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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... but it’s there in the ballot box and it’s screaming for attention

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There will be post mortems everywhere from the wise scribes including an hysterical Andrew Bolt and all are essentially right; the vacuum is fast filling where very few once dared to tread. This election was all about Islam but no-one was (is) game to mention it.

For those Aussies who are concerned that Islam is attempting to screw our Aussie culture into Bedouin barbarity, only one name registered on the way to the polling booth... Pauline Hanson’s. She has helped fill the long-standing vacuum on the Right of politics, and others like her have contributed to a Senate that can now effectively snuff out the Libs, the Greens and Labor as a Senatorial force.

To speak of the threat that Islam thrusts on every nation it infects is not Kosher. Well, not until now. The person the major Oz Parties fear most has been let loose by the fair dinkum Aussie voter and she will not take shit from anyone any more, media included this time. The “please explain” gotcha tag the media dogged her with is gone and forgotten.

The Hanson vote actually exceeded the Greens’ vote in her home State. The Labor primary vote State-wide fell by a record three per cent, as One Nation's vote jumped above 20% across Queensland. 

This time Tony Abbott cannot orchestrate a gaol term for her and she will not come to the aid of either duplicitous major Party to help form government. Pauline is her own girl and will remain a viable force to be reckoned with despite all those who are sharpening their knives preparing to again pierce her heart. 

Ironically the Libs assisted her by preferencing her over Labor in the seats that mattered... the very party that was instrumental in gaoling her. Work that one out! Pauline was considered less of an electoral threat than Bill Shorten! Hmmm, maybe not!

This time Pauline Hanson will defy media’s taunts of “bigot” and “racist”, she will do what world leaders retreat from... calling Islam out for what it is; a vile dogma that encourages and defends the slaughter of innocents and works to develop a caliphate that the EU could only dream of. Fair Dinkum Aussies have said, “enough is enough!”

Islam is taking subservient cowards of the Left for a ride. Islam is depleting our welfare budget and draining our coffers of the hard won taxes that rightly belong to Australia’s needy. Labor is not only supported by the unions, Islam is now a critical part of Labor’s existence. If you don’t believe that then count the seats that Islam has silently infiltrated as a bloc for Labor with up to 22 per cent of the vote in one electorate alone.

We can thank Tony Abbott for stopping the Islamic invasion by boat. But an unknown 50,000 are already here courtesy of Gillard and Rudd plus 100,000 “visa overstays” we have no intention to round up, but it’s all too late, the rot has set in, they are already embedded here and in almost every nation on earth.

On weekends, after Friday prayers, excited Islamic Jihadists stream from mosques with instructions from Imams to maximise the killing of non-believers. The reward for killing infidels over the Ramadan period is increased ten-fold, so the suicidal Jihadists declare.

But more important is that Left Governments like Obama’s, Cameron’s, Merkel's and ours actually believe that Islam is a “religion of peace”, and they foment the disease further by supporting their (and our) destruction with limitless taxpayer funds. 

Just look at this partial list supplied by a Post contributor:   



Islamic Guidance Society of Australia Inc. Melbourne
Cyprus Turkish Islamic Community Of Victoria Inc. Ardeer
Islamic Malay Australian Association Of NSW Arncliffe
Alandalus Islamic Association Inc. Auburn
Al-Faisal College Limited Auburn
Australian Islamic Cultural Centre Inc. Auburn
Islamic Association Of Western Suburbs Sydney Inc. Auburn
Islamic Relief Australia Auburn
Islamic Science Culture And Art Association Sydney
Islamic Society Of Mackay Inc. Mackay
Islamic Society Of Ballarat Inc. Ballarat
The Hills District Muslim Society Sydney
Turkish Islamic Association Of Qld Bundaberg
Islamic Society Of Darwin Inc. Darwin
Dawate-E-Islami Inc. Sydney
Islamic Council of New South Wales
Islamic Association Of Monash Mosque Melbourne
Australian Islamic Social Association Inc. Melbourne
Dandenong Turkish Islamic Cultural Society Inc. Dandenong
Crescents of Brisbane Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Social Services Agency (I.S.S.A.) Inc. Sydney
Islamic Medical Association Of Queensland Inc. Gatton
Al Noor Islamic Association Sydney
Green Valley Islamic College Sydney
Al-Rachad Islamic Association Incorporated Sydney
Islamic Help Australia Sydney
El Sedeaq Islamic Society Melbourne
Islamic Society Of Holland Park Inc. Brisbane
Werribee Islamic Centre Limited Melbourne
Horsham Islamic Welfare Association (Hiwa) Inc. Horsham
Islamic College Of Brisbane Limited Brisbane
Australian Islamic College Perth Inc. Perth
Keysborough Turkish Islamic & Cultural Centre Melbourne
Muslim Funeral Services Ltd Brisbane
Bayt Al-Zakat Australia Sydney
Islamic Women's Welfare Association (NSW) Sydney
Lebanese Muslim Association Sydney
Muslim Women Association Sydney
Islamic Development Organisation Inc. Sydney
Islamic Education Institute Inc. Sydney
Islamic Society of Lutwyche Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Society Of Melbourne Eastern Regions Inc. Melbourne
Islamic Society Of Geelong Geelong
Islamic Society of Mareeba, Mareeba
Islamic Centre Of Newcastle Newcastle
Oromo Islamic Resource Centre Inc. Melbourne
Australian Muslims Fund Inc. Sydney
The Turkish Islamic Society Mildura Inc. Mildura
Al Sadiq Foundation Ltd. Melbourne
Suburban Islamic Association Sydney
Canberra Islamic Centre Inc. Canberra
Islamic Alawi Centre Of Tasmania Inc. Hobart
Islamic Association Of Launceston Inc. Perth
Australian Islamic College Of Sydney Sydney
The Newport Islamic Society Inc. Melbourne
Noorul Islam Society Perth
The Albanian Australian Islamic Society Melbourne
The Regional New South Wales Islamic Centre Inc. Orange
Islamic Society Of Darra Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Society Of South Aust Inc. Adelaide
Redfern Islamic Society Inc. Sydney
Islamic Society Of Queensland Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Centre Of Ryde Inc. na
Islamic Education Institute Incorporated Sydney
Islamic Cultural Centre of Brisbane Ltd Brisbane
Islamic Women’s Association Of Qld Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Practice And Dawah Circle Inc. Sydney
Islamic Council Of Queensland Incorporated Brisbane
Islamic Society Of New South Wales Sydney
Australian Muslim Volunteer Network (AMVN) Sydney
Australian National Islamic Library Canberra
Toowoomba Islamic Charitable Trust Toowoomba
Townsville Islamic Society Inc. Townsville
The Trustee For Islamic Shia Council Of Queensland Brisbane
Muslim Charitable Foundation Brisbane
Newcastle Muslim Association Incorporated Newcastle
Islamic Centre Sheikh Albani Incorporated Sydney
The Trustee for Saarban Islamic Trust Sydney
Australian Federation of Islamic Coordinating Council Sydney
Islamic Charity Projects Assoc. Inc. Sydney
Muslim Aid Australia Sydney
Alzahra Australian Multicultural Islamic Ass of WA Perth
Bonnyrigg Turkish Islamic Cultural Assoc. Sydney
Islamic Association of Bunbury Inc. Bunbury
Cairns & District Islamic Cultural & Building Trust Cairns
Broadmeadows Turkish Islamic & Cultural Centre Melbourne
Sydney Turkish Islamic Culture and Mosque Assoc. Sydney
NSW Islamic Social and Cultural Association Inc. Sydney
Arrahman Islamic Centre Inc. Sydney
The Murray Bridge Islamic and Islamic Cultural Ed Murray Bridge
Albanian Islamic Society of Dandenong Inc. Melbourne
Al-Tawheed Islamic Association of WA Inc. Perth
Alice Springs Islamic Society Alice Springs
Alsalaam Islamic Society of Western Australia Perth
Ashfield Islamic Society Inc. Sydney
Association of Islamic Dakwah in WA Inc. Perth
Auburn Islamic Community Centre Sydney
Australia Bangladesh Islamic Council Inc. Melbourne
Australian Bosnian Islamic Centre Melbourne
Australian Islamic Assistance Organisation Inc. Sydney
Australian Islamic Education Board Inc. Sydney
Australian Islamic Mission Incorporated Sydney
Australian Islamic Social Association Inc. Melbourne
Bangladesh Islamic Centre Sydney
Blacktown Islamic Association Sydney
Bosna & Hercegovina Islamic Society Melbourne
Australian Islamic Forum Melbourne
Biloela Islamic Society Ltd Biloela
Central Coast Islamic Cultural Centre Ltd Wyong
Islamic Museum of Sydney Limited Sydney
Markaz-Ul-Ilm Centre of Islamic Learning Limited Brisbane
Islamic Society Of Gold Coast Inc. Gold Coast
United Muslim Residents Association Melbourne
United Muslim Migrants Association Of Victoria Inc. Melbourne
Al Ansar Islamic Association Incorporated Sydney
Australian Islamic College (Kewdale) Parents And F Perth
Bosnian Islamic Society Perth W.A. Incorporated Perth
Dar Al Shifah (Islamic) Inc.. Perth
Furqan Islamic Association Of Western Australia In Perth
Islamic Council Of Victoria Inc. Melbourne
Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia Inc. Sydney
Islamic Education & Welfare Association Dandenong Melbourne
Islamic Path Radio Australia Limited Sydney
Islamic Society Of Belconnen Canberra
Islamic Society Of Illawarra Sydney
Islamic Society of Victoria Melbourne
Malek Fahd Islamic School Limited Sydney
Southern Districts Islamic Institution Building For Claremont
The Charitable Islamic Association Of Beirut City Sydney
The Newport Islamic Society School & Education Bui Melbourne
The Trustee for Moorooka Islamic Charitable Trust Brisbane
The Trustee For The East Preston Islamic College B Melbourne
The Trustee For The Foundation For The Islamic Mus Melbourne
United Ahlusannahwal Jamaah Islamic Council Inc. Ambarvale
United Australian Islamic Association Inc. Perth
Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited Sydney
Al-Mustapha Institute Of Brisbane Brisbane
Australian Iraqi Muslim Society Inc. Sydney
Brisbane Muslim Burial Services Brisbane
Muslim Care Sydney
Victoria Myanmar Muslim Community Incorporated Melbourne
Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia Sydney
Canberra Muslim Community Incorporated Canberra
Muslim Global Aid Limited Sydney
Muslim Organisation Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast
Muslim Welfare Society Ltd. Sydney
Muslim village Incorporated Sydney
The Muslim League Of NSW Inc. Sydney
Aman College Ltd Australia
Imam Ali Ltd Kemps Creek
Croatian Islamic Centre Inc. Melbourne
Islamic Society of the Australian Capital Territory Canberra
Mareeba Islamic Society Mareeba
Panjtan Society of Victoria Melbourne
Muslim Association of Riverina Wagga Wagga Inc. Wagga Wagga
Perth Mosque Inc. Perth
Albanian Moslem Society Shepparton Inc. Shepparton
Muslim Aid Limited Sydney
Afghan Community Support Association of NSW Inc. Sydney
MAA Local Sydney
MAA International Sydney
Muslim Women's Council Melbourne
Trustee for Muslim Charitable Foundation, and many pages more...

Not only do these highly profitable Islamic “charities” pay no tax, all donations are tax deductible and they all have their hands out for Government (our) money in the form of billions of dollars in grants. These “charities” are used to funnel our money to Islamic causes overseas, including terrorist organisations. This is done via a cunningly circuitous means and is explained in detail in the Halal series opposite.

                                   We need to send enemies of Australia a message

It seems there are very few of these type of “charities” run by the Greek, Italian or Irish communities we have lovingly adopted, only Islamic communities who hate us. Now why is that? Pauline Hanson knows why, and she has the ovaries to say it.

When the dust settles I believe the One Nation Party and others concerned over Islam should align to form an unassailable force. My suggestion in the past was met with a firm “no” by all.

But soon egos must be set aside for the greater good, after all the ball is now rolling and the Senate belongs to neither the Greens nor a major Party. The time will soon be right to negotiate unimportant differences and form a Party, any Party, that will save our children and grandchildren from Shariah law. 

But not yet. Wounds are still open, scars need more time to fade and egos will need to contract in the face of the daunting job ahead.

         Hanson is not a racist and nor are we... we just love our country and our children 

Like-minded people who can augment a highly successfully entrenched One Nation are truly Aussie people, good, decent people, who have a dream to share with others. For the first time a truly Conservative voice is an indelible part of the Aussie political landscape... as a group we shouldn’t lose this opportunity to harness it and nurture it.

Does the Party name really matter? Not really, although it would cost a billion dollars to re-brand a name like One Nation. It’s the movement as a whole that matters, and it should be enlarged,

... and the sound amplified to pierce the tin ears of the Left. 


i am a religionist

This dog TURDBALL will not support Pauline Hanson, who has more care for the survival of AUSTRALIA, while this DOG insults AUSTRALIANS about being islamophobic and is willing to prostitute himself to the DOG Wilkie who will SELL OUT AUSTRALIA for his own benefit. Can't wait till his electorate is crying foul as they economically DISINTEGRATE and become taxpayer funded recipients and the bleeding economic parasites that this GRUB supports.

Now can somebody publish the companies the names of the companies that pay the Halal EXTORTION MONEY. and their products. I will certainly be boycotting them, along with many others, and unless these organisations fight back then EVERY PRODUCT I PURCHASE will be coming from overseas and if it means Australian companies go bust - so be it. Unless they fight back to regain AUSTRALIAN control, SO BE IT.

Two 50-year-old men charged with 'raping a 10-month-old baby girl in her own home' are extradited from Victoria to appear in court

Two 50-year-old men are charged with raping a 10-month-old baby girl
They have been extradited from Victoria to NSW to face the charges
Alleged sexual assaults happened in baby's Bathurst home in April 2014
Police also allege the pair filmed the sexual abuse of the 10-month-old

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Xenophobia, racism and bigotry, this article's got it all. Entertaining reading, thanks Larry.

Kirralie Smith NSW Senate Candidate ALA
12 hrs · · World News · Politics · Spiritual

Islamophobia is not the issue - the hate speech and incitement to violence promoted by the Islamic texts are the issue.

There is NO threat from concerned Australians when it comes to wanting to discuss the text books for terrorism. All we want to do is confront, expose and stop the hate speech.

The Islamic texts on the other hand are full of hate speech that command followers of Allah to slay, slaughter, rape, enslave and execute unbelievers. The reality is many Muslims obey these commands and take what Allah supposedly says literally. That includes entire Islamic governments and home grown jihadists here in Australia.

The contempt and disdain displayed by these politicians and in particular the Premier of NSW is appalling! Islam is not a race! Subjecting ideologies to critical analysis is not racism! The inverted moral posturing is disgusting and dangerous. Apologists for Islam, and the appeasers like Mike Baird had better wise up because enough is enough and extremely normal Aussie citizens have had a gut full of being spoken down to on this issue.

Islam is divisive.

Islamic texts are full of hate speech.

Islam is full of bigotry.

Get real Premier, this is not a joke. Ramadan has been a festival of bloodshed around the world and by the way - where are the women and children in all of this?

Where Next for the Coalition?

John Howard, invoking his status as an elder statesmen, could do both his party and the country a huge favour by placing a quiet call to Malcolm Turnbull and telling him that he simply cannot remain as leader, either in government or opposition. After that it gets trickier

THE Grand Mufti of Australia has just proved that Pauline Hanson is right to feel threatened by Islam in this country.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammad has written an astonishing letter warning that to criticise even a gay-hating imam is to risk inciting terrorist attacks against us.

His inflammatory letter perfectly demonstrates why Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a fool to hold an Iftar dinner for the Mufti and other troubling Muslim leaders during the election campaign.And Turnbull’s dinner — shown on all TV news bulletins — may explain why Hanson’s vote on Saturday was so high, helping her to win as many as three Senate seats on a strident agenda that includes a call for a royal commission into Islam.

More Australians might now support Hanson’s call when they read the Mufti’s letter, which to me conveys an implied and sinister warning: that to criticise a Muslim cleric is to criticise Islam itself and risk death. Shut up or else.

I ask: is there any leader of any other faith in this country who could suggest something so intimidating to stifle discussion of his ideology and the lethal radicalism it inspires?

The Mufti’s letter did not receive the coverage it badly needs, having been issued in the final frantic days of the election campaign.

In it, Ibrahim, our most senior Muslim cleric, defends a fellow guest at Turnbull’s Iftar dinner, Sheik Shady Alsuleiman, and warns against criticising this bigot.

The Mufti’s defence of Shady is itself significant, because Shady in his online sermons has attacked Jews, called on God to help “destroy the enemies of Islam”, declared the punishment for adulterers “is stoning to death”, damned Christmas parties as “worship of Satan”, declared the Australian Government is oppressing Muslims and accused gays of “spreading all these diseases” through “evil actions that bring evil outcomes to our society”.The Prime Minister was mortified when alerted to some of his honoured guest’s views and said it had been a mistake to invite Shady.

But, as I wrote at the time, Turnbull promptly tried to befuddle you again about Islam.

He pretended the Sheikh was just some lone crazy: “It is also wrong to seek to define the views of all 500,000 Muslims because of the opinions expressed by one person, by one cleric.”

In fact, Shady isn’t some two-bit ranter from some obscure mosque. He is actually the elected president of the Australian National Imams Council, representing the imams who actually preach the Islamic faith in Australia.

And now Grand Mufti Ibrahim confirms that Shady is indeed the authentic voice of Islam in this country and those of us who criticise him are inciting — almost inviting — young Muslims into terrorism against us.

You doubt he could write something so reckless and threatening? Something that so clearly suggests his faith threatens the liberties of Australians, and possibly even their lives?

Well, let me quote him.

First, note that the Mufti confirms that Shady’s teachings are authentic expressions of Islam — and that the Mufti does not disown them.The Mufti instead defends Shady as having merely explained a “religious ruling” of Islam, although it’s unclear if he is referring here to Shady’s reference to stoning adulterers or gays being wicked people who spread deadly diseases.

Next, note that the Mufti confirms that far from being just “one person, ... one cleric” unrepresentative of Muslims, as Turnbull suggested, Shady is “one of the most active imams”, a “successful mentor to the youth”, a “moderate ... widely accepted among people of his generation”.

Note that the Mufti describes Shady as part of the Muslim touch-one-touch-all whole, such that criticisms of him are “attempts that seek to divide our society and discriminate against certain individual people ... because of their religious beliefs”.

Note, next, the Mufti’s inflammatory cries that Muslims are being persecuted — even terrorised — when Shady is criticised.

“Media outlets in Australia have been engaged in a type of terrorism of ideas against those who disagree with them,” the Mufti writes.

“This has particularly been the case if the person holding a different view is a Muslim.”

Pardon? To merely criticise Shady is “a type of terrorism of ideas”? To be likened, perhaps, to a shooting of, say, critical writers at a Charlie Hebdo office? And Shady’s rhetoric of hatred is merely “a different view”?


Note that the Mufti then issues a warning that to me risks legitimising the Islamist terrorism he otherwise condemns.

Referring to criticisms of Shady’s teachings by me and others, the Mufti says he believes this “has strengthened terrorist groups”.

The Mufti continues: “The youth might see media statements attacking Muslim leaders and interpret this as an attack on their religion, brethren and wider Muslim community.

“This would lead such a young person to conclude that he is living in danger in this country. And this is exactly what ISIL and its counterparts seek to convince the youth of the world.”

But hasn’t the Mufti himself just insisted that criticism of one Muslim cleric’s preaching is an attack on the Muslim religion and community — a “type of terrorism of ideas”?

Hasn’t he unwittingly just done half the intellectual work of those ISIS recruiters?

Unfortunately, the Mufti has form for blaming the West for Islamist terrorism — which to me seems like blaming the victim. And warning the rest of us.

In February last year, for example, he claimed that the West’s alleged indifference to Muslims and its support of Israel was fuelling terrorism.

“The West is turning a blind eye to the just cause and the suffering of lots of people living in the Middle East and they are blindly supporting Israel and (young Muslims’) reaction to this,” Ibrahim told Seven News.

“They go and join Daesh (Islamic State).”

When Islamic State terrorists in November slaughtered 130 people in Paris, the Mufti once again blamed the West for antagonising Muslims.

He issued a statement in which he warned that the massacre’s “causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed”.

Again and again, whether the Mufti means this or not, the clear inference is that if we criticise Islam or his clerics we risk death.

What free society can tolerate such an implied threat or danger? How can the Mufti not see that the true responsibility for Islamist terrorism lies not with the victims but with the perpetrators — and with the faith which seems to licence them to mass murder?

Finally, note that this is the Mufti that our Prime Minister invited to his Iftar dinner, along with Sheik Shady.

This Mufti’s statement is as clear a warning about Islam as you could get from our top Muslim cleric.

Turnbull and other community leaders must address this with frankness, or else Pauline Hanson will.

The time for evasion is over.

2 hours ago

Hastie presents to me as an honourable conviction politician, a patriot, a nationalist, and a man who goes about his work in good faith and good conscience.

A prime target for the new conservative movement to get behind.

Well in, Mr Hastie.

We thank you for your service to our country.

3 hours ago

This MP new he was in an election campaign fight. The famous 54 pinned their hopes on a night at the opera!

Turnbull experiment is over.

26 minutes ago

Yes the Turnbull blight should be truly over now. Massive narcissistic ego does not make a leader, refer kevin Rudd.

A rising star of the Liberal party has joined in blunt criticisms of the campaign focus on innovation and company tax cuts, saying he threw away daily talking points issued by Liberal headquarters because they did not resonate with “everyday Australians”.

And after The Australian revealed on Monday that Malcolm Turnbull had opened talks with the new kingmakers in federal parliament as counting continues in undecided seats, Mr Hastie said backbenchers must not be excluded from the negotiation process if the Coalition attempted to form a minority government.

“The people of Canning have elected me as their member of parliament and we should have a voice inside the party room,” he told his local newspaper, before declining to speak further to media yesterday.

“If we’re going to go negotiate with the independents, then I have to represent the people who elected me, so my voice has to be heard.”

Andrew Hastie retained his West Australian seat on Saturday with a swing against him of 5.1 per cent. The former Special Air Service captain, 33, holds Canning, south of Perth, by a margin of 6.2 per cent.

Mr Hastie said he realised something was wrong with the Liberal campaign when he struggled to answer a middle-income father’s questions about how the government’s policies would help his family.

“It was at that point I realised that a lot of what we were campaigning on nationally just wasn’t resonating with everyday Australians,” Mr Hastie told his local newspaper the Mandurah Mail, saying his seat was “not going to be the next Silicon Valley”.

“(The father) couldn’t understand the reason for company tax cuts; he wasn’t earning enough to benefit from the increased tax thresholds and he wasn’t an innovator — he was just an everyday Australian who was trying to pay down his mortgage and look after his children and ensure they had a brighter future.”

Mr Hastie’s electorate takes in suburbs where drug-fuelled crime is front of residents’ minds, youth suicide is a recurring issue and the downturn in the resource sector has forced many residents out of well-paid fly-in, fly-out work.

Taking aim at Liberal strategist Mark Textor, Mr Hastie said: “I’d love to ask him if he’s ever been to Canning and spoken to one of my electors.”

A spokesman for Liberal HQ declined to comment.

Mr Hastie’s remarks come after Liberal senator David Johnston, who concedes he is unlikely to be returned to the Senate, unleashed on his party as being “light years away” from relating to voters. “You have got to engage people and you have got to get down on the ground and be a little bit humble and we are losing that a little bit I think,” he said.

Perth and WA is arguably the best city and state in world, why? Because they still have a majority of citizens right of the center.

A pox on the muslims, tree huggers, warmists, feminists, marxists and traitors to the flag. Have I missed any?

One thing that has changed for Pauline is that in the past too many of us stood on the sidelines for fear of being called racist while she fought and was vilified. We let the Howards and Abbotts get away with smearing her.

Now the anger is so widespread and entrenched and the claims of racist roll off us, there are many more people willing to stand with her and there are the Libs like Turnbull who want to attack her have no respect from the base so such attacks hurt them more than Pauline.

If I were Nutt, I couldn't in all conscience put my name to such lame TV ads. They were 100% worthless.

Sharia law is insane, just read it! Dark age ratbagerry.

Excellent article, Larry! Nothing more to say.

Sorry Bruce. Nothing should surprise me these days but I know buggered all about Nutt. I thought he was a joke

Jason Falinski -
This is Turnbull's man -
o' there is nothing like a Captain's pick, it could be said........

Falinski invited Islamist to speak at branch meeting in 2009

Mackellar Liberal pre-selection candidate Jason Falinski invited an advocate of Sharia law to speak at a Liberal Party branch meeting in 2009.
. has discovered an article from the 5th August, 2009 edition of the Manly Daily detailing Falinski’s branch meeting invitation to Keysar Trad, who had previously worked as a translator for the pro-terrorist magazine ‘Nidal ul Islam‘, and was then a spokesman for the infamous Sheikh Hilali.
In 2009 Falinski was president of the Mona Vale branch of the NSW Liberal Party, and invited Trad to speak on the issue “Can Islam and the west live side by side?”. Falinski was forced to withdraw the invitation after the Supreme Court of NSW found that Trad held views “derogatory of Jewish people” in dismissing his defamation case against Sydney radio station 2GB.

In 1997 Falinski became National President of the Young Liberals, and immediately began pushing leftist causes like increased immigration rates, a republic, and an official apology for the mythical ‘stolen generation’. Under Falinski, the Young Liberals passed resolutions condemning Pauline Hanson and opposing Howard Government legislation to protect farmers from ‘native title’ claims.1,2
In 2001, writing for, Falinski endorsed “freeing up” Australia’s borders, and attacked Howard Government plans to tighten the eligibility criteria for refugee status.

In 2002, again writing for, Falinski said the Liberal Party must abandon what he called “populist right wing” stances to stay relevant to the Australian public. Apparently winning three straight federal elections at that point (1996, 1998, & 2001), didn’t indicate relevance to Falinski.
In 2004 Falinski was president of the Wentworth electorate’s Point Piper Liberal Party branch, and he helped Malcolm Turnbull branch-stack his way to pre-selection victory. Falinski called Turnbull’s opponent, Peter King, a “low life of the highest order” and chided him for not sticking up for ‘refugees’ and pushing green policies.3
In 2005 Falinski was the NSW convener of the Australian Republican Movement, and used the wedding of Prince Charles to campaign against the monarchy.4
In 2010 Falinski was a Warringah councillor and put forward a proposal for a ‘commitment register’ to recognise unmarried and homosexual couples. He was inspired by a similar register instituted by Clover Moore’s City of Sydney Council. Falinski said it was “long overdue”. The measure subsequently passed and Falinski was praised by the Greens, but opposed by other councilors who said this issue is no business of local councils.5,6
In 2011, Falinski attacked the then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and backed Turnbull for the Liberal leadership:
“But many will feel the risk with sticking with Tony Abbott is that he can be a divisive figure, taking the party he leads too far right…There’s only small – but measurable – doubt that Tony Abbott would beat [Gillard]. However, Malcolm Turnbull would be a near certainty. That’s why I’ll take early and lucrative odds – just for bragging rights.”