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Friday, 19th October 2018

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...but now he needs to kill them

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While the Arab League is preoccupied over whether Julie Bishop will refer to East Jerusalem as Occupied (noun) or occupied (adjective) the terrorists storm on their killing spree south to Baghdad. 

Iran, who now wants to be America’s new best friend and get involved in defeating the ISIS, should be ignored, it has other plans for its old Iraqi enemies and their oil fields. 

America’s new best friend should be Putin.

It was Putin who tried to stem the ISIS onslaught by arming Syria’s Bashar Assad while Obama was busily supplying arms and training to the ISIS via the CIA. 

The world’s “policeman” has been in league with the crooks.

According Jordanian officials the U.S., Jordan and Turkey have been training ISIS terrorists since 2012 at a secret base in Jordan near the town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.

Obama’s dilemma is that he needs to kill them or face a new terrorist mega State within new borders that used to be called Iraq.

The U.S.-imposed corrupt Shi’ite Government of Maliki and his makeshift army, have shown predictable cowardice under fire when facing those American trained terrorists who have now decided to march on Baghdad. 

Islamic terrorists aren't known for their bravery unless the foe is unarmed.

But why should that be a surprise? After all, those same Iraqis dropped their guns and fled when they were confronted attempting to invade Kuwait! 

It seems everything Obama touches in the middle East turns to camel shit. 

In March this year, the German weekly, ‘Der Spiegel’, reported the Americans were training Syrian insurgents in two camps to the South of Jordan. Britain’s ‘The Guardian’ also reported the same information. 

The U.S. Defense Department has since declined to comment on those reports. Hmmm.

A gob-smacking scenario is now unfolding where Kurds, Shias, Sunnis, Iranians and possibly Turks all want to be new best friends with each other to defeat the U.S.-trained and armed extreme Sharia terrorists who are financed by Obama’s old best friends the Saudis. 

And America’s old best enemy, Assad, might even join the fray to make a few bombing runs on the same insurgents who were trying to take his Damascus.... work that one out if you can.

While Obama is hoping he hasn’t trained his ISIS insurgents too well, and ruminates over his non-existent intel, his commanders try to work out what the hell to do because the enemy (if you can figure out who that is) is advancing on Baghdad with its hundreds of Australian Islamic conscripts. 

(All masked of course because they are committing, and intend to continue to commit, war crimes.)

It’s the Islamic madness of Middle East tribal politics we will never understand and should never have been involved in.

Phew, at least Australia’s Foreign Affairs Dept is doing its bit to quell the Middle East firestorm... it is round-tabling the Arab League’s 20 Ambassadors in Canberra to thrash out an agreement on whether “occupied” should be with a small “o” or a big “O”.

Bloody hell, give me a break!


It is fitting that one day after Remembrance Day, when we look to what was handed to us by the Second World War generation, probably the most extraordinary generation of Australians in our short history, we should ask ourselves: are we going to be remembered for handing a similar legacy to our children and grandchildren, or are we going to be remembered as the generation that did nothing about the scourge of gang violence and simply passed it on to them?

In February 2001 when I appeared before the Cabramatta inquiry, I gave evidence which at the time was controversial and attracted the usual claque of ratbags and lunatics from the ABC and their associates at the Sydney Morning Herald as well as that fruit loop Mike Carton from 2UE. I said that this city is going to be torn apart by gang warfare the likes of which we have never seen before. In 2003 I was finally proven right, but I take no comfort from that. However, the criticism I received was unprecedented. I was a nutter, a liar, a racist, a disgruntled detective - but I was right.

Shorten says he will work wif da Government and traditional owners of Australia to free Gresta.

How on earth can you lay the blame just at Obama's feet when U.S Presidents and successive governments along with their NSA CIA and Secret Service have been doing this sort of promoting civil unrest and revolution throughout South America and Asian for many decades. This keeps the USA economy and drug and war machine rolling merrily along. So lets not just blame Obama put the blame where it really belongs the power behind the Presidents Corporate USA.

If a senior member of the Rebels can have his visa cancelled so that he and his sons cannot return to Australia, then the same can be done for the pieces of shit who fly over there (most likely partially paid by dole money) to fight under the banner of a people who say that it is OK to rape kafirs (female AND male).

I don't think it's paranoid to say that the Labor/Green left have an agenda to deliberately weaken the economy in order to seize power as saviours and create a socialist state. All their moves lately are so anti-Australian, be it their stubborn refusal to acknowledge that the Coalition stopped the boats (even though dimwit Marles said Labor did) or their equally stubborn refusal to support the Budget. It's a question of do enough Australians have the perception and common sense to see the problem and vote the rot out once and for all.

Hate to keep rabbiting on, but the leftist caused all this crap!

Maybe Newman wanted to look less Austrian and more Australian:

BR, Whom was making an issue about flag desecration ? Where they genuine or just using that to attack you?

What did oakes and rud do to each other ?

I recall Mike saying on Thursday that he hadn't decided whether to go to Perth for Monday's hearing or stay in Sydney and man his blog... So he just may be organising himself one way or the other...

Ahhh.. I am in love with Putin (its been a long time now even for me!) Don't you just love this?


Why Did He Change his name?

I have had enough of Gillard being in the headlines. She is an evil woman with revolting morals, and had a communist agenda which has put this country back many years. She was never elected PM by the people and her memory should be banished from the records !

Just read News online, our PM has requested an urgent brief on welfare payments to the 150 jihadists overseas. Hope they are cancelled immediately he reads the brief. Let's see if Tubby two twats, Rintoul try and get their ugly faces and whinge about that one. Shine lawyers take it to the High Court.

Today's news all points to Palmer being in deep shit ! Bring it on !

From the NewYork Times Australians living in the United States are accustomed to their American friends passing along “news” from back home about dingoes and crocodiles. Australia’s a long way away, after all. But this morning, something weirdly substantial made the rounds: a fifteen-minute clip of Australian parliamentary proceedings in which Australia’s first woman Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, calls the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, a misogynist, and does so with genuine anger. “I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man,” Gillard said in her opening. “If he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror.”

The occasion of Gillard’s speech, and of Abbott’s motion, was a gem of the gaffe-driven news cycle that American and Australian politics share: the Speaker of the House, a man by the Dickensian name of Slipper, sent texts to a staffer in which he compared female genitalia to a particular kind of shellfish and described a party colleague, seemingly with auto-correct turned on, as an “ignorant botch.” He’s been sued for sexual harassment.

Slipper had formerly been of Abbott’s party, but had left in the wake of an earlier scandal, in effect joining Gillard’s razor-thin majority coalition. Abbott’s motion demanded that Slipper be fired “immediately”—not parliamentary procedure—because the texts were “vile” and “derogatory.” They are, but it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to say that Abbott was more concerned with getting rid of a man whom he had once described as a personal friend and who had become an embarrassment, as well as with chipping away at Gillard’s majority. And Abbott’s past statements on women in public office left him wide open to the charge of opportunism.

Gillard cited a few examples in her speech, such as the time, in 1998, when Abbott answered a magazine’s question about the lack of women in parliament with a question of his own: “What if men are by physiology or temperament more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command?” Or when he suggested in parliament that Gillard should “make an honest woman of herself.” (That Gillard is unmarried and does not have children has long been a source of outrage for her opponents, one of whom described her as “barren.”) It’s not just Gillard who has faced Abbott’s demanding standards: in 2004 he described abortion as “the easy way out,” and as Australia debated the introduction of a carbon tax, Abbott directed his appeal against the proposal to “the housewives of Australia, as they do the ironing.” Abbott has not denounced others who have called Gillard “a man’s bitch” and a “witch”—in fact, he’s been photographed standing next to them, outside of Parliament House in Canberra. Gillard, of course, has her own strategic interests here as well—to keep Slipper on her party’s side—but in the process she got everyone talking about something much more important.

“I was very personally offended by those comments,” said Gillard in parliament on Monday, and her voice cracked a little. Abbott’s agitation against mollusc-related sexism came a week after reports of a preposterously offensive remark against Gillard’s father was made at a fund-raiser for Abbott’s party. Australia’s version of Rush Limbaugh, Alan Jones, said that Gillard’s father, who had died a week before, must have “died of shame” at his daughter’s policies. The remark didn’t even make the papers until a couple of days later; there had been no apparent outrage from anyone who attended the event. Abbott, who wasn’t present, did eventually say that Jones was “out of line.” (We haven’t heard such a blistering condemnation since Mitt Romney conceded after Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” that it was “not the language I would have used.”) Abbott then proceeded to use the same language when calling for Gillard to fire Slipper, describing it as “another day of shame for a government that has already died of shame.”

Abbott’s wife, Margie, gave a speech this past weekend that was seen widely as damage control for the Jones debacle. She said that she was not political, “but just don’t ever try and tell me that my husband of twenty-four years and father of three daughters is on some anti-woman crusade. It’s simply not true.” (In an interview published on the same day, she added that he even loves “Downton Abbey.”) But the fact is that Abbott speaks for a relentless gang of Australians who seem very angry at Gillard, in a bizarrely disproportionate and unpleasant way that suggests the real problem might simply be that she is running the country. Their hatred—comprehensively documented by the Australian writer Anne Summers in a speech given at the University of Newcastle in August—seemed to reach fever pitch around her introduction of the carbon tax this year. Yes, Gillard had introduced the carbon tax despite a promise she made in an election campaign, but—as Summers demonstrates through an ascending series of uglier YouTube clips and protest signs, many featuring explicit pornographic images and the popular nickname “Ju-liar” (first coined by Alan Jones)—what started as a legitimate political disagreement has become deeply personal in nature.

So why is this among the most-shared videos by my American friends today? Purely as political theatre, it’s great fun. Americans used to flipping past the droning on in empty chambers that passes for legislative debate in this country are always taken in by the rowdiness of parliamentary skirmish. It could also be that the political dynamic depicted in the clip parallels the situation in the States: a chief executive who is a “first” took power after a long period of control from the right of center, and whose signature policy achievements have at times been overshadowed by personal vitriol. Or perhaps it’s that we are right now in one of the rare periods every four years where the American political process provides actual face-to-face debate between the leaders of the two parties. After his performance last week, supporters of President Obama, watching Gillard cut through the disingenuousness and feigned moral outrage of her opponent to call him out for his own personal prejudice, hypocrisy, and aversion to facts, might be wishing their man would take a lesson from Australia.

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What will they do when the guns start firung? Discuss the size of the bullets???

Phew, at least Australia’s Foreign Affairs Dept is doing its bit to quell the Middle East firestorm... it is round-tabling the Arab League’s 20 Ambassadors in Canberra to thrash out an agreement on whether “occupied” should be with a small “o” or a big “O”. Ahhh the intellect of our "esteemed " leaders just commands so much more "respect" every day .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!