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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Is the Prime Minister a crook? PART II

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Gillard's old enemies are singing like canaries. They have seen the whites of her eyes and they are moving in for the kill.

Her enemies are former AWU officials and staff. Salivating ex-employees of her fraudster boyfriend, Bruce Wilson. They have a conscience and a clear, corroborated recollection of exactly what went on. They are willing to testify.

Wilson's tenure as Secretary of the Vic. AWU, while living with Julia Gillard, is pock-marked with secret commissions and union extortion rackets inflicted on developers.

Wilson, at the same time he was living with Gillard, was also in a "close relationship" with another woman, attractive AWU book-keeper Marie Murray. (Ms Murray was a respondent in the successful litigation in the Federal Court to have Wilson and others repay $114,000 to the AWU.) The figure was the amount that Wilson had paid himself and others in false "redundancy entitlements".

That Court Order was ignored by Wilson and never enforced by senior AWU Officials.

Concurrently, Wilson was in yet another "close relationship"... this time with Julia Gillard's best friend, AWU Industrial Officer, Robyn McCleod. Gillard, even now, may not be aware of this. AWU staff confirm the tryst.

[At the invitation of Gillard, Ms McCleod, on June 26, 2010, flew to Canberra to join the celebration of Gillard's ascension to Prime Minister. In April of the same year, Gillard was a witness to Ms McCleod's marriage.]

A failed Labor candidate for the seat of Mordialloc (despite Gillard being her campaign manager) McCleod was branded a liar when caught out double dealing in South Australia. At the same time she was contracted to the SA Rann Labor Government as Water Security Commissioner. She later admitted to lying about an improper connection with Canberra.

McCleod had previously negotiated the Melbourne Water/Thiess contract for Wilson. The Commonwealth Bank account used for this little extortion racket was already set up as the "AWU Welfare Account".

This account was a long-standing slush fund union officials used to buy votes in union elections. Bruce Wilson was a signatory to it. It was now to be used for something far more sinister.

Wilson began invoicing and receiving funds from various companies, including Thiess Contractors. Joe Trio, Manager of WA Thiess Contractors and Wilson's brother-in-law, appeared removed from the Victorian scam. One cheque we can identify was for "services rendered" and amounted to $14,000.00, notated as 390 hours worked.

Services were never rendered nor were hours worked but there were verbal assurances given by Wilson to a range of construction companies that there would be industrial peace if certain sums were paid to the "AWU Welfare" account.

Those sums were paid on the pretext of "services rendered". The companies enjoyed industrial peace for the duration of those projects.

Wilson's stolen funds were mixed in with accounts that held union dues. Union dues do not attract tax. They were then withdrawn by Wilson in a tax free bonanza.

Wilson had successfully duplicated his WA extortion racket in Victoria... with the assistance of Gillard.

Gillard had sought ALP pre-selection many times and was unsuccessful, even in marginal seats. Pre-selection committees balked at her shady alliance with Wilson and McCleod, and for good reason.

In Part 3, the story's serpentine plot winds its way to the Office of Prime Minster. Gillard's claim that she was unaware of Wilson's activities will be discounted as rubbish.

Slater & Gordon and Gillard are assisting Wilson in disposing of the WA extorted funds. The ongoing scam has appeared all too easy for too long, now it begins to unravel. Monies are returned to developers in a desperate attempt to cover tracks.

When the proverbial hits the inevitable fan Gillard panics, Wilson does a runner and the hapless Blewitt disappears but not before big name players like Nicola Roxon, Bill Shorten and many others become indelibly embroiled.

The final of many acts is yet to be played out.

This is Ian Cambridge's affidavit. It is explosive and comprehensive and countersigned by Rob McClelland the Attorney General Gillard sacked.


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