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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Once vanquished, crooked senior politicians are often considered to have already suffered sufficient humiliation so as to avoid criminal charges. Or is it that those capable of initiating prosecution might also need similar such compassion one day?

Donald Trump once promised a special prosecutor “to look into Hillary Clinton’s Foundation” but, as I mentioned here last week, this was one of very few promises he was unlikely to keep. There has always been one law for politicians and another for the electorate. And we are quite familiar with that principle here in Australia.

Paul Keating, Lionel Murphy, Graham Richardson, Julia Gillard and even Billy McMahon, Bob Carr and Bob Hawke were all likely to have been tenants of her Majesty had charges been laid. The judiciary, even Royal Commissioners, are reluctant to follow through because many unlawful acts in Office can be laid at the feet of the judiciary itself.

But hang on a minute... Ralph Blewitt is yet to give his encyclopaedic evidence to Vicpol that will be devastating to Julia Gillard and her union mate, Bruce Wilson, who has vowed to defend her. But let's wait for the plea bargaining stage to see where loyalties lie.

James Comey’s FBI is still deep in a year-long investigation into the Clinton Foundation and intrepid FBI operatives are unlikely to scrap that sort of hard work now that Comey has been publicly crippled.

Both Hillary and Julia would face irrefutably damaging evidence if charged but in Hillary’s case the FBI’s eventual findings would be meaningless as only Trump’s Department of Justice under the Attorney General's Office can empanel a Grand Jury or even issue a simple subpoena. 

Trump has already decided that it will go no further, so that's that.

In Julia’s case both she and Wilson will be dragged into court as a result of the evidence that Blewitt and other witnesses have agreed to provide along with the evidence already provided by associates. 

There is damning forensic evidence sitting on Vicpol’s table right now and there can be no Prime Ministerial interference in our system. Unfortunately there can be judicial interference and we must await that outcome. 

Hillary and Bill are home free except for angry contributors including Australia’s DFAT Office (but don’t expect an official request for a refund from the Stick Insect) who have lost tens of millions in “pay for play” money that now has no “play” component. 

It’s doubtful Bill or Hillary will be able to command $650,000 in future for a brief after dinner speech. Qatar and the Saudis will be very disappointed that they paid millions for favours that can never be reciprocated.

It’s not often that criminals can keep their ill-gotten gains... except in the Clintons’ case. But, you see the Clintons and everyone else in their rort were 100% certain that Hillary, and not Trump, would be President-elect by now.

Gillard’s criminality was a little more egregious than Clinton’s. She stole money from union members to whom she had a duty of care as their legal counsel. She also lied more than once to a Government Corporate Affairs Agency to enable the infamous slush fund to be established... but at the time she had no indication she would be parachuted into the Prime Minister’s Office by the very AWU union she and Wilson stole from. 

An explanation crooks like Bill Shorten and Queensland’s Big Bill Ludwig still owe us.  

Gillard and Wilson’s case is not as clear cut as the Clintons’. Oh, the criminality is clear enough (see PP Home Page) but the penalties are not, and most of the self-enriching funds she purloined in Office are now irretrievable.

Hillary’s pardon is set in stone but Julia’s problem has a little way to run yet. And here is the missing piece in the Shorten and Ludwig connection:   


Typically western governments/politicians (of all sides) are very reluctant to pursue their shady colleagues who have gone off the rails as they are afraid that chasing these crooks will somehow taint all of them with a crooked image . They are all wind and bluster until they get the chance to act , then they freeze up solid. It would seem political animals of all sides of Govt just don't want to do the right thing (or are possibly afraid of "Payback" if another politician has something on them ?)

It's pointless Trump announcing a special prosecutor to look into Clinton's case. Obama would just pardon her. Trump has announced Jeff Sessions as the new AG, and it will be up to him to decide whether or not to proceed with a prosecution, but only AFTER Obama has left the White house. Hillary's not out of the woods yet.

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