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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


He has the female trait of never disclosing his age but broadcaster Alan Jones is (or is about to turn) 74 and he’s not going anywhere. Dipping his toe into the gay debate yesterday is absolutely his style after spending his entire life hiding the fact that he is gay.

Okay, so he’s homosexual but he is an old school homosexual who needed to endure the terms poofter and faggot and had always sought and found sexual gratification in the most secure of places.

At functions during the eighties he always made a point of ignoring me as I irreverently used poofter jokes at functions and guest speaker engagements and often in my newspaper cartoons, maybe he was more concerned at being featured on the next calendar.

But nowadays it doesn’t stop him reading on air directly from my articles without attribution. No worries. As far as old queens go he deserves admiration for his tenacity if nothing else.

“When does the bastard sleep”, I asked Singo. “He’s everywhere, there’s never a gig he knocks back”. But Singo was the same... with a dollop more entertainment.

In contrast to Jones, Lawsie off air was lonely, shy and self deprecating. I would fly over to his Central Coast property, down the valley from mine, to see him playing tennis with a machine that shot balls back at him, so I would often land and have a set or two and a drink.

Jones is different, he has a passionate opinion on every bloody thing from fracking to Gillard and Newman with a blood pressure to match, but you don’t need to be Freud to realise he is hiding a huge compartment of his life and maybe, just maybe, he is about to out himself.

His partner, suggested by many to be his live-in butler, would probably welcome an outing too, because I have never seen Jones at a function accompanied by anyone. But who knows what is in his complicated head.

Fairfax and the ABC hate him and snidely refer to his dalliance in a London toilet, where he was set up by two coppers, but he angrily denies that too.

I honestly feel sorry for him in my mellowing age, how can you live a life without being able to openly show affection toward anyone?

The ABC’s Chris Masters alluded to paedophilia probably on the grounds that love letters he wrote to young boys were found in his desk and that he once coached a young Quirindi footy club evoking visions of post-match showers.

Well, that’s unfair, I have never seen him in that light but it’s past time he became fair dinkum with his audience. It’s wrong that he viciously tears others apart while at the same time pontificating on the rights and wrongs of homosexuality and gay marriage without declaring an interest.

Then again “cash for comment” should also require a declaration of interest, but that’s the enigmatic Jones and there will never be another one.

So if you like him, enjoy him while you can, he’s not well.


FFS who cares if he is gay so long as his attention is welcomed by the non groomed above 16? As for Laws? Try being a lost bushwalker asking him on his property for some water. The guy is an arrogant, obnoxious jerk and always was. Jones is there for his political views and he does that well and honestly which is far more than most of those upstairs who may not be gay but are certainly screwing the rest of us far more often and far more worse.

I must admit Alan Jones is the best verbalist I have seen . A long way in front of Laws.

Who cares?

Ok. Source please.

and Keating got pulled up for driving through a red light, and then arranged for a favourable judge to let him off.

In his 1950's polka dot dress??

Would everyone stop using the Homosexuals hijacked reference to GAY in reference to them. Call them what they are in every instance, HOMOSEXUALS. Each time you use the term it consolidates its validity. This diverts from what they plan to change within the community and its standards. regards keating and possible bribery re hilali.......locked in votes for labor for a start from Australian muslims,Indonesia paid Keating about $12 million for his piggery...a vast sum in those days...

Winston...yes I am well aware of the circumstances of Keating allowing Hilali into the country. My point was that Trad was the personal spokesperson for Hilali and always made excuses for him, eventually after Hilali's comments about the Sydney gang rapes Trad did come on morning TV and offered an excuse and apology of sorts for Hilali. Trad being Lebanese and the Lakemba mosque being run by Lebanese who financed Hilali's salary and travel expenses. So regarding Keating, makes you wonder if he accepted a bribe somewhere along the way for allowing Hilali to stay ?

Beattie and Blythe were responsible but took no responsibility

Courtesy of s, this is worth a read:

Funny thing that cash for comment. To this day John Laws says he never understod it.

Well, bugger me. Alan Jones is a turd stirrer. That explains everything.

What was called “Germany’s national vice” was well known in Europe at the time. H.R. Knickerbocker, in his 1941 book Is Tomorrow Hitler’s? said: “It remains characteristic of the Germans, that they — outwardly the most brutally masculine of all European peoples — are the most homosexual nation on earth.” Wilhelm Reich, a renown German psychoanalyst and author of The Mass Psychology of Fascism wrote that homosexuality was the breeding ground of fascism. Susan Sontag once tried to explain the phenomenon of sadomasochism in gay subculture as the “eroticizing of Nazism” and said that there is a natural link between homosexual sadomasochism among sadomasochists) retains points of commonality with the accouterments of Nazi military garb. Coincidentally, the words “fascist” and “faggot” both derive from the same Latin root word, fasces (meaning a bundle of rods).

Alan Jones, Campbell Newman is gone, so why are you trying to destroy the QLD LNP and praising QLD Labor, when we all know that QLD Labor do not have the best for intentions for QLD? QLD Labor is only interested in power, taxpayers money and building militant unions. Please Alan, answer the question. Stop your silly games. If you continue on this route we will all know that QLD Labor are on to you for something.

Again I ask you, Alan Jones, will you ask QLD Labor to halt all CSG mining? Prove your conviction. Ask them.

In Southern Ireland -
"..Currently Principals in state run schools under catholic patronage, can ask parents for baptismal certificates on all new entrants. Without a baptismal cert, parents may find their children may not be accepted to their local schools. The humanist group argue that this is putting pressure on non-religious families to get their child baptised.
Currently, 90% of state run schools in Ireland are under Catholic Church control, giving non-religious families and those of different faiths little choice when it comes to children’s education. The HAI are meeting next week with Enda Kenny and Minister for Education, Jan O'Sullivan, to address these education issues..."

Is this Bart Simpson's illegitimate son?

how about the Death Penalty...that way we don't have to listen to this BS anymore..just like those two executed in Indo

OK Tman, your rubbish isn't as rubbish as my 'rubbish''ll pass on that challenge....let's just stick to facts shall we..for a change

Tman give it another few hours, and I'm sure we'll hear a different version, just like your classic effort