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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The lunatic Left springs to Islam’s defence with excuses like, “that bomber must have been a radicalised lone wolf”. “Radicalised” means someone else must have corrupted the poor little bearded bastard. “Lone wolf” means the heinous act he committed is an isolated one and has no relationship to Islam in general. Bloody hell! Please tell me they’re all kidding.

We spray entire scourges of mosquitoes to kill the odd  female that carries the Zika virus, we don’t turn them all over first and lift up their little arses to see if they are female.

Better still, most of us close the damned fly-wire door and simply don’t let them in, any of them, until we know it’s safe to do so. They breed too quickly. Okay, so most of them may not be carrying the virus, but to wipe out an epidemic of anything requires a little collateral damage. 

To the loony Left, sharks are far more important than the people they eat. Greyhounds are far more important than those who make a living from them and Islam is far more important than the hundreds of thousands it kills.

Maybe I’m getting too old to understand modern thinking because when I was younger and foxes were eating my chooks, I started to kill those damned foxes until my chooks were safe. 

Okay, so unfortunately I must have killed a few foxes that were not guilty, but hey, I wasn’t taking any chances.   

All right, so Muslims are people and shouldn’t be treated like foxes, I understand that. The Left demands that you must first catch the fox in the process of eating the chook before you take action. The Left also demands Muslims be afforded the same courtesy. I get that too... I shouldn’t go around killing all Muslims in the hope that one was the bomber! 

So I grow a beard and visit the local mosque muttering allahu akbar and sure enough I will discover what Muslim is next in line for a bombing incident.

Now, I’m inclined to kill that bastard there and then but, despite my latest prognosis, I’m still a law abiding bloke so I report the whole matter to the authorities only to find out that I have been unlawfully profiling Muslims and my report itself violated 18C! 

Golly so what do I do now? Here I am sitting in jail and I have exposed my family to God only knows how many  pressure cookers.

You see, I figured it must be okay for me to try to find out who might be planning to rape my children and kill my wife and me. Nup, it’s not okay! I must be more respectful of foreign cultures and wait until I catch the bearded bastard in the act. 

Even then I must not over react or use excessive force or I will be up on a murder charge.

Perhaps I could adhere to my culture and beat the bearded bastard around the head with a boomerang until he stops breathing, maybe that would be okay! Nup again I’m afraid. You see my culture is of no importance. When it comes to Islam, monoculturalism counts for more and the mono bit ain’t mine.

But since my latest oncologists’ report I’ve become quite creative. I could grow that beard anyway, visit the local mosque singing allahu akbar and discover who the budding Jihadists are and then knock them all off. 

By the time I get arrested and arraigned and I am provided with a court date, I’d be well and truly gone to Gowings! That would stuff them all... and that idea doesn’t apply only to Muslims.

Happy to help if anyone has a list.   


Be interesting to see what the Left's reaction would be if "indigenous Australians" were threatened by, or subjected to, terrorism in the name of Allah.

Yep..... if and when I get my marching orders off of this somewhat confused planet, watch out.

LARRY, Tell me when you are going and I will be there with you,

The Muzzies should march into Saudi & Qatar en masse.

These Green twats are the worlds biggest hypocrites. If you want to have a bit of fun call their Canberra office on 1800 017 011 or email them on [email protected] and ask why, if they truly believe in Islamic immigration, their senators refuse to walk down the main street of Lakemba on a Friday evening without a security escort. They get so pissed off, well worth the effort.

The Greens love Islam, Gays and same sex marriage. The Greens just ignore the fact that Islam is totally opposed to Gays and same sex marriage.

The Greens love Islam, Gays and same sex marriage. The Greens just ignore the fact that Islam is totally opposed to Gays and same sex marriage.

The "Brisbane Line" was only ever proposed as a scheme for the defense of Australia - it was never seriously considered, let alone adopted.

I am still getting over the loss of Christopher Hitchens.

Bless you are a national treasure. Stick around a while longer mate.

Read what I said again, BK. For someone who is quick to lambaste all and sundry for lack of comprehension you need one of your own blasts.

The pensioners will pay so another 19,000 - doesn't matter B.K. ? All these fractions add up. Got any in your neighbourhood yet?

The big lorries ply the Mitchell Highway ..

A going out party would be a big blast .....

(forget about Gowings)

Yesterday the NSW Officially relezsed details of 73 young girls who have been sent t to Mid East and other Islamic countries for Muslim arranged marriage. Rape and Pedophilia of Australian citizens . These girls aged 9 to 15, all gone in the last 12 months.. WHERE WAS THE MEDIA. LISA WILKINSON , HETTIE JOHNSON , A.C.A. THE DRUM , PROJECT. THE SILENCE OF THE LEFT!! . WE SHOULD BE ONTO THIS. LARRY PLEASE PLEASE CAN WE PUT A SPOTLIGHT ON THIS A S A P

I see on this morning's news our leader, it seems, has promised to take people from Central America.

Larry don't do any thing of the sort; just keep on living mate. Hang in there as long as you can...we need you.

I would happily see the mysterious evaporation of all practicing Islamist Jihadists around the world if we could keep one Larry Pickering for a decent amount of time to come. The sacrifice would be truly worth it!

I like the "pink mist' analogy

B.T.W. Don't forget the 15,000 "extra" Syrians that Turd magnanimously dumped on us on top of his over generous existing without asking last year.