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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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...Tony Burke thinks so

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The man leading the push to kill Bronwyn Bishop, Manager of Opposition Business in the House, Tony Burke, is on a winner. Or so he believes. There are few excuses for Bishop’s lapse in common sense and unjustified feelings of entitlement as Speaker of the House, but Tony Burke’s position is no less odious because the vast majority of Australians see radical Islam as a threat... and Tony Burke can’t afford to.

Each of Labor’s two safest red ribbon seats have over 20 per cent Islamic component and are held by Jason Clare (“Blaxland” 22.67 per cent) and Tony Burke (“Watson” 20.25 per cent). If, as most pollsters agree, Western Sydney is now the key to Federal election outcomes, then a vote for Labor is certainly a vote for Islam.

Despite the swing to the LNP at the latest election, all but three of the 15 seats that swing on the Islamic vote are held by Labor with the next election promising a clean sweep to Islam/Labor of up to 21 seats that will be decided by politically aware Islamic minorities.

So it’s no surprise that Tony Burke scorchingly attacked Israel during an address to a pro-Palestinian fundraiser. He joined self declared communist Senator Rhiannon and diplomats from Arab States at the event in saying, “We are here representing the view of the majority of the world”.

Hmmm, not sure about the “majority of the world”, but it was certainly a majority of Muslims in Burke’s seat of Watson.

Tony Burke has catapulted himself on to the list of contenders to replace the hapless Bill Shorten with his unhinged attack on Bronwyn Bishop.

No matter how you look at her brain snap of a helicopter ride, it is not an AFP matter! But Tony Burke is always referring Coalition stuff-ups to the Federal Police and has always been a master of the overstatement... comparisons to Peter Slipper are a bit over the top.

Labor has kept the Speaker’s helicopter story on ice since October last year, ready for a diversion from the worst of the TURC exposures... and you couldn’t get much worse than what is being exposed right now.

The upcoming ALP National Conference is set to become a massive shit fight with gay marriage, Palestine, corrupt union influence, boat turnbacks and carbon taxes (and Shorten) on the agenda.

The far Left has a stranglehold on Labor’s Front Bench, leaving Shorten's Right faction marooned with barely a coconut and no Man Friday.

Advertising agencies are salivating at the thought of producing Coalition ads at next year’s election. It’s a sumptuous feast of material headed by Commissioner Dyson Heydon casting doubt on Bill Shorten’s credibility.

If Bronwyn Bishop’s stupidity has made her position untenable, then Bill Shorten’s position is floating face down in the water with no-one volunteering to administer CPR.

But Bronwyn is also drowning in a case of self harm. I suggested two years ago that she must absent herself from Coalition Party Room Meetings, otherwise every ruling she makes will be seen through a prism of extreme bias. And that’s exactly what has happened... Labor is now determined to have her ovaries on toast.

I suspect the Coalition has sufficient political capital to spend defending her. She will hold on for now, but she must quickly learn the art of disinterest... something Labor’s Anna Burke never did and the Coalition politely ignored it. 

But Labor will never have sufficient political capital to defend Shorten.


It's past time we knew more about all this!

Bronnie did not make a mistake, her actions were and are entirely within guidelines and entitlements as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Not to mention liars, thugs, hypocrites and traitors.

Theos....we know

that misogynist stunt was a political ploy to shaft TA and the sycophantic media went along for the ride. at the point of delivery at the despatch box anyone who thought about it could see for the stunt it was.

Unstable and grossly offensive.

Definitely yet not a peep out of Labor/Islam Party women and feministas...venom dripping harpies in constant screech against Tony Abbott a decent family man..and yet womaniser and alleged rapist Shorten remains off the harpies radar.

During my post luncheon afternoon nap I thought about the anti Dutch sentiments I heard here in WA throughout my childhood and young womanhood and I wondered if it was from colonial times and something to do with the Boer war in South Africa....Boers fighting British.....probably the source.

F is for Fuckwit

Tony Burke (Federal Opposition Manager of Business in the House of Reps) is probably the worst MOB, foreign minster and misogynist since federation. Tony must be taking lessons from some of his local Muslim constituents on how to treat women. His organisation during question-time of his front and back bench to act like a bunch of undergraduate baboons, screeching, giggling and continually disrupting the proceeding of the chamber including his continual defiance of Madam speaker reflect on his character. The current Labor opposition might think it’s funny and juvenile but the rest of us punters take the issues of the nation seriously. You could have imagined the hoo-haa if TA's mob had acted the same way towards "Screeching Anna Bourke".

'Hockey's end to the " Age of Entitlement " clearly does not apply to the Australian Taxpayer funded politicians of what ever colour you choose to follow blindly at voting time.

Rack off Hairy Legs!

MH17 - Western medias rush to judgement suggests the whole thing was preplanned.

"....Paul Craig Roberts: I think they intended for the airliner to be shot down. The latest evidence is that it was shot down by air, by a Ukrainian jet fighter using a missile. This is the best evidence we have at this time. What is suspicious about this is that the instant that the airliner was reported to have been shot down, the entirety of the Western media was already programmed to blame Russia. Before there was any evidence, before there was any explanation, we had all of the Western media blaming Russia - even the BBC, which used to be a respectable news organization. So this suggests the whole thing was preplanned......

I can't believe the apologists from the Anti Racism movement that want to shout down the "Right wing Radicals". Is that our label now because we understand who the enemy is and their subversive lying nature that utilizes our own free ways and food supply to topple ourselves?

Muslims wearing hajabs are the fascists wearing their totalitarian beliefs on their sleeves (or heads) not people wanting an end to the global Halal scam and their perfect book of hate. WTF is going on with regards to the labels of people when the perpetrators are viewed as innocent and the defenders of freedom and liberty are regarded as racist, right winged haters who can't gather in peace without the so called tolerant attacking them. I hope those lefties eyes are still burning in Melbourne.

Get the cockroach spray out for the likes of you 46. Better still a bad heroin jab.

While I totally disagree with Bronwyn's actions, there is a very simple and affective way for her to shut the ALP onslaught down. The tactic has been extremely affective in parliament previously and will almost shuts down the criticism instantly. Bronwyn needs to go and front the media and say "If I were a man, would Bill Shorten be demanding my resignation. The only reason the ALP, Bill Shorten and Tony Bourke are screaming from the hill tops and demanding my resignation is because I am a woman" She can then go on and say "The ALP supported Slipper, Thompson and even Shorten now as well as other corrupt Union delegates for all their corrupt and underhanded activities because they were men, but now a women's actions are in question they want my resignation" That'll Fuck them.

the age of entitlement is alive and flourishing among the Australian Taxpayer funded politicians.

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Labor should realise they are living in a very fragile glass house.