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Saturday, 29th April 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The crack Seals team that killed Osama bin Laden is in training to take out the Zika Kid when ordered to. Should be a piece of cake compared to bin Laden who hid within a stone's throw of a major Pakistani military base. The poor bastard who fingered bin Laden's whereabouts to the US still rots in a Pakistani gaol without his $US20 million reward money. Hmmm, but everyone knows where the Zika Kid is.

A pre-emptive strike on the Kid himself will leave his joke of an aging military running around in circles in their ill-fitting uniforms trying to find someone who can take over who the Kid hasn’t already murdered.

Forget sanctions, they only hurt his already starving population. The gout stricken Kid, like Putin, will still enjoy his Goût de Diamants Champagne and Beluga caviar. Selectively bombing North Korea’s infrastructure will likely leave 50 million South Koreans exposed to a nuclear attack with at least 200,000 lying dead in Seoul and maybe Tokyo.

                                   Why buy a dog if you intend barking yourself

Trump’s newly liberated Generals will already have plans in place to shove a Mother Of All Bombs, up his fat flabby arse to suck every last vestige of oxygen from the air up to a mile around, or put a bullet in his ugly head while he regularly masturbates over child porn... and surprisingly either course will be with the agreement of China. 

Kill the Kid first in order to leave his dysfunctional military heading for the hills.

There is no-one who can assume leadership among his sycophantic band of fools, he has murdered anyone, including in his own family, who remotely appears to be foreman material.

Only when the Kid is dead, can unification of the Korean Peninsular begin. Tear down the DMZ and allow starving Koreans to flood south to a world they didn’t know existed. And allow South Koreans to flood North to where estranged families still wait. A united Korea will then become a shining Asian light within the region.

                                     Children slave their lives away in the fields

      The Kid has announced to his starving peasants that dog is their new super food

North Koreans have been convinced that the colour red is actually can their “Dear Leader” and 25 million chanting peasants be wrong? Indoctrination since birth has twisted the minds of billions including the world’s practising Muslims. 

It’s time to lift the covers and expose the pitch.

If the US can snuff out the Kid’s latest ICBM, which it likely did, he too can be snuffed out. He is no Gaddafi, Hussein or al-Assad... he is a spoilt brat encased in a delusional world of self-imposed grandeur only he is addicted to. His “generals” will never support him simply because many are in fear of execution.

Obama's terms of engagement left the enemy safe and his soldiers in peril... any sane person could be forgiven for believing he was batting for the other side  

The Zika Kid cannot be mucked around with. Take him out and his dynasty goes with him... we have more important tyrants like Turkey's Erdogan to worry about.


The ALP’s Tanya Plibersek is blessed with a look of honesty and ability and a presence which has propelled her to the position of Deputy Leader of the ALP so I expect to be sending this out as a reminder that she is no angel in just the same way her leader is no saint.

How many of us know THE TRUTH?

Labor’s Tanya Plibersek, is married to a convicted heroin drug trafficker, Michael Coutts-Trotter.

Plibersek has come out recently stating: “’In 1988, my husband left prison after being charged and convicted of a similar crime to these young men. Imagine what would have happened if he had been caught in Thailand instead of in Australia where that crime was committed, where he was coming back to Australia.”

Tanya Plibersek is from an immigrant family, is currently the Labor Party’s Fede

The former bus driver with a "crook back" just proves time and again, once a dutch pig, always a dutch pig.

“North Korea is depicted across U.S. and European media as a backward nation run by a despotic, delusional leader encircled by advisers suffering from irrational, militant paranoia. The nation is also depicted as a prominent security threat in Asia-Pacific despite North Korea waging no wars in the region since an armistice in 1953 effectively ended the Korean War.
“…..What if, then, North Korea’s allegedly irrational paranoia was well-founded?
As former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s health deteriorated, the United States and its regional allies began planning quite openly for an opportunity to overturn the North Korean state. U.S.-based think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), would publish a 2009, 60-page report titled, “Preparing for Sudden Change in North Korea,” in which scenarios for the full-scale invasion, occupation and subjugation of North Korea were laid out.
The report included recommendations for an invasion and occupation force it called a “stabilization force,” of up to 460,000 U.S. and allied troops.
Considering that, by 2009, the United States had already successfully invaded, occupied and destroyed the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, it would not be “irrational” at all for North Korean paranoia to reach new heights.
The missing ingredients Iraq and Afghanistan had in facing U.S. invasion were substantial defence programs that could deter U.S. aggression. North Korea’s possession of increasingly sophisticated nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles means that the price, each year, rises for any attempted implementation of the plans included in the CFR’s 2009 report.
For North Korea and its ties with Beijing, it is only a matter of time before a certain threshold is reached where US invasion and occupation is all but impossible. After this threshold is reached, it is likely that pan-Asian geopolitics will displace the U.S. almost entirely, if not entirely from Asia-Pacific.”

Patriot. I have been booted a fair few times BUT i have only changed names once from Stone Cold to Stoney. Reason being i wasn't hiding from anyone here that threatened me, abused me and tried to hack my computer. I never ever ran away from hadenuffin because he and marigold put up Jenny F details and plastered it everywhere which i called them out on. So if that makes me a troll for standing upto them then so be it. All i ever asked was to stop the shit, they couldn't.

Failed again patriot.

Hahahaha, you're finding Vivienne in just about every poster who might say something agaibst you.
I've said it before, GET SOME HELP

Lol, thanks dotty, love you too.
I do hope Thorn reads this, he might be able to work out who the real patsy is.

Thorn I don't honestly know who the offenders are as they were new avatars and deleted by Larry, You bought into this with your slightly sarcastic post. I have tried to explain my feelings about the language which was gutter filth and defence of those that are subjected to it and that includes all good posters on this site.I've been here for several years, same avatar, My advice is no whistle blowing, no finger pointing and be aware of laden(full of it) talking wheelie bins Also be aware of recycled products who's only claim to fame a one line, "Hard hitting comment." I bid you adieu!

Oh dear, it looks like you may have scored yourself some of those drugs dottie !

Welcome back dotty

Poor thing, and they call me a SOOK !

IE The reason you don't understand what is cruel and what isn't, is because you lack empathy. That is unfixable! Either you have it, or you don't.

Patriot doesn't need you speaking for them! You are the one deliberately causing the spats and Larry knows it! NOW. KINDLY. GET. LOST.

How was that cruel, crikey, your ' friends . told me this was an adult site and I should grow up. just because you called me demented and a bedwetter and an old fool, they also call me a pedo and accuse me of lots of things I haven't done.
You see, that was the point Patriot was trying to get across when he said this :
" t's not the rebuttals or the opinions that I object to Stoney. It's when they start chucking the filth and the personal slime that i get annoyed "
People will always have " spats " on this site, but it's the disgusting vile abuse that needs to go.

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If Larry booted me out I would not be back, unlike you IE, who continue to come back time and time again like an unwanted cockroach!

Just because someone doesn't understand my posts doesn't mean they are dumb. And so what if they are? This is not your site IE!


That was another cruel and personal attack for no reason IE.

No Nation on Earth has dragged its citizens from poor peasant farmers to a modern high technology country faster than South Korea ... it really happened "overnight" in a handful of years.

And who made this possible ? ...... Australia .... yes Australia

Meanwhile the communist North has impoverished and enslaved a brainwashed population.


Man crushed to death in north Qld accident - ?1 hour ago?

A man has been crushed to death between two concrete pillars in an industrial accident at a north Queensland concreting business. Emergency workers were called to Ingham Rd in the Townsville suburb of Bohle at about 11am on Thursday, but the man, ...


All these accidents were meant to be prevented (what with risk assessment and so on)

Workplace Health and Safety costs enormous dollars to the community ... and the accidents continue unabated at the same rate as it always has ... nothing has really changed

So ... has the system failed ? .... or .... Are the workers breaking the rules ?

Noticed how the real trolls ( the controllers ) stayed away, if I had started this thread we'd have had an other ten or so altars attacking me......... Now now Prickly, I do NOT hate you or think you are dumb or stoopid....... I just think there are times you put up dumb or stoopid posts. We all do, you just happen to do it more than others.