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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Australia has never been an "overly" racist country... we have had a few racist townships but that began after the 1960s when the do-gooders wanted to do "the right thing" and allow the indigenous peoples access to the grog... and we all know how that's going.

However, we have accepted many different peoples from around the globe to this country, black white orange and purple people have been made welcome here. Admittedly some did it tougher than others but it built character and helped build a strong nation.

Two things are now destroying our great country; rampant socialism and Muslim immigration and those who favour socialism over democracy also favour Muslim immigration to assist in the destabilisation of our democracy.

What the socialists do not understand is the fact that their Muslim friends will readily turn on them when the time suits. Muslims are not compatible with our current democracy or a socialist style democracy, if you believe that there could ever be such a thing. Socialist/democrat governments in European countries have eventually turned into unmitigated disasters.

The true Muslim can never integrate into our society as Islam, or the religion of peace as they call it, demands that you have one allegiance and that that allegiance can only be to Islam.

The true Muslim believer can only strive for one thing and that is total world dominance by Islam for that is what is written in their Qu'ran or Holy book.

Muslims are not a race of people, they come from many different countries around the globe.

Wishing to protect this country from people who do not have our democracy at heart and wish to dominate the planet with their way of life is not being racist. Using the racist tag against those who oppose Islamic migration to this country is just a methodology employed by the socialists to lure dumb uneducated dickheads to their cause.

Oh, that is so racist! Well no, it's not! All those mums and dads protesting at the weekend are the true Australians who value the democracy that our parents and grandparents went to bloody war to preserve.

The Muslims and predominantly the Arab Muslims who have been welcomed into this country are the only immigrants in history who have pretty much refused to integrate into our society, establishing themselves in large enclaves and demanding that we change our way of life to suit them.

What really gets up my nose is the fact that the socialist morons completely ignore so many historical facts in regard to Islam, most alarmingly the serious trouble large scale Islamic immigration has caused in many large European cities in Holland, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and England.

History shows that Muslims cannot even live peacefully among themselves and that since 1948, 11 million Muslims have died in Muslim-on-Muslim bloody conflicts, and that does not include the current conflicts in Syria and Iraq, which by now would be in the hundreds of thousands.

The simple truth is that Muslims cannot and have not, for 1400 years, lived in peace among themselves. it's an historical fact.

To be honest it would appear that the average Muslim male is at his happiest when he is slaughtering something, animal or human, it does not matter, and if it happens to be a Christian human, then all the better.

Yet the socialist Left says that it's racist to try to protect our democracy from people who are indoctrinated into the most violent, racist "religion" on the planet.

I personally do not care if they are a black Muslim, a white Muslim or a purple Muslim... what I care about is that they are unable and unwilling to integrate into a democracy peacefully.

One thing more for the dickheads... it's a pretty poor indictment on the "Muslim religion of peace", when cities like Sydney have to set up a specialist "Middle-Eastern Crime Squad" just to combat violent Middle-Eastern criminals, and I just wonder how many of those people waving racist placards on Saturday have ever been to places like Punchbowl and Lakemba to see what they're really like. 

Racism! You want to see racism? Just take a visit out there and you will find out a thing or two about racism.

Oh, and if you are a female, do not go alone or you might find yourself concerned over more than just being spat on and called white Christian trash.


Best nutbag, crazy, warped Islamist 'idea' I've heard so far from Iran:

Anybody in and around Northam, that would like to organise a Reclaim Australia Branch? I'm going to ask ALA of I can start a Branch there, so the two could be a symbiotic venture. How do I get interested parties to contact me without stirring up the feral left?

Regrettably all this means is that we will have to make "Reclaim Australia" a weekly event. It'll just wear the "opposition" down and in the end Abbott et al just can't ignore us. Lots of work, but then nothing is gained easily, is it?

At last a bit of sense in our judiciary..... ....
Australian Muslim convert father who married off his 12-year-old daughter to a 26-year-old man is sent to prison after judge revoked his bail

Father of 12-year-old child bride has been sent to prison
Judge has revoked bail of man who married off his daughter last year
The man was convicted last week of procuring his underage daughter for sex
He faces 16 years prison but was free on bail which judge says was 'unusual'
The former substance abuser turned Muslim held his daughter's 'wedding' in the living room of a suburban family home in 2014
Father, 63, advised g

Don, you bloody well hit the nail square on the head...we, as Aussies (who have integrated) have to keep at these Pollies until they accept that we do NOT want Muslim immigration in Australia.

Rev. Hon. Fred Nile ED., L.Th., M.L.C. demands the Government to also include "NON-HALAL" labelling on food.
Rev. Fred Nile declares that, "Australian people are being discriminated against and are being forced to eat food which has been prayed on by the Islamic god "Allah"…
"Christians and non-Muslims are being deceived to pay a tax which has not been regulated by the Government but also in fact, has allowed the Islamic Sharia Law followers to impose its' religion on every Australian citizen.
- This is discrimination against people who do not want to consume food and buy products which has been prayed on in accordance with the Islamic Sharia Law!"
- Australia is NOT an Islamic Nation - citizens must have much more 'NON-HALAL' choice at the super-market.
"I urge the Government to make it a priority to investigate the 'halal industry' and to include clear labelling of 'halal' and 'non-halal' on ALL products and food."
The worldwide 'halal tax' estimate is $2.7 trillion per annum and growing strong,
The Christian Democratic Party strongly opposes the imposing of Sharia Law in Australia, including it’s' 'halal certification'.
The Government must answer to the 98 percent of citizens who should not be paying this unnecessary and discriminating tax, investigate the 'halal' industry and include in its' Food Labelling measures to include clear labelling of 'non-halal' products to all citizens.

This excellent article from a very well qualified Psychologist in Denmark should be compulsory reading for all native-born Australians, other Westerners living in our land and especially all associated with the Federal Parliament in Canberra. Larry might see fit to publish same on his blog:

Piece of crap.. Don't, can't integrate.. Phuque off

Islam has long been a fellow traveller of Socialism in Australia and the western democracies apparently. Explains so much which was previously rather confusing to grassroots political observers. (source...David Flint in the Spectator Australia 24/1/15).

Off topic Haven't been able to get on here. The firewall message up the last 48 hours. Not the new one either. Anyone else?????

Australian Judge Finds Muslim “Cultural Differences” Valid Excuse for Rape....

In the lakes and peaks districts of the UK they have trained volunteer rescuers with dogs who can track and find lost walkers in a very short time. The child was within three kilometres of where he wandered from and should have been found within a very short time. Do the Search and rescue not have dogs? and if so why not?

OT. It is wonderful news that the lost boy has been found, but what perplexes me is why the need for hundreds of searchers. Whatever happened to tracker dogs? in the Lake and peaks in the district

Hmmm. Submitting to Allah to relinquish your humanity and transform into a warrior for jihad. The dogs and pigs must die. Smite their necks and enslave their women. Blood, rape, torment. This Islam is just disgusting and should be universally outlawed. It is anti-civilisation.

NZ is looking a lot healthier. I am thinking about retiring there. We will see!

Is racism about skin colour or about mismatching values and customs and being forced or obliged to integrate. Just say for example you could colour all the people in the middle east White......would "racism" disappear overnight because "we now all be da same colour"? Is defining or understanding "racism" as a difference in skin colour a total misunderstanding of the issue.

Pigs Ass! How can you call them” the Islam the religion of peace”in the Mohammed's Koran sura 9:29 to chop the infidels head?

Agree capac44. It's too bloody late and now if financially able, it's time to abandon ship. Every man, woman or family for themselves ! But where do we swim to ?