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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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... it can't be left to the politicians

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Are you a good person? It’s okay, you don’t have to answer that question. I already know the answer. Of course you are a good person. You never lose your temper except when people (or inanimate objects) annoy you. You had that girl in the office in tears the other day but that was her fault. She should have returned your pencil on time. You never hit your wife... when she cooks dinner right. Hard but fair, that’s what you are.

Whatever we are, whatever we do, we rationalise it. We always believe that we are the good ones. It is important to all of us that we believe ourselves to be the good guys. When we fight too, we need to believe we are on the right side.

Hitler’s last words were not, “Mein Gott, what have I done!” He actually said, “The German people have failed me”, before blowing his brains out in his Berlin bunker.

I will never forget a conversation I had with my mother one day. I was only a child at the time and we were walking the dogs in a local park. It was a huge, wooded park which now contained a full sized golf course. Mum had been very affected by the war. She often told us stories of the suffering of Allied prisoners in German POW camps.

This particular day, she happened to mention that the park we were in was a POW camp during the war. She was talking about a replica German castle that the German prisoners had made from stones they found in the park (above).

“What? There were Germans here!” I was fascinated. “Weren’t you afraid that they would escape?” I asked.

“Escape,” she laughed, “None of them wanted to escape, they were treated well and had everything they needed. They didn’t want to go back to the war.”

“But why did our people treat them so well when they were treating our people so badly?” I asked.

I will never forget her reply. “That was how we knew we were the good guys,” she said quite matter of factly. At first this seemed wrong to me. Surely we should be seeking revenge on these people who treated our prisoners so badly.

Then it dawned on me. No society will ever be perfect and the people of the Anglosphere are no exception. To belong however, to a group of people who can be so gracious in such a bitter conflict, is an honour and I will never forget it.

The Muslims too, believe that they are on the right side. Not because of careful consideration. They believe it because they have been taught to believe it since birth. They believe that they are the best of people and that we (the Infidels) are the worst of Allah’s creatures.

Allah explains this to Muslims in The Koran, for instance in chapter 3 verse 110 where he tells them:

“You are the best nation ever raised up from mankind; you enjoin the good and forbid evil, and you believe in Allah.”

And in chapter 98 verse 6:

“Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures.”

People tend not to question what they are told from birth, particularly when it benefits them. For Muslims there is the added incentive that questioning Islam is a capital crime.

In the last few years however, two events have shaken things up. Firstly, came the invention of the internet and the smart phone. These tools have given people around the world a ringside seat to almost any event of interest, anywhere on the planet.

Then came ISIS. This group is the embodiment of true Islam. It is the purest form of the Islamic religion and they are keen to show the world their credentials.

With their own social media department, they proudly call the world’s Muslims to the pristine Islam of their perfect Prophet. They delight in showing them the reality of the Islamic paradise on Earth.

Until recently, the idea of an Islamic paradise was only a fantasy to most Muslims. It was a vague concept without much substance. The promises of sensual pleasures, of honour and prestige do not have much detail in them.

Having the reality of ISIS beamed into their living rooms however, is clearly causing some discomfort. Even for Muslims living in brutal Islamic dictatorships, the thought of living under ISIS seems to be keeping some of them up at night.

In fact, some high profile Muslims are now doing what would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

They are publicly questioning the core precepts of Islam itself. They are also demanding answers from their Islamic clerics.

Most Muslims are unfamiliar with the details of their religion and rely on these scholars for guidance. Many Muslims are now starting to wonder why the scholars are not providing these answers.

Muhammad Yaghi, a columnist for the Palestinian Authority daily Al-Ayyam, recently said,

“Some attribute the phenomenon of extremism or the spread of madness to poverty, unemployment, the blocking of the horizons of millions of Muslim youths, tyrannical regimes, and the Israeli occupation.

However, the Islamic State can only be defeated … by destroying the ideological foundations on which it is based and this is the mission of those who claim to be versed in Islam.”

Yaghi is not alone. He is one of a number of Arab and Muslim commentators now wondering aloud why the Islamic clerics are not exposing the “fact” that ISIS is not based on real Islam.

The problem for the clerics is that ISIS actually IS based on real Islam.

Things are about to get a whole lot worse for these Islamic charlatans. Pauline Hanson will soon take her place in the Australian Senate along with three other One Nation Senators. 

Further afield, it looks likely that Geert Wilders will become President of Holland, Marine Le Penn will become President of France and Donald Trump will be the President of the United States.

This new breed of Western leaders will not shy away from exposing Islam. When they do, Muslims will be demanding a response from their clerics. That response will never come.

It will then start to dawn on Muslims that their spiritual leaders have been misleading them. Most likely, they will become intensely angry. Some people think that Muslims become unpredictable when they get angry.

Truth be known, Muslims are extremely predictable when they get angry. I think that right about now would be a great time for Islamic clerics to stop pretending that Islam is a benefit to Muslims.

In fact, I think that right about now would be a great time for Islamic clerics to start applying for citizenship of Greenland.

That trickle of Muslims questioning their faith is set to become a torrent, and then a great flood. When that happens, all of those fools who are currently trying to stop up the holes in the Islamic dam wall will find themselves drowning in a deluge of community anger.

That includes the great majority of our current politicians and mainstream journalists.

There is another lesson to take away from this. For decades now, the left has been waging an ideological “Culture War” on the Western world. They have used a pseudo-scientific technique called “Critical Theory.”

This strategy was masterminded by a group of German intellectuals who called themselves, “The Frankfurt School” (above). These people fled to America from Nazi Germany as refugees. They soon became highly influential in America’s Ivy League Universities.

The sole tactic of this “Critical Theory,” has been to criticize everything the “Western” nations have ever done. They seek to blame us for all the ills of the world and pretend that “everything was just fine until we came along.

In short, they make us feel like we are the bad guys while the rest of the world are the good guys. We are constantly made to feel guilty for all the ills of the world. History is relentlessly rewritten to present the Western World as evil. Our children are now taught in school that we are the bad guys. 

This has had a devastating impact on our cultural confidence.

Slavery never existed until white men came along. No one was ever invaded until the English built a navy. The tribal lands were filled with noble savages living in peace and perfect harmony with nature. Social justice reigned supreme and everyone held hands under the rainbow.

In order to right these alleged wrongs, we are told that we must send ever more money. Unfortunately, the money we send is just never enough. We must always strive to give more.

As well as giving money, we must open our borders to all comers and hand them political control of our countries, courtesy of the democracy we fought for.

Frau Merkel opens Germany’s borders to hordes of Islamic opportunists, hoping to get on the cover of Time Magazine.

“I can’t wait to see a Muslim as Prime Minister of Great Britain,” gushes David Cameron, praying that the far left will finally see him as a decent bloke.

This is a fool’s errand of course.

The left’s outrage is as fake as that of their new-found Muslim friends. Their goal is not to right the alleged wrongs of history. It is to destroy the capitalist democracies and replace them with a socialist utopia.

Marx was very clear about this agenda. Many other socialist and communist thinkers have been equally clear. It’s all about a revolution where the capitalists are put up against a wall and shot.

Freed of their oppression and shackles, the grateful workers will join together in a new utopia. Poverty will be eliminated and the trains will miraculously run on time.

No matter how many times this idea ends in failure, there are always some who remain convinced that “it will be different this time.”

Venezuela, one of the world’s largest oil producers, is currently in economic and social meltdown after yet another attempt to create the much longed for “workers’ paradise”.

Meanwhile, the “Social Justice” clowns want to implement that system here.

When Islam falls over, it will leave the left vulnerable. Our challenge will be to use the momentum this brings to discredit socialist ideology as well as the Islamic one. I believe it can be done. I also believe that, as with Islam, the secret is to expose and explain the ideology in a way that ordinary people can understand.

Perhaps someone could write a book that simplifies left wing ideology and shows it for what it really is.

These battles will not be easy. We are in the fight of our lives to save our civilisation.

While things look difficult right now I remain optimistic for two reasons. Firstly, because I think that the tide is moving in our favour. The information age is opening up the mass media to ordinary people. Since our main asset is the truth, this can only work in our favour.

Secondly, as Henry Ford famously said, “If you think you can do something, you can; but If you think you can’t, you’re right.” We need to believe in ourselves and never, ever give up.

One way you can do something positive right now is to sign I believe the time has come when we will be successful in this endeavour. 

If we are, it will unleash a massive hammer blow of truth to the Islamic dam wall.

Make sure you are not underneath it when that happens.


POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion on September 23 2016?

Harry , I have read your book and admire your work, but you could not be more wrong. This ideology has lasted 1400 years, it will not shrivel and disappear, it must be exterminated, and I don't believe the West has the stomach to do what needs to be done. Islam on the other hand has no such moral dilemma when it comes to the task at hand to succeed.

Oh dear - here we go again. The Donna and Stoney show. Butter would not melt in their mouths. This is fascinating. When is the next court appearance? - will you be providing a character reference Stoney? My computer was hacked! Is that the defense now? I guess you could provide it as evidence for forensic analysis. Where are the rest of the herd?

It certainly would be wonderful if Larry could put a stop to her continually getting back in. It might discourage anyone else of that ilk.

This site is really great when the troll is booted out. I see your claim to motives of pure gold Stoney, but if you came back here just to drag the rubbish up again, we'd probably all like you to go away once more. Permanently. It's funny how enjoyable, peaceful and well this site runs when the troll and her mates aren't a part of it. And to use your own quote: "Now you're dismissed."

IE... thank you so much... have done as you suggested and 'bookmarked'.

Islam is a religion of peace.

Do we really need a costly Royal Commission into Islam? It would appear that we are reinventing the wheel by primarily trying to convince the ignorant apologists and Politicians of the well documented, obvious and proven facts in our daily experience of the political motive and violence of Islam which disqualify it from being a religion. I came across Dr Bill Warner website about Political Islam where he extensively studied Islam and his conclusion is outlined on the front page of the above site. See also the two videos on same page. He also outlined how conservatives like most readers of this website, me included, are comfortable talking among ourselves, yes well informed but unfortunately the lefties are making all the noises in the streets attracting the ears of ignorant media and politician’s and of course the “squeaky hinge gets the oil”. While it’s a waste of tax payer’s money, it’s for a worthwhile cause. However it will ultimately save huge capital draining our tax money by the numerous false “religious” Islamic organisations and halal cheats. Let’s hope that Pauline can get it through the thick wall of leftie’s politicians.

Rather worrying report on the ABC. Thousands of Chinese rally on behalf of China, in Melbourne streets, supporting China's stance on the China Sea. I would hate to think they were Chinese Australians...and am hoping they were just students here on visas. Are we now going to be threatened by China, as well as moslems and socialists? Are the vultures gathering?

WOW, Donna. CS will be pleased to hear that you straightened that out, but I wouldn't count on CS being serious with a comment like that mentioning the "M word". He tells me he has fired all his bullets, the last thing he wanted to do was die with ammunition left in the magazine. I have always wondered why Waldo and CS were binned for such a feeble joke and an equally innocuous response from CS. Seems unfair that CS remains binned when Waldo was reprieved.

ISIS now very active in Turkey . Iran has raised a Govt supported militia of 200,000 trained troops , heading for Iraq , and Yemen. Its getting better all the time . Munitions is the game to be in.

Pete, I asked Concerned Senior about your comment and he said that as far as he could recall he has never "in the company" of Donna Godbolt on line or otherwise. As far as he knows she was just another poster who got sick of being abused by Whiteside.

Yes , Saddler, you be nice to Lights otherwise she and her friend will get together and cry. BTW Lights how come your friend , who always saves everything, never saves the so called abusive remarks from my friend Concerned Senior, he just alludes to them. Maybe you could help him out by checking through your saved files.

yes, it is hard to know who are the most of a threat to our country.... the lefties, communists, socialists, greens or Islam. I remember my dad used to say "they should be shot" when referring to the lefties and communists. I used to think he was joking about the shooting thing. Now I realise he wasn't. He was on the money.

Saddlerdot I couldn't care less what gender you THINK I am. I couldn't care less what you think of me, full stop. And we can all see that the new name, "Pete", is yet another tiresome AND threatening persona of the Donna troll. The trolls should remember everything they post including the threats, is copied, stored safely and passed on to police.

A competent public service is a necessity. It just needs to be slimmed down to the essentials.

Whatever has happened to Christmas Island...once featuring daily, hourly in the news service I have not heard of CI for a very very long time...Why is that. And is it still called Christmas Island or has its name been changed for being nonPC and an affront to the Islamic invaders.

A guy came to my door selling raffle tickets for the Syrian orphans. I told him to get lost. With my luck, I'd win one.

The Govt. and police should stop pretending that if you don’t upset or offend Muslims then they won’t commit terrorist acts here! That is appeasement thinking, not rational thinking! Who’s in charge of running Australia, the police? No, they were too scared of taking action against the Muslim terrorist Man Monis that they were willing sacrifice the hostages and not go in and kill him! The military? No, they are too obsessed with ‘diversity’ and gender equality to get their hands dirty on a weapon! The Govt.? No, the PM would rather host a dinner with known Muslim hate preachers than spend any time with ordinary Australians during the election. Then who will keep us safe from Muslim terrorism? No one. So I guess we are on our own with our mouth muzzled.

NEW TOPIC UP ....A fake whiteman followed by a fake blackman.