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Tuesday, 19th June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The ABC is a rats’ nest of taxpayer-funded, dishonest socialists who fail to hold this disgraceful Prime Minister to account. It starts asking hard questions of this Government only once an outcome is imminent, in fear of Abbott reforming it or justifiably auctioning off its licence.

Watching “The Insiders” today was yet another display of unabashed ABC bias:
Convener and ALP hack, Barrie Cassidy, was joined by two other Gillard supporters, Malcolm Farr and Lenore Taylor along with a token conservative, the politically astute Piers Akerman.

Akerman, in the course of conversation had outed Cassidy as an ex-employee of the ALP

Cassidy did not respond until the subject arose of 6PR’s Howard Sattler’s inappropriate question to the PM: “Is Tim Mathieson gay?”

Of course the whole thing was roundly condemned by all, including Akerman, who noted that a rumour of Mathieson’s sexuality was “all over” the Press Gallery in Canberra (not to mention the internet).

“Surely you have noticed this rumour?” asked Akerman. “No I haven’t”, was the answer in unison from all three. “Mmmm, ok then”, muttered Akerman. All three were lying of course, unless they live in a concrete cocoon.

Cassidy replied in anger, “You have just done what Howard Sattler did and passed on the rumour and that’s just as pathetic, actually. You’ll have a hard time defending your position!”

Akerman denied the accusation and a blue erupted.

Off camera, during a break, Cassidy demanded Akerman apologise (damned if I know what for) but Akerman did apologise... at the end of the program.

Cassidy is the protector of all things ALP. He even dumped my friend Paul Zanetti from his Insiders program. Why? Well, the odd anti-Gillard cartoon of his was displayed on my web page.

I have never approached the subject of Mathieson's sexuality as I consider it out of bounds. But, courtesy of Cassidy, the rumour lives on.

It lives on because most know that Cassidy is a close friend and companion of Tim Mathieson and he (Cassidy) could have nipped the rumour in the bud simply by saying it was not true, (as Julia Gillard did).

If Cassidy had confirmed the rumour then not only would he have been contradicting Gillard but Cassidy’s own sexuality would have been the new rumour.

He may regret that his idol Julia started this all-in gender war.


Who can justify the State owning a broadcast network. Sell it cancel the license, close it down. If it costs 1.2 billion a year or however much spend those funds on the NDIS and send Cassidy and Lee Sales to Centrelink. I spew every time I see I am funding this biased tripe they dish up. Let another network buy the BBC docos' and David Attenborough shows. We can't afford it.

ha, that give the term "insiders" a whole new outlook or is that the new term for gays?

You beauty, back on one of favourite hobby horses. PRIVATISE THE ABC NOW. Save the tax payer 1.1 billion dollars per year. They deserve nothing less.

Whats the big deal about being outed as gay?
Something to be ashamed of?
Every year the fall over themselves to let everyone know how "proud"they are of being gay in the GAL Mardi Gras. It all "look-at-me" I"m gay!
So why the hoo-haa of Timbo being "allegedly" gay?
If being gay is all about "gay pride"- and there's nothing different with us.
If I was "outed" as being heterosexual- my response would be- yeah, look at me, I have sex with shells, I'm the man!!!!
Nothing to be ashamed of.

It is not my ABC, but if it were I would sack all the rabid venomous flunkies and start anew with the remaining 2 or 3 sensible people left.
Does any one know of these who would remain?
Privatisation seems to be the only valid option.

My question as to who is "scrotum face" has had two replies. Naturally, I am indebted to both replies, but an interesting scenario has arisen.
On one hand (pardon the pun) Idignant Elder says it is Carr,
while on the other hand (pardon the pun) Misonut Job counters that suggestion and says it is Cassidy.

I might add that both of them have been hit with the "ugly stick" on a number of occasions through the years, and both have been semi finalists in the "ugly man competition".

So where are we, is it Cassidy or Carr?
Is there anyone out there who can clarify my dilemma.

Finally both Josh Kennedy and Marco Bresciano should be Knighted for last night's performance for the Socceroos.

I'll be the mug again,

Who is scrotum face?+

Are we to infer from this that scrotum face is a closet poofta? Wouldn't surprise me when you see his missus.

Anthony Albanese has a wife named Carmel Tebbutt who is the deputy opposition leader in State Parliament in NSW.
Tanya Plibersek's husband is one of the Director Generals in Sydney Water of some such similar State Govt Utility He works under his own name, has priors for drug dealing and is now on nearly half a million per year in his job
Chris Ulhman (ABC 7 30 Report), well his wife is a Federal Labor member, but the name of her seat just escapes me.

Cassidy has always been a bias cock-sucker & Lenore Taylor is the pits.She'll set there & argue about two flies crawling up a wall.But it matters not-these two along with that cretin David Marr will all look pretty damn stupid shortly when Abbott wins the ballot.All these tossers running the ABC will all be gone as well.....Turnbull will see to that!These morons don't know what's going to hit them after September.Revenge is going to be sweet!

Just listening to that F'Witt Ross Greenwood on 2GB

Said 'the PM has just resigned'. He then went on to say he was talking about some other country.

what a f!!king a'hole. Shouldn't be allowed behind a mic

I see Bolt has come with some (about 2 yrs back) correspondence from one non other than dear Mr Farr discussing something re the PM being called a whore and TM gay by non other than other ABC jorno's go figure perhaps selective memory kicking last Sunday

Once you are in the public light and you are responsible for making decisions that will affect the public then these things need to come out into the open.
It's called a conflict of interest,the pollies will scream blue murder if someone owns some shares or something so why not a persons peccadilloes.
Say for instance if a politician is in a homo relationship and won't support homo-marriage,we should be asking why?
If a politician was Muslim and had the ability to influence immigration, wouldn't the press be asking him/her their position re- illegal entries?
The MSM have given Abbott the third degree over his religious beliefs re-abortion so why not Gillard,not only for her partner but also any of her paramours(including a foreign gentleman of an Afro-American background),considering that she is our PM and the consequences internationally of any of her decisions that could affect our nation in the long and short terms?.

being married provides no re-assurance regarding extra-marital behaviour,

The Left bias in Australian media prevents Australians from receiving accurate, fair reporting and information.

Fairfax management decision to morph from a credible media provider has betrayed its heritage, readers and shareholders.

The blatantly left ABC has failed it's charter as a tax payer funded provider, required to provided accurate, unbiased information and programs to Australians.

The ABC appears to be a cosey club for socialist, lefty and middle gender public servants heading for or returning from the labor / green political scene.

Cassidy, formerly ABC Canberra correspondent, then personal press secretary to Bob Hawke for 5 years until Keating booted him out. Co-hosted ABC Breakfast with Virginia Trioli 08-09, married to Heather Ewart (another ABC lefty)

Cassidy lives with, socialises and works with Left-Labor.

Of course he wouldn't be biased - would he ?

kangazoom - this link should point you in the right direction
Prior to this she did a Oakshott in SA but she lost her seat in 2010 with TPP swing against her of 20%

I'll be the mug
question 1. who is the "water witch" ?
question 2 who is the woman between cassidy and mathieson?
in the above pic

that's all I wanna know

is Cassidy gay? the field is widening, juliar should have killed the story with an honest yes or no in response to sattler, instead she obfuscated and saw an opportunity for some spin. now the story is out of control and who knows where it will end and who will get caught in the widening net. sure beats prime time tv.

You know too Murphie.

Suss - Would the water-witch be the one that Gillard's key backer Senator Farrell appointed the commissioner of that Canberra based board in Canberra last year?