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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s a credit to the jury system that Gerard Baden-Clay has been found guilty of his wife Allison's murder and no reasonable person could have found otherwise on the evidence. 

His extramarital affairs should not have been taken into account other than to support a motive, and indeed they appeared to do that.

But extreme sympathy should be reserved for the children. They woke up one morning and their mother had gone, within a short time they were told she had died in awful circumstances, no goodbye, no smile, no mother’s touch or one final hug, only a few cold photos to cling to. 

The extent of the trauma suffered by those children is incomprehensible and they must have sought comfort in arms of their father. 

Then the funeral and horrible people started to suggest it was their own father who had killed their mother, another stake through their little hearts. 

Of course their father would have denied any role in their mother’s death, and they would have believed him because they would have needed to believe him, he was all they had left.

But then the nightmares kept rolling on... their father was arrested. 

Their grandparents now needed to care for them but unfortunately their grandparents believed their father was guilty of their mother’s murder and although they would have tried to insulate them from the accusations, kids know.

Their confused loyalties must have been unbearable. The inescapable television reports, the overheard conversations, their friends’ repeated parental opinions, the newspaper headlines and cruel social media.

Then the final blow, the unthinkable... proof that their father did indeed kill their mother. And a moment later he was gone too. The children had just lost both parents in the most horrific of circumstances in one fell swoop. 

It’s always the kids who need to pay for the selfishness of one parent. 

Gerard Baden-Clay, in a conceited, cowardly rage, did all he could to ensure his innocent children would suffer for the rest of their lives.

And that’s the penalty of guilt he will never be able to seek remission or parole from.


It will be even sadder if Clay walks, the law will force them to go back to him and I assume runaway or suicide may follow this site shows skin grafting and disproves Baden Clay's razor scratch, it's interesting

When GBC was pronounced GUITY, he just vibrated and wept, whereas most innocent people protest their innocence, whether guilty or not. GBC did not show normal behaviour of an innocent person

Anyone who shaved with the old Gilette razors knows that cuts came from the ends of the razor blades. Bic produced the first disposable razors where the ends are covered and that stopped cutting. A blunt razor will only cut half way into a hair and painfully pull it out. A blunt disposable razor as GBC used will NOT remove the epidermis, such removal of epidermis is by a fingernail scratch and will bleed profusely for a while. In the GBC trial GBC had his children around him but NO mention of BLOOD and how he stopped it and how the children reacted

Allison's car was about 6 weeks old and she regularly carried 7 children, filling all seats. The car was used every day to transport her children to and from school. How likely is it that Allison left her blood in this NEW car ? Surely she or her children would have cleaned it up. Perhaps her father in law should have cleaned it as he likes cleaning. It seems to me that both GBC and his father didn't notice the blood from transporting Allison to Kholo Creek as it was a moonless night and GBC had a busy morning explaining Allison's scratches on his face.

Albert you are into the details. When it's all circumstantial evidence you have to be. sooooo careful. My son worked on the Sing murders and asked to be taken off the case and, because all the evidence was circumstantial, it was frustratingly slow and he could see himself stuck on the one case for years. Some police like that, but become obsessed in the end.

An examination of Allison Baden Clay's insurance policy will show what causes of death are excluded and that may tell us why GBC didn't call an Ambulance if they had a fight and why the body had to be disposed of for a payout on the policy. It seems to me that GBC followed the rules for collecting on the life insurance

They lost both parents and ALL of GBC's relatives who are still publicly claiming GBC is an innocent man, a family cut in half

GBC will be the NEW soap collector in the showers

Only the old razors cut, with the introduction of the Bic razor with guarded ends, cutting ceased. Old razors will only pull out hairs and after 1 month they're impossible to use

A sound sleeper had debts up to 1 million and mistresses that he had to keep apart, NOT LIKELY

If Baden-Clay walks free or perhaps is charged with unlawful killing he may claim the full insurance, it depends on the wording of Allison's life insurance contract

GBFC criticised Allison for her depressions yet he didn't confess the depressions were probably due to him shagging all the women in the office

Twinkle, the Police know in 90% of cases the husband did it, GBC used Allison's car to look for her, it was just an excuse to keep her engine warm because the Police would have noticed it was used and returned after midnight. Cuts that remove the epidermis and no blood, not possible, the children were there as he cut himself. Defence wanted the cuts (fingernail scratches) not used for evidence. The law is so crooked it protects criminals. The 5cm diameter impression on Allison's chest is probably GBC knee as he suffocated her, pressing her head into the lawn to collect the 6 types of vegetation. These cases take time, the Sydney triple murder took about 11 months and the Sing killer knew how to clean up DNA, it's easy

Albert High. the only thing I can tell you is that my son said the day after she went missing the he had done the deed. Theywere positive. from the minute he was in the frame he was watched like a hawk. The most telling thing was that they never looked for another perp. Same with the Sing murders. I'm no expert but I wouldn't be worried by the Appeal.

Changing surname would be a good idea because that name will haunt them forever

Baden Clay's 000 call to Police there were few pauses with an ''um'' added. In the Ch9 interview there was some stops but NO ''um's''. During the trial no ''um's''. During the trial Clay often chuckled before a deliberate lie. Body language is normally consistent but interrupted by fear when telling lies

Police know in 90% of cases, the husband did it. He called insurance company before and after the death and before a body was identified at Kholo Creek. For a sound sleeper his phone sure was active that night

His Defence did not want any evidence about the razor cuts allowed, the jury was not to see them

Twinkle, more information for Allison. You may be aware evidence for the trial must be approved, GBC said his wife (Allison) went for a walk, not true, Allison's friends say she doesn't walk, she has a treadmill. After 6am GBC told his children their mother went for a walk and probably fell down a hole and won't be back (from Police interview)