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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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... because no-one has told them otherwise

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


The discussion about Islam in Australia is very rarely a discussion about Islam. Commentators and politicians usually get bogged down in name calling along with tangents such as who are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Muslims. It is time to cut through the rhetoric and actually have a debate about the ideology known as Islam.

Craig Laundy made some very public and very questionable comments recently. He claimed that people who speak against Islam are ‘not well-informed’ or ‘plain wrong’. He was heavily criticised by some in the media and when publicly challenged to a debate he went strangely silent.

Social media however went into overdrive. Hundreds of people left comments on Mr Laundy’s Facebook page encouraging him to debate his statements on Chris Kenny’s Viewpoint program on Sky. Many on Twitter demanded the same thing. He ignored the invitation and said nothing.

The newly promoted assistant minister for multicultural affairs took a condescending tone towards voters and yet refused to defend the divisive comments he made in a public sphere. This week in The Australian he was given an opportunity to write a column and instead of addressing the legitimate concerns of constituents he ignores all criticism and decides to lecture us all about the strengths of cultural diversity. An entire opinion piece about the merits of multiculturalism and not once did he mention the word Islam.

Last year Waleed Aly criticised Tony Abbott for not talking about Islam. He was also challenged to debate it publicly but ignored the offer. I offered to debate him and talk about Islam since he rarely does. Anne Aly, the ALP candidate for Cowan in WA and counter terrorism expert also refuses to engage in the debate.

Most Australians agree that multi ethnic integration has been exceptionally successful in Australia. Greeks, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians and so many more have integrated and enriched our great nation. The problem however has arisen with multiculturalism.  Multiculturalism is divisive and encourages separation. It also results in censorship where criticism of values that are not compatible with Australian norms is practiced. We have a rich and wonderful tradition in Australia of being able to critique, analyse, satirise and discuss all and any kind of ideology; from Christianity to Nazism to socialism to communism to fascism and atheism. And yet we now find ourselves unable to vigorously and honestly discuss the ideology of Islam without being shouted down or censored.

It is time to ask the sincere and obvious questions.

The Quran, we are told by Muslims, is the inspired word of Allah given to the prophet Mohamed. The Hadiths are the circumstances, stories and accounts explaining the commands given in the Quran. It is the Quran, Hadiths and example of Mohamed that define Islam, not the people who follow it.

Have you read the Quran? I have and it greatly concerns me and many Australians that there are Muslims who take the commands literally.

Thankfully though the majority of Muslims in Australia do not take the Quran literally. We can be very grateful they reject the example of Mohamed when it comes to rape, slavery, terrorism, and child marriage. However, it is concerning that many followers of Mohamed endorse and subscribe to the misogynist attitudes and practices that result in women having to wear oppressive clothing against their will, be chaperoned by a male relative when they go out or endure the horrors of FGM or forced and arranged marriages – sometimes under age. The Pakistani government recently refused to ban underage marriages as it would be ‘blasphemous’ and go against Islamic teaching.

We can all be utterly relieved that the majority of Muslims disobey direct commands such as Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them".

We can analyse the Bible another time, which has been done ad nauseum, but the basic and most profound difference is that the violence in the Bible is descriptive and limited to events in a specific time and place. In contrast, the violent passages in the Quran are prescriptive and are for all followers of Islam regardless of the time and place. Yes, there were peaceful passages to start with but the law of abrogation in the Quran means the later passages supersede the earlier ones. The harsh reality is, there are many Muslims taking these verses literally today and are in fact ‘striking terror into the hearts of unbelievers.’

In fact in countries such as Saudi Arabia it is government sanctioned and religiously endorsed. The same cannot be said about passages from the Bible.

When it comes to devout followers of Mohamed how does anyone know who will be next to become more devout, pray more, visit the mosque more and take the texts literally? Who are the true Muslims? The ones who modernise, westernise and reinterpret the texts or the ones who take them literally?

It is important to ask all citizens in this country, “Are you an advocate of one law for all?” along with “Do you condemn and reject all aspects of Sharia law?” The reality is many aspects of Sharia law have crept into our society already.

Craig Laundy, the associate minister for multiculturalism needs to account for some appalling practices that are going on not just in this country but in his own electorate.

What is he doing to protect the women and vulnerable young girls in his electorate who are forced to wear the burqua or niqab against their free will?

What is he doing to protect the women in his electorate who are not allowed to go out unless they are in the presence of a male relative?

What is he doing to protect the women in his electorate who agree to Sharia law style mediation in custody and inheritance matters that are contrary to Australian democratic law? The woman always comes off disadvantaged in such arrangements according to Sharia. Many Muslim women do not understand the freedom and equality they are entitled to under Australian democratic law. Others may understand but fear being ostracised by their community or even punished if they step outside Sharia practices.

Immigrants who represent persecuted minorities get very little attention here in Australia. They have suffered greatly as jihadis have butchered their family members while shouting Allahu Akbar and quoting passages from the Quran. We owe it to them to have a reasonable and rational debate about the ideology of Islam.

They have fled here to find safe refuge only to find they are censored and discouraged from talking about their experiences. Many say, “Where else can we go?”

Will we be a society that encourages honest debate or will we self-censor and adhere to Islamic blasphemy laws that demand we do not criticise Islam or the prophet Mohamed?


Kirralie Smith is the Director of Halal Choices and NSW Senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance


I love that Black Comedy show on SBS TV . It's the best . But imagine how funny it would be if they mixed it with a Muslim Comedy show , together . I can see it now ............ " Hey slut , what slut , what dat shit you wearin slut , dat my burka slut . Don't you bin makin fun of my new burka slut or as soon as I bin pinish dis holy port plagon I gona make puckin jeehad on you , slut ."

The most damning evidence that Halal Certification is nothing more than a fraudulent scam is when Easter eggs need to be Halal certified...WTF...just goes to show how wrong this is and how pathetic the west has become to allow such an atrocity. As everyone here would know these barbarians don't even celebrate Easter or any other Christian festival but are happy to steal money from those that do...

It should be easy to pick them out in a police line up. THAT'S THE ONE, THAT'S THE ONE, THAT'S THE ONE, on and on and on.

And then there's the stooge movement , the feminists with their flawed ideology. You know back in the 60s and 70s would burn the bra as a symbol of their oppression but today are too gutless to critisize the burka. They've devolved into a bunch of frustrated lesbians trying to push their homosexual agenda into our living room lounges. Mostly because they're fat and ugly and have to take it out on someone.

Muslims in Switzerland DEMAND Cross Be Removed From Swiss Flag Because It Offends Them. ............ WHAT!?
Muslims in Switzerland are demanding that the white cross be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.”
The Muslim group behind this idiotic demand known as the “Secondos,” began a nationwide campaign in October to urge Swiss citizens to change the flag to something that is “less offensive” to Muslims.
Gatestone Institute reports:
The proposal to change the Swiss flag has been met with outrage across the political spectrum and is sure to fuel anti-immigrant sentiments in Switzerland.
Sylvia Flückiger, a councillor with the conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP), said the demands are: “Totally

Today is International Womens Day. Why aren't all the feminist activists and social justice warriors discussing this? Muslim women should be liberated from the burka and all other forms of islamic oppression. Ban the Burka.

As a master fan of Irony, I find an almost perverted irony in the fact that Muslims have escaped from shitholes throughout the world only to attempt to turn their new homes into shitholes. Now it seems they are being aided and abetted by Politicians and other assorted persons of questionable character in this quest. Let us be quite clear on something, this magical book they possess is what turned their countries into shitholes and now we are expected to embrace it. Give me a farking break. Never before in any history that I have read have people financed their own demise. The greater majority of Muslims don't work, have heaps of kids, as do their kids. (but hey don't tell anyone, it could upset them), all born to hate our way of life.

I am very very curious what makes a counter terrorism expert , are these judged experts on what they have read or what they personally know of terrorists and if the later to be true could they be seen as being one themselves if they know so much of those they report on ?

If Laundy believed that he was in real danger of losing his seat, and an ALP heavyweight offered him the ALP endorsement, he would switch parties in an instant. Laundy is no conservative. He's just in it for himself.

Laundy is himself the problem! He expects us to better understand islam and it's religious requirements, Muslim's themselves make no attempt to conform to the customs and laws of the country they adopted. Laundy is a disgrace, how his father could condone his son's stance also casts doubt on his father's standing in the community.

Gosh Kirralie, you haven't once mentioned how much islam has given the world. Here, for your edification, is a list:

Look at the Mongol Empire. Employing terror tactics that became one of the largest empires this world has ever seen. The brilliant Ghenghis employed horrendous mass slaughter and enslaved en masse women and children and I would hate his guts if he were alive today. One of his pet hates was Islam. After his death, the great Mongol Empire was divided into Khanates. All but one of the Khanates became Muslim because each ruler took Muslim wives and ended up becoming tolerant to their beliefs. Now each each Khanate, other than a small One in Mongolia, is a Muslim Khanate. How did a religion on the verge of extinction overcome its invaders? Tolerance, multiculturism and pussy whipped leaders.

At the next election my concern over islamic immigration, lack of integration, sharia law, halal certification, FGM, culture and ideology takes precedence over "There has never been a better time to be an Australian."

Marco Polo, 750 yrs ago, said that the militant Muslim beheaded the infidel while the moderate Muslim held the victims feet.

Another great contribution Kiralee. I think you are on the right track to use Laundy as a target. Keep it up. Keep applying the pressure. He will give in unless he loses his seat.

You Kirralie are an articulate and very intelligent lady who the illiminate can't pigeon hole as a nut job as they did with Pauline H. People who get in their way seem to have heart attacks or car accidents. Please be vigilant and perhaps you should buy a large heavy 4 wheel drive. We don't want to lose you. And of coarse your post is absolutely correct.

Kirralie has referred to what is rarely discussed - that is, the strength of the pressure upon Muslim women to conform to socio/religious requirements of their faith. Now, I realise that many Muslim women deny that they succumb to such pressure - & that their conformity is voluntary. However, social workers see another side to the story when they encounter women who confide the truth. In any case, the threat of non conformity in social and familial ostracism would be immense.

I have just come across this in Rense: The "religion of peace" is in the news yet again, this time for a new rule (fatwa) allowing Muslim men to EAT their wives if faced with starvation. Barbarians!

According to several Middle East newspapers, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh has created a sensation after he issued a new fatwa which permits a man to eat his wife in the event that he is afflicted with a severe hunger and fear of starving. He can now, according to Sharia, Islamic law, eat parts of her body, or eat the flesh so that his hunger is satisfied.

The Mufti of Saudi Arabia said that this is evidence of the sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband and her desire to become one with his body.

This fatwa created a sensation on the social networks and in particular on Twitter, in which the Saudis are active users. Many have expressed shock over this fatwa, calling it cannibalism.

The Mufti also issued a fatwa a few weeks ago which said that marriage of minors under the age of 15 years is permissible, stressing that so far intentions to discuss the issue do not exist.

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia is the head of Sharia Law, and the fatwas he issues are to be followed by Muslims around the world.

There has not yet been an indication of which parts the husband should eat first or what recipe to use, such as sautéed onions or garlic.

(For those who may be wondering, NO, this is NOT satire.)

The Obama Whitehouse spokesman has said that the mass killing of Christians in Syria and Iraq is Not genocide, that it hasn't reached that point yet.

I don't know if this joke has already been told here, but the three women in the picture were asked why they always walked several paces behind their husband. They replied, "Landmines"