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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


In 2012 Imam Habib Bewley delivered a Khutba (sermon) about the rort of Halal Certification. This Imam is from the Jumu’a Mosque of Capetown in South Africa. An “African Mosques” website says, “The Friday khutbas of Shaykh Habib Bewley are a source of education and guidance for the local community and beyond, with hundreds of people attending the Jumu’a and thousands accessing them through the website of the Mosque.”

In his sermon Imam Habib Bewley makes many of the points that Australians who are against halal certification also make. He explains why halal certification is NOT a requirement of the Qur’an and how it is actually damaging for most Muslims.

I wonder if anyone will accuse him of being a racist or a bigot for opposing halal certification?

He says, “What we are here to talk about is the presence of such an industry, for it clearly runs counter to a number of essential governing principles of the Deen (sharia).

"The first of those is that everything is halal until there is some definite proof that it is haram, as is indicated by Allah’s Words:

“It is He who created for you, everything that is on the earth.

“Everything on the earth for us to make use of is halal, except for what Allah and His Messenger tell us is haram. But halal certification works on the exact opposite principle... that everything is haram unless it is declared by them to be halal.”

So straight up this Imam proclaims that certification is actually against Islamic Law.

He goes on to talk about halal certification agencies that claim to have the only true or correct interpretation of halal, “They are expressly forbidding businesses, shops and restaurants from purchasing goods from sources other than those approved by them. And, by extension, they have declared all non-approved goods forbidden, haram. They do exactly what Allah commands them not to do. Allah says:

 “You who have iman! do not make haram the good things Allah has made halal for you. And what Allah has made halal for us is far more broad than these certifying organisations would have us believe.”

For example white milk is halal already, no certificate required.

In the recent Fleurieu debacle they were concerned about losing business because only a white milk that has paid certification fees is acceptable. There is actually no change to the product, processes, etc except that a fee has been taken from a non-Muslim business and transferred to a Muslim one.

White milk is not haram according to the Qura’n. No fees necessary.

This Islamic preacher goes on to affirm that meat slaughtered and produced by Christian or Jews (and many others) is actually halal. They are known in the Qur’an as people of the Book.

“For example, Allah says:

 “Today all good things have been made halal for you - the food of those given the Book is halal for you...”.

He goes on to say, “So, all of their food is halal for us, except for what Allah has expressly forbidden us such as pigs, blood, and animals which have died on their own or been strangled or killed by a blunt instrument. This is the position of many of the great a'imma and was that of the Prophet who himself ate the meat of the Jews without questioning them as to how they slaughtered it.”

No certificates or fees required!

Imam Habib Bewley is not happy with the amount of money being exchanged in this rort either. Many Australians feel ripped off that they have to pay to have an Islamic religious ritual imposed upon them. The ironic thing is that Muslims are also being ripped off.

“And, furthermore" he said, "as we have seen by the recent debacle, the stamp is far from being a foolproof determinant of whether something is halal or not, for it can, unbeknown to us, be forged and transferred from one product to another. And that has been done on numerous occasions for the corporations who buy these stamps the sole interest is in the bottom line - scruples do not come into it.

"If they can do something that will make them more money and open up a new market, and they think they can get away with it, they will do it. Indeed, it might be said that the existence of halal stamps has caused Muslims to consume a lot more haram food than they would otherwise have done.”

The following statement reminds me of the head of the Halal Authority of Australia who boasted on a national television program that halal certification has made him very rich, a millionaire even, and he uses the money to buy his wife shoes.

“No matter how God-fearing the current crop of ‘ulama may be, the system they have put into place has opened the door fully for other less principled individuals to take advantage of. And, that is something that is already happening in other parts of the world where halal stamps have knowingly been granted to products later found to not be halal at all. And it is happening here, with the desire for profit getting in the way of common sense, and stamps being sold to be affixed on products such as water, tooth picks and black pepper. This is a clear misuse of the system.”

It is a long sermon but well worth reading. It confirms that the only real winners from halal certification are the certifiers themselves. This Imam is not alone in condemning the system. On the Official Website of the Office of his Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani” it states:

“The writing [on the package] has no value at all. If the producer is a Muslim or it was produced in a place where Muslims are in the majority and it is not known that the producer is a non-Muslim, then it is permissible to eat it. But if the producer is a non-Muslim or it was produced in a place where Muslims are not in the majority and it is not known that the producer is Muslim, then it is not permissible to eat it.”

When asked if fish is ok to eat this is the answer on this website,

“There is no problem in buying it from Muslims or non-Muslims; as there is no problem in eating it, if they are satisfied that the fish was caught by the method mentioned above and that it belongs to the category of scale fish.”

No certificate necessary! Yet companies like Tassal Salmon boast about paying these unnecessary fees.

One of my favourite quotes comes from a writer on the Islamic website “Muslim Oasis”

When discussing the absurdity of halal certification on pet food it is noted,

“Is this what is supposed to be integration? No. It’s a money-making scheme that means we neglect our individuality for the sake of cheap imitation whilst the owners try to convince us that we are advanced and modern whilst they count their change.

"What does Allah have to tell us about the use of his words in order to earn money?

"Of course this marketing phenomenon is not a new custom amongst Muslims though I suspect that its current use is somewhat innovative. Allah said that using His words for financial gain is not permitted – yes that is right, misusing the term halal to make money is in fact not halal at all but haram!”

So are we really racist or bigots for opposing halal certification?

According to these Muslims we are completely justified in our concerns.


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