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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ancient Bedouin warfare was reborn in the Gulf yesterday as the Saudi’s long held hatred for the tiny State of Sunni Qatar bubbled over amid claims of hacking and executions of each other’s citizens. It’s not just another spat this time as the Saudis via OPEC have the major say in total oil production, therefore pricing. And Qatar owns and exports gas from the world’s largest deposits.

There is little doubt that President Trump’s visit and his brash comments lit an old fuse between all those States who want a piece of Syria and Iraq, if not the entire Levant, once the dust settles.

Qatar is largely Sunni and supports the overthrown Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Al Queda and ISIS terrorists. Qatar also boasts media influence in the area via its Al Jazeera network where two separate channels are each dedicated to English and Arabian versions.

                                     The Arab Language channel is not promoted

The headquarters of Al Jazeera Arab Language channel in Doha is an extravagant shrine to slain Saudi, Osama bin Laden, with huge photographs including him on a horse with an assault rifle backed by an Arabian sunset. The entire studio leaves little doubt as to Qatar’s affiliations. 

But Al Jazeera English channel shows nothing of its terrorist alliances. Peter Greste did not understand that his English reporting, when it suited Qatar, was shown on the Arab channel to the Egyptians who promptly jailed him for three years. Peter never realised he was dealing with the devil who was using him for desperate influence in the Gulf.

Qatar's number one enemy is Egypt and it was Greste of Al Jazeera who got the blame for supporting the Brotherhood.

                                            ... and no landing rights for Qatar

But Qatar is about to host the corrupt FIFA’s World Cup in the middle of a Gulf summer and it has other Gulf States nervous over the tiny country’s increasing influence in the region. 

              Newly elected President of Iran, Hasaan Rouhani, cited as a "moderate".

It also has closer than acceptable (for the Saudis that is) relations with Trump’s new foe, the Shia State of Iran, and Iran hates all the same things as does Qatar. And it supports the same terrorist groups as Qatar, including Al Queda and ISIS who are already seeking a new alliance of destruction in the wake of an impending Syrian/Iraq vacuum.

So Trump’s determination to dump the EPA to assist with energy self-sufficiency may be a good move as oil is central to Gulf tribal warfare. But the terms of engagement of warfare have changed since the tented Bedouins' squabbles, now all States have access to modern weapons, no longer do they charge each other on moulting camels.

The only real damage is likely to be a sharp rise in the world's oil price, but even that will not be as catastrophic as it once was.

The West has continued to coddle the Saudi Family and the Saudis have recently taken an emboldened leadership of the Gulf’s task force to help wipe out ISIS. But that is already starting to come undone at the seams. 

The West seems incapable of realising that to kill off anything in the Middle East leaves a vacuum that will incite even greater problems.

Obama supported the 10 per cent of Shia in Iraq and in most States, this led to vicious tribal vengeance against the Sunnis and the Sunnis responded with even more violent paybacks. Trump has stated his determination to castrate Shia Iran's tilt at nuclear capability and that has altered the balance once again. And no-one knows where this one will finish.

Russia’s Putin apparently has greater foresight than the Americans who are fighting for the demise of Assad, because the vacuum that the popularly-elected Assad will leave is a short fuse on a Middle East time bomb that could involve Israel and suck the US and even Russia into another endless war where no-one can be sure of who they should be fighting.

                          Qatari bribery is king when it comes to a FIFA World Cup

Do you seriously believe NATO members, including the US, come even close to understanding corrupt Middle-East geopolitics?

It’s time to get out of that decadent Islamic hotbed of tribal hatred... we have enough trouble with it over here.


No, not trying to mock. I just thought your view of what is important to you or not was not relevant, it's what other's believe and act upon.

I have lots of debates with Muslims and destroy them each time with their own Quran. One recently was on jiyza.

I said "claim". The Talmud doesn't claim to be the word of God so easy to dismiss it as people's opinion. Whereas the Torah, Bible and Quran all claim that status, so therefore worth getting my head around to have conversations with those that believe them to be so. The Hadiths, although not claiming to be the Word of God, are accounts of Mohammed, who Muslims want to emulate, so they fall into that category as well. I want to know their Holy books better than them so They can't get away with their proselytising mumbo jumbo. I get the feeling you guys are looking for things to mock that you are kind of misreading or misrepresenting what I'm writing. Not a good look. Have fun with it, I thought I was going to have a decent conversation with MarkM at least. Oh well....

Have a look at the King of the Saudi's eyes looking at Bazza and the King's guard looking apprehensive .

Hey I can be an idealist, but I do know how to separate that from reality. Whether I believe it or not, is irrelevant to me, a whole lot of people do and they will kill others in that belief.

On the word of God. That gives me great reason to laugh. I've never seen the word of God anywhere. I see a whole lot of humans saying they have the word of God, but it seems that the word of God is different depending upon which group you ask for the real word of God.

Which version was I referring to? All of them. The Vilna (which includes the entire Babylonian, do not sure what's going on there) states "sinners of Israel", whereas Munich and Vatican versions use "Jesus" instead. Why do I not consider it relevant to me? Because it's just a bunch of bitching human opinions. It does not claim to be the word of god.

Babylonian Talmud I was referring to. What Talmud is it you are referencing?

Not sure what you mean, " not relevant to me." What worries me is how many people it is relevant to. Seeing there is a highly prestigious Talmudic University for study in Israel, it does imply to me it is considered quite mainstream and not a fringe study.

He thinks that I don't have a god. He shows his ignorance every day with his insults and his ME god.

Haha ... forgot about that. I don't give the Talmud the time of day anymore. There is nothing in it that I consider relevant. Although, to be fair, the reference to Jesus' punishment is in disputed with other versions saying instead the "sinners of Israel" were invoked, not Jesus, which makes sense of the phrase "they replied", whereas when Titus and Balaam are invoked it says "he replied". But, then again, not relevant to me.

Nope, that's what the Talmud states about Christ, in hell I forgot to add.. The only vagary is what qualifies for excrement.

Hmmmmm.... them sound like Muslim words.....

Tosir - you have an interesting logic - if you don't believe in the sky fairy you must believe in nothing. I would suggest that anyone who hasn't closed their mind and settled for the religious dogma is probably searching for a more plausible truth and is going a lot further than you. Sorry old chap but you are very staid. As long as it works for you, but assuming where other people are at is not a good advertisement for your Christian beliefs,

Concentration camps for muslims on police watch lists.

Have a Chuckle...see the REPLY BOX....

Sorry LP, I just can’t support this diversion of culpability for the Islamic infection we have wrought upon ourselves in the West.
What type of Arabs we are dealing with is not relevant, nor is where they are from, their cultural origins, what religious variants they represent, nor their relationship with each other, all are totally irrelevant misdirection.
They are all ARABS. They are doing what they have always done for thousands of years, tribal warfare, rape, pillage and medieval butchering savagery. It is wrong and malicious to focus on why they do it in our countries because it is what they do in ANY country, especially their own. Do we really want to debate their lack of appreciation for OUR values?
Even worse, by even referring to such issues is simply feeding the progressive narrative that harnesses such issues as mitigation. The acid test is, when progressives try to explain which is the good end of the turd to pick it up by, they are nailed.
Our focus must be on why they were allowed out of their own countries in the first place that they are likewise destroying. Why are we focussing on the “symptoms and mitigation” rather than the “causes and solutions”?
“Another Arab War”? WTF Larry, when have they ever been not at war?
When we eventually recognise that our politicians are not just part of the problem, they are the problem; we can begin our journey back to freedom, democracy, our own values and sovereignty.
Progressives, with the support of unelected swill at both the UN and EU, are not just directing ideological policies; they are inflicting “sanctions” by the unelected against their own peoples.
C’mon Larry, start a campaign to get money donated for “Funeral Lilies and White Feathers” to be sent to Parliament House by the millions, rather than spending money on teddy bears, candles, flowers and solidarity marches. Why “Run, Hide, Tell” whilst waiting for the polling booths to open?

No truer words said by Miranda Devine in today's DT. All the bleating on about Australia being a bigoted and racist country by the bed wetting left and the ABC have spawned the Muslim jihadists on. We have those bastards preaching to these Muslims to become terrorists. And of course that despicable traitor c*nt whom headed up Punchbowl Boys High school. Teachers also have a lot to answer for.

And shit, piss and vomit sailor. I do believe Christ is boiling in his own "excrement". That would include shit, piss and vomit.

There is some claim that facial and other physical traits are readily observable. I agree it's hard to trace anyone's lineage and the further back you go more hazy things become. Not sure if there would be any good samples of Neanderthal for the DNA analyses. I just raised it for another perspective and potential piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Another interesting thing is the diversity of complexion of current day Israeli Jews and their statistic of second highest skin cancer rates in the world. Certainly not a Semitic trait indicating they came from somewhere else. Russian history records their clash with the Khazar civilisation. That starts to tie things together and make a lot of sense of these anomalies.

Where's Flannery when we need him? we could do with some dry weather here in Sydney and a bit of global warming, it's wet and cold! That's climate change.
Shamless bastard, counting the sucker money the fools paid him, I suppose.

O/T....The old drink spiking defence.Check out this vile mouthed trollop ....

I switched over to 24 today and just caught Prince Harry's speech and then left. Some one else came in later and switch back to 24 just in time to hear that creep WWW adding his bloody son-in-law into the same category as those wounded soldiers! Tony Abbott never ever would be so crass as to shove his family into our faces at every possible opening. The Chinese grand-child in Singapore, the other grand-child shoved into some visiting leaders arms in Sydney. Couldn't get his face off the tv quick enough. That horrible son-in-law of his is one of the detractors on this site!!