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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Oh what a bummer”, said Obama when asked yesterday to explain why he remained asleep at the wheel of a golf buggy for the past 18 months ignoring daily briefings warning him of the rise of the extreme terrorist group of Khorasan in northern Syria. 

He has also been receiving military intelligence since January this year warning of the Islamic State’s build-up and imminent incursion into Iraq. 

“Military intelligence underestimated ISIS and we (note we) overestimated the Iraqi army”, Obama said. 

Crumbs! Was it an overestimation or a sublime stupidity that led him to believe that Iraq’s 30,000-strong majority Sunni northern force would stand and fight to protect Mosul from being overrun by a Sunni invasion of an original 800 fighters? 

Now look at the mess! And it becomes exponentially worse each day that he refuses to re-commit ground troops to clean it up. 

Obama had promised to “bring our boys back home”, thereby protecting his dumb Left and black electoral base. Well, that was enough to get him four more years, but it’s proving to be four more very costly years, and not just for him but for the world, as a new wave of terrorism sweeps west to waiting cells of Islamic discontent.

Obama’s dangerously low intellect is exemplified by how he has just handed his three greatest enemies Damascus, Tehran and Moscow a free kick each while he sits forlorn in the sin bin playing with his donger.

Syria’s tyrant al-Assad cannot believe his luck that Obama has been forced to bomb the crap out of the very terrorists he armed to defeat al-Assad. 

Russia’s Putin is sporting an “I told you so” grin as he and his ally al-Assad delight in witnessing Obama struggling in quick-sand consisting solely of his own poo. 

Iran’s Hasan Rouhani is in the spectacular position of actually being able to offer assistance to Iraq’s al-Abadi to defeat the Sunni invasion. 

Wow! How’s that for an overnight tectonic shift in Middle East politics?

Meanwhile Israel’s Netanyahu, after having disposed of the Gaza menace all by himself, is sitting back enjoying a cup of tea watching Obama’s mid-term election plans unravel.

Obama has just presented the entire West, including Australia, with a home-grown Islamic terrorist crisis it didn’t have to have... well not yet.

On the up-side he has been able to get his golf handicap down from 20 to 18.

Then again, I know a few incontinent, aged lady pensioners in walking frames struggling with alzheimers, Parkinsons and dementia, who play off 18. 

So, was it really worth it?


We need to realise that democracy isnt for everyone. Leave the secular dictators in power to shit in their own nests and keep these extremists suppressed.

Russia isnt the best behaved nation out there but surely an alliance with a fellow anti Islamic power is more important than ex cold war hangovers?

Excuse my ignorance, but surely assad in p0ower is the better option, a secular dictator who wont take shit from extremists?

Yes, and in recent years they have lost the "controlled left" because of their excesses, the left abandoned them, Now they are on the way to creating a "controlled right" a Crypto Right if you will, through influencing blogs such as PP. There are many useful fools here. Have a look back through posts when the last Gaza assault was on. Many posters here stated "go Israel" as if it were some football game. Slaughtering women and children ( 300 ). 9 mile snipers, that doesn't take any courage at all.

Barack Obamo's unknown & unrecognised son came bounding into his office after school one day. "Dad, we're learning about prisms at school. They're fascinating". Barack replied "That's good son, because as a dyslexic black boy, you're bound to end up in one".

Obama's entire cock-up in the middle east can be explained in two words - Valerie Jarrett. Look her up on Wikipedia, she is a first class leftie fool, and she's Obama's most trusted advisor.

they all say they are muslims, but what do their parents say

And the Nobel Prizes of "them" inbreeds can be counted on one hand !

Correct , Johnno, another factor is that the US will shortly become the World's biggest supplier of petrochemical products.Due to their success with oil and gas exploration in US. mainland.

Raygunn, you're at it again ! Where is the current source of unmitigated violence, killing, rape ------- need I go on ? The barbarism of the so called defenders of islam deserves a response, one that is understood by the likes of isis/hamas/hezbollah/boko haram------need I go on ? In MY AUSTRALIA, migrants who assimilate, contribute and give allegiance to the Nation of Australia ( as opposed to a foreign 7th century ideology) are accepted,loved,appreciated,encouraged and called MATES. Until muslims identify with Australia and join in, they will forever be on the outer, mostly unemployed and feel disengaged and have a victim mentality that is entirely of their own making.

That's a short but no doubt all inclusive list Raygunn.

Check this out, an Indian defence forum, they hate the muslims more than we do and some of the comments are full on. Glad to know that it isn't just whites who feel this way, should make a few greens unsettled to know this

Forget the carbon global warming climate change bullshit we are being so regularly fed. A far greater reason to end our total dependence on oil is that we could then stop being blackmailed into supporting one Muslim dictatorship or another, or switching sides every few years, and just leave those barbarians to fight, hopefully to the death, amongst themselves, as they had for centuries before oil was found under their disputed lands.

Maybe it wasn't "military intelligence" that let him down, but rather a lack of his own personal intelligence. What an utter disappointment this man has been, after promising so much.

Continued. I told him how he was a big star of the 60s and 70s in the UK as cat Stevens and that he used to be Jewish but converted to Islam. This kid was shocked through. He then said he wanted to come to the UK to improve his English so I asked where he was born. Here in America he said. I believe you lads in Oz have a word 'Drongo' for blokes like this.

I went Las Vegas in 2009. On arrival we boarded a taxi that was driven by a 19 year old muslim. I told him to go to the Mardi Gras hotel. He asked me if I knew where it is, I replied I rather hoped you knew, you're the taxi driver. He started playing a CD in Arabic and told us it was Yusuf Islam and was translating the song, Allah this and that shit you know.I said he made better records when he was Cat Stevens." What?"

I just wish they would set off an IED and get it over with! The Bali bombings were in another time, another place and were meaningless to the punters on the street in Oz! Australians being killed in Bali is a common occurrence and Jo Blow Public is inured to the reports. Only after a very public atrocity on a street of downtown Ozzieville will force "Team Stupid" to get off their collective arses and do something about this, quote: "Death Cult" which exists right under their noses with all it's doing's and going's on! One bomb dropped or one missile fired in Iraq by us will trigger these irrational Death Cult supporters to come out of their Mosques and bring it all home to Australia and Australians! $500m for one year to play war games in Iraq is nothing to us, we are swimming in money!

Didn't Casius Clay become a moslem in order to dodge draft for Vietnam

I never said there was a Muslim threat, the whole Muslim thing is just being used to stir up trouble and as another bogy man to implement more control. Let’s differentiate between that and the fact the Muslim religion will never even try to fit in with our way of life here, that is what shits me and many other Australians a minority group getting top priority. It’s wrong and it something labor and the greens agree with.

Oh no, you have totally convinced me to stop reading PP. The logic and erudition of your argument swayed me. Yeah right. If you don't like this blog, then go back to Your ABC.