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Friday, 19th October 2018

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... and it is claiming Iraq as part of the old Persian Empire

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The US Administration has provided Iran with a pathway to nuclear weapons hoping that within ten years Iran’s population of 80 million, of which 70 per cent is currently under 35, will rebel against the religious old guard and create the "flower power" and "ban the bomb" era of the 60s in the West.

It’s coming, with open defiance of head scarves for women and rock bands holding concerts. Even married couples can hold hands in the street. "We have rave parties," a 27-year-old woman who refused to give her name said. "We have free sex at ecstasy and cocaine parties, drugs are openly obtained and sold.

In some suburbs around Teheran it’s like a wild version of New York... The Revolutionary Guard chooses not to arrest us but instead they join us.”

Teheran’s chanting of “death to America” and “obliterate Israel” appears just bravado and bluster as Iran moves toward the 21st Century openly defying the old hard-liners.

Teheran is an impressive modern city (pictured) with everything that modern Western cities have but it is in sharp contrast to the hardliners of the Wahabist regime that rules Saudi Arabia. After the death of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989 the Islamic code of conduct started to deteriorate and in 2000 pro-reform deputies won a Parliamentary majority.

It appears the Islamic revolution may have stalled.

The ABC reported the President's spokesman, Abdollah Ramazan Zadeh as saying that, "The expectations of the younger generation are very high, they have a right to say that they haven't reached what they wanted but we have a right as reformers to say to them that we did not promise them we would solve everything.”

The earthquake in the south western city of Bam put the Islamic regime’s failures in the sharpest light. Ancient buildings collapsed into dust. Domestic relief efforts were slow. More than 43,000 people died.

"As you see in Bam," one student leader told ABC NEWS, "It shows the real face of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It's in a real crisis. It can stop the protests, control everything and limit your freedom, but it cannot help you."

The near nuclear nation of North Korea has been assisting Iran and Iran has reciprocated with sanctioned goods, delivering arms and luxury materials to Pyonyang under the watchful eye of Beijing.

Both errant nations have assisted each other with development of ICBMs and nuclear weapons. Both nations attend each other’s banned rocket launches as “observers” while the UN Security Council’s resolutions are ignored.

Strange but China is one of the “Permanent Five” States that occupy the Security Council.

So, was the inevitable movement of Iran away from radical Islam part of Obama and Kerry’s grand plan? If was was then it's a grand gamble but why allow North Korea to openly break the sanctions and why allow the UN Security Council member, China, to break its own resolutions?

Do Kerry and Obama even know about the North Korean and Iranian nuclear alliance? They have never mentioned it.

Funny but Obama had three years to stem the ISIS advance but he sat quietly on his golf buggy. After only a few weeks of Putin joining the fight ISIS is now suffering substantive personnel and territory losses.

Initially Obama insisted that Putin was only killing Syrian rebels but he did much more than that and now Obama wants the credit.

The difference between Obama and Putin is that when Obama says he is withdrawing his troops, he does. When Putin says he is withdrawing his troops, he doesn't. Putin is clearly the smarter "Commander in Chief".

Iran was weakened by the stalemated ten year war with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and sanctions hit it even harder...

but Iran is now on the rise and significantly Iraq was part of the original Persian Empire and now it wants it back.

The evolution of the Middle East continues.

Or is it the devolution?


The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite: Meritocracy, Myth and Power
03.26.2016 :: United States
Introduction: Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court marks a continuation and deepening of the lopsided ethno-religious representation in the US judicial system. If Garland is appointed, Jewish justices will comprise 45% of the Court, even though they represent less than 2% of the overall population.

Roman Catholics comprise the other 55% of the Court - even though they represent approximately 30% of the population. Protestants (historically the authors and signers of the country’s foundational documents, and the major confessional group) are totally absent from this august body of jurists.
Equally important the increasing power of Jewish justices on the Supreme Court is accelerating: Counting Garland, two of the last three appointments (67%) have been Jews.
In the first half of the 20th century in the US, progressive Jews and civil libertarians decried what they termed WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) exclusivity, privilege and discrimination, citing their domination of the Supreme Court and their ‘over-representation’ throughout the elite centers of power. Having totally displaced and replaced the dreaded WASPS, there is nary a word from the plethora of civil rights groups and Jewish organizations claiming to be concerned with issues of discrimination and exclusion. Perhaps the marginalized WASP population lacks any qualified jurists among their scores of millions, an ethno-cultural degeneration unique in US history or perhaps the last few WASPs appointed to the Supreme Court turned out to be among the most ardent and independent defenders of citizen rights, to the chagrin of numerous Administrations.
Read on

Australia will sign the Climate Change agreement in Paris. It's on.

Brussels Decoded: NATO’s Jihad Operation
Investigative journalist Yoichi Shimatsu looks at the criminal record of the Brothers Bakraoui, the ethnic Moroccan felons who allegedly bombed Brussels Airport, uncovering their links to Belgian police intelligence under NATO command and to the Israeli-run security firm ICTS, which recruited European youth for ISIS and its brutal Syrian paramilitary campaign for the oil majors.


In 1988 a referendum was held seeking to establish recognition of Local Government within the Commonwealth Constitution. It was defeated – the People said “No”.
In spite of the People’s Will, the States established their Local Governments as follows:
1989 – Victoria
1993 – NSW, Queensland and Tasmania
1995 – Western Australia
1999 – South Australia
The Reprints Act 1992 came into effect in Queensland and was used to make wholesale changes, both the current and retrospective legislation. The latter of which enabled further manipulations of legislation to be carried out.
The Queensland Parliament has gone so far as to replace the Queensland Constitution in 2001 with an Act that no longer contains the Crown.
All power is vested in the State and the democratic tenet of “Separation of Powers” has been expunged. The Governor and the Judiciary are both subject to the power of the State.
In essence, this scenario could mean the State is no longer part of the Commonwealth of Australia.
However, this is not allowed under the Commonwealth Constitution which provides that the only way a State can dissolve its union with the Commonwealth is by a referendum in which all States agree to the separation.
This suggests that those who perpetrated the changes are guilty of at least sedition, if not treason.

Saudi Arabia going broke. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.

New Mosque on the Coast stopped, thank God !!!!!!!

O/T. "Lawyer Alex Lewenberg apologises for telling Yeshivah sexual abuse victim not to assist police

A Melbourne lawyer who represented Yeshivah Centre child sex offender David Cyprys has apologised in court for telling an abuse victim not to assist a police investigation.

Mr Lewenberg told one of Cyprys' victims they should not assist the police prosecution of a fellow Jewish person, no matter what the accusation.

During a phone conversation the victim recorded in October 2011, Mr Lewenberg said "I'm disappointed that you would participate, and that was my disappointment and that's why I'm not exactly delighted that another Yid would assist police against an accused, no matter whatever he's accused of".

I have always wondered why the west and Russia aren't each others allies, since the collapse of the USSR. The only thing i can think of, is that it suits certain political agendas to keep Russia as the big bad bogey man, a threat to peace. When you think about it, the majority of the population are mainly white European, no different to most Europeans, except for culture and language. Putin is slowly building the new Russia, some how i would prefer them onside than off.. no doubt with the west's and Russia's military strength combined, it could not be matched.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister is a voice of reason in a sea of Socialists.

Ruby..the only relevance of anyone using the title 'jew' to claim the biblical imprimatur bestowed on that title by the the Bible is story book...there are no Chosen People...and the Jews in it, the tribe of Judah from the ancient Israelite tribe, left Canaan thousands of years ago , never to return (from Egypt)..that's thousands of years ago....people can practice hebrew things..that doesnt make them jews, anymore than a Euro speaking Vietnanese, is a Viet...aside from that even the people calling themselves jews cant agree on what it is...but it sure cant be taken for the current State of Israel..80 years old..cmon...

Wonder where this spurious information is coming from Pelican and Durance.

Many Jewish people in the past had to change their names in order to not be killed. You listen to too much propaganda Pelican.

This from Cory Bernardi today
It's the final Senate week before the Budget is due in May and the focus is on Senate voting reform.

To say that things are a little fractious would be an understatement. Labor and the Independents are incensed about the reforms and a few Libs (like me) wonder about the wisdom of any policy that requires and receives the support of the Greens to get through!

Despite this, I support the underlying principle behind the reforms proposed. Essentially, it boils down to providing voters with more choice.

As it stands now, a voter casting a Senate ballot above the line has their primary vote allocated according to a group voting ticket determined by the party and back room operators.

We've seen some 'preference whispering' previously give rise to some bizarre outcomes. Some of the micro parties have the same office bearers and effectively do preference deals with themselves. Other times, even the bitterest of political foes are forced to do deals in order to comply with the voting requirements.

Such a circumstance saw Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young elected thanks to the preferences of (former??) mining baron Clive Palmer!

The system also forces those who choose to vote below the line to decide between some truly awful options. How does a conservative choose between the Communist Party, the Greens or Labor for last place?

Which brings me back to the reforms.

The proposal allows every voter to allocate preferences above or below the line in accordance with their own determination; the caveat being that voting below the line will require them to choose a minimum of 12 candidates, rather than number every candidate as previously.

That means a below the line voter could support the Liberals, the Nationals and perhaps Family First. There would be no need for them to extend their vote any further than the parties whose values they identify with.

Similarly, above the line voters could decide they only want to vote for the Liberal Party with no preferences being distributed to other political candidates.

In essence, this expands the options available to voters to allocate preferential votes only as far as they want to.

I have no doubt this change will have an impact on the composition of the Senate. Thus far, no one has been able to definitively say what that impact will be or if it will advantage one party over another.

However, the principle of freedom of choice for every voter to determine the direction and exhaustion of their own vote is a principle I support.

I only wish they would extend the same principle to electing members of the House of Representatives too.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on my blog HERE.

Until next week.

Cory Bernardi

Kennedy wanted to stop Israel from getting nuclear weapons ,because he didnt want a Nuclear armed Middle East ,so Kennedy got whacked an Israel has now over 100 ,and its said they have them ''planted ''in various countries around the world [so they dont need missles ] and if push comes to shove in the future and Israels enemies dont do what they are told well its just a button away ............

Think you are way off the mark with nuclear weapons. The old guard and President realized the cost and shelved the project (German supplied technology) was the new President (elected by the youth seeking change) that allowed him to make overtures to Russia initially - as regards nuclear power and need to cease sanctions and then Obama. Obama btw refused a number of advances for discussions on breaking the sanctions - it was Russia (Lavrov) that forced the issue and it had been proven by US military that the nuclear program was disbanded about ten years ago. They need power - nuclear power - not nuclear bombs. The youth have changed the political landscape yet the old guard still in ultimate power. As regards ICBM's - you are playing straight into Israel and Saud's rhetoric .

O/T The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed dismay that the Queensland Government wants to charge $1,100 so parents can know if their school is running the controversial “Safe Schools” program.

ACL has been told by the QLD Government that it may be liable to pay $1,100 for a Freedom of Information request to receive the list of 32 QLD schools which have signed up to the Safe Schools Coalition which promotes the idea that children’s gender is fluid.

Repeatedly stating the line that Turnbull is 'The Great Communicator' is like repeatedly stating that 'islam is the religion of peace.' Merely parroting an inanity over and over again does not make it true. Quite the opposite in fact.

O/T but the earlier post from The Phantom prompted me to share the questions I put to my MP at the local branch meeting on Monday 4th April. This information clearly has not been shared with us by their ABC, Fairfax or our own MP’s?
Comments appreciated.

Question for the Minister.

My question relates to investment in renewables. It is specifically NOT related to Global warming or Climate Change as that science is already “settled”.

The Renewable energy model was founded on six assumptions, Peak Oil, high oil prices at over $150 per barrel, Emissions Trading Markets, Profitable Renewable Industries, Government Funding in Investment Subsidies and of course, a Binding Global Emissions Treaty, Kyoto.

Kyoto expired in December 2012 followed by the global collapse of all other pillars of the renewables model due to flawed assumptions. Gone, finished, demised, terminated.

So why is Australia planning to invest billions of taxpayer dollars in technology that for the last 15 years, two of the largest economies on the planet have failed to achieve, the USA and Germany?

I ask for a right of reply to your response to address any issues arising. Thank You.

The Renewables “Model”;

1. Peak oil never arrived, instead the world is awash with cheap fossil fuels

2. Oil prices never reached the $150/Barrel and are predicted to remain between $40-$60 for the next decade

3. Global Emissions trading markets are either closed or have collapsed.

4. The top 30 global Renewable Industrial Index RENIXX, has collapsed by 90% since 2007.

5. In the USA alone, eight of the largest subsidized renewables companies have filed for bankruptcy by 2015 and a further eight are in default. Total cost to US taxpayers, $22.7bn.

6. The binding Kyoto Protocol expired in December 2012 and has not been replaced.

7. The EU’s investment in renewables has dropped by 82.5% since 2011 and according to Bloomberg analysis, is heading for zero in the not too distant future

8. The wind industry in the USA, the largest in the world, is predicted to lose 70 to 90 percent of its orders. Investors predict its total demise.

9. As at 2016, there are 14,000 abandoned wind turbines in the USA alone, global estimate is over 18,000.

10. In March 2013, “CHINA'S Suntech” the world's largest solar panel producer, plunged to bankruptcy in just a year.

11. In Germany, utility giants like E.ON (debt 28.2bn Euros), RWE (Debt 25.8bn Euros), along with Vattenfall and EnBW — have had to write off a total of €46.2 billion since 2011.

12. On March 31st 2016 The Chinese National Energy Administration announced that China is not building any new wind turbines. The government stopped approving new wind power projects in six provinces whilst the administration downgraded Gansu to a pilot province “to explore ways to use wind power more efficiently”?

13. In the USA Tesla, the electric car and “Power Wall” solar backup company, has declared global losses of $880m. US subsidies to Tesla are $4.2bn.They have also withdrawn their 10kw Power Wall from the market.

14. In the UK, SunEdison, the world’s largest green energy company, will file for bankruptcy protection, despite getting $650m in government subsidies and millions from U.S. taxpayers. Their market valuation is down 95% from $10bn to $400m with its stock now trading at less than $1. In the USA SunEdison alone have losses of $12 billion from investments in solar and wind farms.

15. In Spain, renewable energy giant Abengoa has gone bankrupt leaving the largest bankruptcy debt in EU history at 28.2bn euros.

16. In the USA the very same Abengoa, a consortium member of the ill-fated solar power station in California has now filed for chapter 15 protection in the USA, with its debt currently at $16.5bn.

17. German manufacturing companies like chemicals maker BASF, carbon fiber producer SGL Carbon are now in Freeport Texas, BMW and V W have shifted new car plants to Washington. Turbine manufacture Siemens also moved their global headquarters to Houston Texas and their turbine manufacturing to Charlotte, North Carolina, 32,000 German jobs lost because US energy costs are a fraction of Germany’s.

18. In 2000 Germany paid out $810m euros in subsides. By 2015 that figure rocketed to 28bn euros and climbing.

19. Because of this, Germany is now constructing 12 new coal fired power stations, 9 of these will burn lignite. Germany now imports 84% of its hard coal. Since July 2015, Australian, US and South American coal imports to Europe are up 25%. So please don’t “Lock The Gates” on our coal.

20. Some 850 bn Euros (U$D 1.0 Trillion) has been spent on de-carbonization in Europe since 2008 alone. Not a single cent has gone back to tax payers! All taxpayers get is increased taxes, higher energy bills, lost jobs through de-industrialization, economic austerity and national debt. So where has all that public money gone?

21. Total identified direct renewable industry losses from just this list is $114.98bn. This does not include taxpayer subsidies, loans, loan guarantees, grants, stock market losses, emission trading scheme defaults, unemployment, industries and jobs going “off shore” or the social costs.

22. And yet, globally there are now 2,500 new coal fired power stations in build or scheduled, 34 nuclear power plants and Japan has announce plans to restart their nuclear power fleet.

(Sources; Global Warming Policy Foundation and NZ Climate Science Foundation, The International Energy Agency and Bloomberg).

In the light of these facts, I ask the minister again, what is the rationale for Australia to spend billions of taxpayer money on renewables? If, as we have seen, there is no industrial, ecological or financial benefit, are we being held to ransom by the UN, the Greens or both?

If renewables Innovation is what we seek, why don’t we just ask those who have already spent Trillions how they failed over the last 20 years?

If the science is so settled and so good, why is that science not good enough to sustain the colossal global infrastructure that was created on the strength of it?

It seems it was his wife's money, honestly inherited.

This is all just filthy baying at heels envy.

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