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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Despite assuring his followers that he will, Donald Trump announced that he will not pursue Hillary Clinton’s Foundation and her illegal email server. But he had to say that didn’t he, and for good reason, because Obama still has plenty of time to pardon her... absolve her of all blame. If he chooses to do that, the case is permanently closed. So is Trump luring Obama into a false sense of security where Obama himself would avoid being part of any criminal proceedings?

Obama knew of the email server, he corresponded on it himself, and he certainly would have known the reason for its use.

                   Romney eviscerated Trump in a savage attempt to rally the GOP against him

As Trump keeps the White House, the media and the Democrats preoccupied with the apparently astonishing rapprochement between Mitt Romney and himself, the wheels of justice keep silently turning as the FBI continues its year-long investigation into the Clinton Foundation, but not the server. The server was merely a conduit to allow the fraudulent funds to be arranged and received without any “outsiders” knowing.

The Foundation is where the most meat is on the bone.

Trump’s private dinner with Romney last night has shortened odds for his appointment as Secretary of State. The truth is that Hillary Clinton has a better chance of being reappointed as Secretary of State than Romney has of replacing her.

It’s clearly a Trump ruse and Rudy Giuliani is almost certain to be handed the role he really wants, and certainly deserves.

Despite media claiming it’s done and dusted for Romney, it’s a position that Trump would never allow him to have... he is simply giving him an embarrassing and humiliating work-over as payback. 

Romney will be left like an unwanted shag on a rock with not a dime of the spoils to bless himself with.

Recriminations aside, the Secretary of State needs to be of one geo-political mind with that of the President and Mitt Romney is a long way from that with Trump.

The truth is that Trump did not need to pursue Clinton anyway... the FBI's Comey will continue to do that for him and a decontaminated Department of Justice, devoid of a corrupt Attorney General in Loretta Lynch, will see that a Grand Jury is empanelled... and that will necessarily embroil Obama who is now in a very tight corner.

If Obama doesn’t buy Trump’s assurance that he has no interest in “locking her up” he may pardon Clinton to save his own skin but that would be a bad look and yet another fresh skid mark on his already flawed legacy.

If he DOES fall for Trump’s meaningless assurance then Trump’s word will still be kept... he won’t have to lift a finger toward Clinton's indictment, it will all be done for him, and at arm’s length.

There’s a game of chess going on in Trump Tower... and it’s close to check mate.


I received an email, with Trump and odumbo sitting down, Trump looking away, and saying, 'Yeah whatever. Just pack your shit.' It's a ripper. And there was another one with the rapist clinton sitting down with his daughter, saying, 'I didn't rape the ugly one did I?' Chelsea answers, 'Dad, that's Mum.' It's a ripper too. And there's one with the hildebeest behind bars, dressed in very flattering orange, asking the rapist, 'Any word from Trump about that pardon?' And the rapist replies, 'Sorry, played golf with him yesterday and forgot to mention it.' Another ripper. There's a squillion of them.

Thorn: it's a joke, you can have a house worth millions in the cities, north shore etc., and your Capitol gain per year is more than a hard working farmer earns on quite a few acres. Yet the city dweller can get a full pension and the farmer is disallowed and pays monstrous land taxes. I remember reading about this old girl who had a huge block of land with large house, stunning views, living on her own pulling in full pension, she said she wasn't selling wanted to stay put.......ok, why couldn't land be subdivision with her living in townhouse and living off the profit of other townhouses built on site?


One of the most salient features in BK's points of view is that he/she will always agree with the government. You'd have to wonder what it's actual job in Canberra is? Thanks for pointing it out THORN. Duly rectified and apologies to the victim.

BK, the way you treat posters here, ensures every piece of splatted shit will fall your way. You are an unemotional human devoid of any character, personality or endearment. You need a good fucking once again by your Lib poofta mates. Conservatives rule, not the Libs, get that in your head full of shit. Now off to the local CWA for that little cuppa and scones. I'm sure they think you're a hero.

Hillary Clinton is STILL under investigation by the Senate House Oversight Committee for perjury amongst other things.

There are 2 attack dogs in the US Senate that are not prepared to let Clinton off the hook. These are Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy (Tipped for Attorney General) Youtube them. Here is one from Chaffetz stating that they are not done with Hitlary.


People can self flagellate as much as they desire, they can drag down themselves and their relatives as much as they like and it still remains a personal thing...........but when cretins disparage their country and their countrymen on the basis of the fawning accolades of their overseas 'friends', they disrespect their heritage and what this country and its inhabitants have been able to achieve in a short 200 years

No, we're not friends and not about to become even remotely such.

Three acres is the limit in Vic.

Democrats & clueless movie 'stars', read it & weep, best video ever!

Lights !? Really!? Does Mickie Ob really 'Turn you on !?' Pun intended!? Ha! ha! Had couple 'Can-uglies' in my wild days. They are VERY SATISFYING!

few 'shiity comments' here today! Eh?

"I've always found American politics more interesting and colourful than our own. Apathy is such an Australian characteristic. Then again, the socialists seem clever enough to stir up young bloods to do dangerous stunts like abseiling off Parliament House."

"the people I meant were interested in a great many things in which I was interested, like literature, history, art, politics, travel and other people. You can cross all but one off that list for most Australians."

.....................Yep........NO assumptions here......move along...nothing to see....

Is Obama being trumped by a smarter chess player? OH YES!!!

If you're talking about the last two generations then you may be correct.....the generations before?!

The problem with people like you who generalise, is that you......generalise!!...........which is opinion not fact..........yet you pontificate!!.................maybe a return to the States would give you some perspective..............and time for us colonial cretins to prepare for your next round of baseless opinion!!

thanks thorn :)

"Flying I don't believe that most coast dwellers have much understanding of remote areas and the dangers presented by isolation."

I grew up in the NW of WA.....on the coast!! was ALL remote, isolated and unsafe plonker!!

The madness comes in the form of radioactive material leaking from a containment vessel at Tennant Creek could possibly be transported to the East coast water table to be consumed by your's and my children and grandchildren. As uranium in the ground it is a lot more stable but when mined, the tailings and wash waste can travel to totally different areas which may be populated at the moment or in the future. Nuclear reactions in a power station only generate heat to boil water to create steam to drive a generator turbine. Of course geo-thermal or Thorium do not leave a waste by-product capable of making nuclear weapon, therefore of no interest to Governments. So sad!

"Apathy is such an Australian characteristic"

"Sorry, no idea and not much interested either, I'm afraid."

OH.....the irony!!!.............Augusta...the apathetic Australian......maybe a trip to America and a green card application will cheer you up......poor dear!!

....................Uhmm yeah.....thanks for that Lights.....I think I'll put me sanger down now!!!