greens to keep it. The ALP looks back on the marriage with dismay as it now tries to divorce itself from the wreckage of that unholy alliance.

Let’s face it, the Greens (who make the ALP look like far Right fascists) are a malignant group entrenched in the States of Tasmania and South Australia, coincidentally the only two States that have had their economies systematically trashed.

Tasmania’s Lara Giddings faces a dilemma. The ALP needs to sever all links with the destructive Greens to have a hope in the looming State election but, depending on the outcome, she may have to do a Gillard and allow the foxes back in the henhouse.  The ALP hasn’t yet learnt its lesson in integrity.

The carbon tax is a Green initiative Gillard initially wanted no part of. It is the devil’s trident of treachery. One, redistribution of income, two, destroy a minerals based economy and three, provide the UN with the finance to impose a one world government.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation was the Greens’ cherry on top and it was gifted ten billion dollars to finance crazy green concepts that must have first been rejected as unviable by the private sector.

The Greens rushed as much of the $10 billion out the door before the last election. A tsunami of money for schemes, like in the previous post, was available to anyone who typed in, “ a result of global warming” at the base of their mission statement.

The ALP needs to shit or get off the pot. It can’t continue to revile the Greens prior to an election only to embrace them after.

Bill Shorten should know by now, if he is to get into bed with the Greens, he had better stock up on some heavy duty condoms.   


Hell yes. A world socialist totalitarian government in charge of poverty stricken crumbling cities, rife with crime and anarchy where industries and economies have been destroyed by Green policies. This will certainly be the Green utopia unless the bastards are stopped.

The Greens operate on two levels. One is the private one they don't mention openly - destroy Western economies by crippling manufacturing and destroy Western culture through control of language (PC crap), the media (pushing lies), the judiciary (weak sentencing of violent crims), dumbed down education and open border immigration (creating anarchy by importing lots of crazy islamists and crims). The public level is the false image they promote as so called protectors of endangered species and "the planet". Most sensible people see through the BS and lies but much of the youth, sadly, has been conned and indoctrinated.

Julia was the best Prime Minister in the history of this country and only because of the marriage with the Greens was she able to obtain good governance. Have a look at states under Greens control and you will see a utopia that most of Australians want to live in. If you havent been following the news you will see evidence of catastrophic climate change, cyclones, floods and droughts. Only the Greens can save Australia and that is why we want to make sure that denier speech is outlawed so that real science can be heard. We need to ensure teachers teach the progressive science to the next generation and ensure that old fashioned views are rubbished if we want to survive. I dont want to live in a world where sea levels rise by 100m.

The “revolution” in Libya was anything but a popular uprising. The “protestors” that overthrew Moammar Gadaffi were in fact al-Qaeda terrorists who had been unleashed on the country by the CIA under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama,

And, who is Carmel Tebbutt married to? None other than the regular patron of the Thai-Me-Up, rug and tug joint, at Marrickville.

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Arcy. Don't you dare tell me which side I'm on. Who the hell cares. Has it occurred to you that I don't take sides because I hate confrontation. So don't go putting me in any slots because you've made a decision on my behalf.

OR and SG have feelings whether you want to believe that or not. You are ganging up on two women and that puts you all very low on the decency scale. Whether you like them or not is beside the point.

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