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Friday, 14th December 2018

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… as media struggle to give it a name

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Finsbury Park Mosque, one of dozens in North London, has in the past produced more than its quota of Islamic terrorists including the shoe bomber and it was targeted for its deadly reputation. Did anyone believe the Poms would not eventually fight back after the slaughter of many UK citizens by mad Muslims over the past three weeks? The Infidels are also mad, this is war so how can they be blamed? But they will be!

Muslims are calling this "White Supremacy Terrorism"... really? Maybe it's just, "Enough is Enough Pom Terrorism". CNN is struggling with what to call it under its PC rule book.

       The infamous Muslim cleric Abu Hamza is surrounded by supporters outside his                                             Finsbury Park Mosque prior to being deported.

                          Shoe bomber Richard Reid, a Finsbury Mosque graduate

The only solution, now the gauntlet has been thrown down, is to rid the civilised West of these mosques. I have been wearing my tonsils out at protests for years over the proliferation of mosques in Australia and that is why I was told by police I was on a Muslim hit list.

How long does it take local governments to understand that the side rooms in mosques are where terrorist attacks are plotted. Why would any sane person agree to building more of the damned things? Why would any sane person not agree to the bulldozing of those that already exist?

I’m not happy that police cars regularly pass my home. I’m not happy that my request for a firearm licence was refused. (I got a gun anyway.) I’m not happy that the late Bill Leak was also targeted to the point that he sold his family home at a loss before he died. And I’m not happy that the media says I should pull my head in because I "have more chance of being killed by a falling refrigerator than by a terrorist".

The media is screaming that innocent Muslim worshippers were mowed down. No mention of the innocent Brits and Aussies who were mowed down two weeks ago. No mention of the innocent Shia Muslims who were mowed down in their tens of thousands by Sunni Muslims.

                   Shiites about to be shot for not being able to pray the Sunni way

Why should we be part of this archaic Muslim war on anyone who does not practise their particular strain of a Muslim cult? Why should they be allowed to bring their hostilities here? Why must we sustain the Saudi-financed mosques that foment their violence?

There will be those who applaud the killing of Muslims on our streets and they should not be encouraged because this is wrong on either side and will eventually lead to civil unrest, which is exactly what Islam wants and predicts.

Ignore the Pope and the EU-loving Merkel and outlaw this Islamic garbage now. Take a leaf from the Japan book of Islam resistance and don’t allow immigration of Muslims, don’t allow the building of mosques and deport or intern troublemakers immediately.

A new page has just been turned on the book of Islam and it will show just how stupid we have been in our tolerance of the intolerable.


Larry apparently their are Mosques and Muslims in Japan mainly Indonesian and Malaysian workers and some women who have married and converted, but heir numbers are estimated to be 185,000. small in number compared to the overall Japanese population and their mosques can only hold up to 50 people at anyone time.

Finally an infidel has found the guts to stand up and fight back, by giving the Muzrats a taste of their own medicine. Now the Islamic scum come out screaming, along with our pathetic gutless PC leftard trash, because one person decides enough is enough and dares to fight fire with fire.

I'm hypnotised. I'm starting to believe it's all true. Say three Hail Harry's and go back to bed Harry.

I've a good mind to delete my top post and orphan the lot of this.

I use a gopher to get around. Not that's over hot these days, but I wear my Acruba. I was in my local shopping centre, about a week ago, and security told me to remove my hat. At the greengrocer next to me was a totally veiled "woman".
What the F***.

Islam is just another name for a National Cancer..

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for the daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow
And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you,
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles it's a very, very
Mad world, mad world

Ack. Tears for Fears
Published by

The hypocritical left / Islamist apologists love to use the term "lone wolf" even for groups of terrorists who happen to be radical used Muslims and yell "allah Akbar" as they , yet this man who claimed no allegiance nor shouted "Jesus is great" is described as a terrorist. Hypocrisy at its most blatant.

dusty, maybe on a long slide down to a new age of modern serfdom.

A political solution to what has happened to western society I believe is too late, the ruling elites are too entrenched no matter what political party assumes power. The democratic system we have is failing, it is a veneer that glosses over the fact that the people have been dumbed and beaten down into acceptance of political treachery and cowardice as being the norm.

The adherents of the NWO are in so deep they do not know right from wrong. The circumstances that have put the west in this diabolical situation have reached a stage that only the native population will be able to change and that means the military will eventually have to side with them against the political class, a terrible prospect for future generations. We have been led into a dark place, many went with the ride unknowingly and some so brain washed they welcomed it.

Benjamin Netanyahu threatens Iran for attacking ISIS
By Jonas E. Alexis on June 20, 2017
Netanyahu seems to have realized that Iran successfully hit ISIS really hard last week, and since the Israeli regime and ISIS are basically two sides of the same coin with respect to the situation in Syria, Netanyahu has to defend his brothers who are trying to overthrow the Syrian government in the region.
“………The Associated Press declared that Iran’s attack on ISIS “is likely to create havoc in Washington.” Iran attacked ISIS, and both the Israeli regime and Washington are mad? Can anyone really balance this political equation? Or are we dealing with a diabolical entity that refuses to acknowledge the role of practical reason in the political landscape? Isn’t it immoral to support terrorist cells like ISIS? Isn’t it immoral to use American tax dollars to support terrorist organizations?
You see, in the Zionist scheme of things, it is “possible” to get the best of both worlds: you can pretend to spread “democracy” and “freedom” in the Middle East and at the same time be in cahoots with terrorist cells. You can perpetuate lies such as Iran poses an existential threat to the entire planet when you are supporting ISIS at the same time.
In short, the Israeli regime has created a chaotic world, one which continues to have a disastrous effect on America and much of the West. But many people around the world are waking up and realizing that the Israeli regime has blood on its hands and it will stay there for awhile.
Academics and intellectuals are also waking up. One of the people who has spent his life deconstructing the Israeli narrative is Norman Finkelstein. You will almost certainly enjoy how he ended up walking out of a debate with an Israeli puppet with a bang. A big bang.

The Media are Happy to call it Terrorism and Right wing in the same sentence with NO Problems at all....Islam Slaughters and it is a Lone Wolf,or Self Radicalised,or Mental Health issues,or Not what Islam is about......It is so bloody obvious....Is this then a Self Westernised attack...

Fuck me. Not this shit again. Fuck em all !!

Exactly - and did you see all those black men screaming into the TV cameras shortly after calling out "this is terrorism, this is terrorism" over and over - BUT not a word when the blacks and Muslims do it to the white citizens - not bad are they - how long have we all agreed with you Larry we should not be building mosques, we should not be importing ME people - and we should be deporting those making trouble, hate preachers, etc - and how long have we been saying a Civil War will happen because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Even Andrew Bolt is worried about this latest incident - they have pushed us Westerners way too far - hate preaching, welfare rorts, mosques, style of dress, and suburbs full of them. Watch them all call out WHITE HATRED - nothing new to us they, they invented the word RACIST

Next, Turd will announce a new Refinery to be built so that Australia can remain independent. Pigs arse he will.

Mark Latham speaks with Michael McLaren about our out-of-control immigration numbers:

UP !!!

with the hot air Turnbull spouts,we could run many turbines for cheap power

Supersonic Bombers Tear Across Korea After Death Of US College Student