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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Do you recognise this little monkey? Well, he is Ronny Sompie, the Bali Police Chief who reportedly replaced that other little monkey, Police Chief Harry Utomo, who took those grinning “selfies” of himself with the traumatised Bali two on the flight to “Execution Island”.

There was international outrage over the insensitivity of the pics but the incoming Sompie seems equally if not more insensitive.

Aussies can’t be expected to understand the nuances of the Indonesian Islamic ethos... it is as far from what we consider normal as is the ideology of ISIS.

There was never a doubt that the Bali two would be painfully shot to death. Never a doubt that Indonesia would risk a prolonged cooling of relations from across the Arafura or an unneeded “aid” package of over $600 million.

Our kindness to them is seen as a heretic weakness that must be used to promote an Islamic superiority.

Joko Widodo has pulled a Pontius Pilate and left the macabre details to underlings like Ronny Sompie. But Sompie is a sick little monkey who gets out of bed each morning determined to either arrange a bribe or degrade someone.

This is the real Ronny Sompie:

Do you recall Victoria’s Al-Taqwa college, (one of many Islamic schools receiving up to $15 million per year in government funds) recently banning girls from running because it might lead to damaged hymens “rendering them infertile”.

Al-Taqwa School Principal, Omar Hallak, is physiologically and gynaecologically ignorant of course, regardless there is a deep-seated Islamic fear of a female’s inability to deliver more Muslims.

Ronny Sompie shares this fear and has tested the intactness of the hymens of 70,000 potential Indonesian policewomen.

Sompie has used Article 36 of the 2009 Chief Police Regulation on Health Inspection Guidelines for Police Candidates, whereby he claims all female police in Indonesia must undergo an "obstetrics and gynaecology" test before joining the police force.

This “test” includes having a "two-finger" virginity test.

One applicant who asked not to be named described the “test” as, "traumatic and humiliating”. She went on to explain, "there were 20 candidates put inside a room when we were ordered to take off our clothes... then different parts of our bodies were checked.

"After the physical exam, we were told to enter another room, two candidates at a time, and that's where they tested our virginity.

"They tested by inserting two fingers using gel. It hurt a lot. One of my friends even fainted."

Human Rights Watch Indonesia claims, “70,000 female police applicants have been examined so far this year, ... and while Indonesian Police spokesman Ronny Sompie insists the test, known as (dua jari) is not about being a virgin or not, he does state that, ‘All prospective students who enrol in educational institutions are subject to a thorough medical examination from head to toe, including the examination of all parts of female reproductive system’.

"A thorough medical examination ensures that the prospective students enrol in a healthy state and do not risk their lives when following physical exercise and sport", he said

So there you go, nothing unusual here! Victorian Al-Taqwa School Principal Omar Hallak, is only following a well worn Islamic principle.

And the grisly details of the macabre shooting of two Australians will be overseen this week by the same ghoulish Ronny Sompie. Now there's a bloke with job satisfaction.

Aren’t you glad you weren’t born a Muslim?


Imagine putting female recruits to the NSW police force to a virginity test. Once the present crop of women moved on the force would be back to being all make for lack of suitable females.

That is what we are doing there now, what are you taking about? Bali is a shitfaced out of control place (just like Thailand is) where Aussies go to be off their face(s) and try to sample everything and anything, and most of them are under age too, straight out year 12 as an end of the year bash. There are so many young Aussies that are dying in Bali because of Indonesia’s complete and utter lack of health control of their food and alcohol, which is laced with so many poisonous substances that it’s a continual and constant threat to life. Indonesia is riddled with typhoid, yellow fever and their people are consistently dying from food poisoning, and medical maltreatment and lack of appropriate medications that we would be amazed by. Why anyone visits there is beyond me?

No wonder that Indonesian women are the most infertile women on this planet and Indonesia has the biggest divorce rates in the world. A pathetic act to a pathetic from a pathetic people where hypocrisy is the order of the day and where money talks and bullshit walks.

I wonder if there is any vacancies at present for testing the "intactness of the hymens of 70,000 potential Indonesian policewomen". I feel I would be suited for that job.

Keep at it mate. Some'll get it and some won't. -:)

Disraeli, You're right I was being droll, ironic and sardonic, it's just the way I think. Boorishness is the fashionable thing now, just shows you how far we haven't come. But never mind, at least we understand each other, hopefully.

Very droll Zac. -:)

Bit of ethanol with your orange juice? Yeh ta.

"We're All Going On A Bogan Holiday"
No more worries for a week or two

Haven't had a mushroom surprise for a long time.

So no different to now is what you mean.

No willone, you misunderstand me, they blow Australian's up and your post seems to imply that the behaviour of some people who visit Bali justifies this!! surely not, please tell me I'm wrong. My post was me being ironic.

And then you blow them up ! What's with the we? You may behave like this but I don't. I haven't been to Bali and never will

Russel Crowe, that hairy gorilla who believes he is Gods gift to women, is so dipstick stupid. He should stay in his Hollywood man cave and not come out without seeing what really happened in the world. The prick is making out like the execution of the Bali drug smugglers is all Tony Abbott's fault. Crowe is an obvious f*****g Labor stooge! Huge wanker!

NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat
Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war
War is coming, everyone sees it but few understand how much events are controlled by American elections. A reality of the 20th century is that a Republican/GOP presidential win can only be achieved through rigging an election. Only 30% of Americans see themselves as “conservative” or “Republican.”
It is America’s Republican Party, the party of Nixon/Reagan/Bush and McCain that is pushing for war with Russia, even at the risk of branding America a rogue dictatorship.
What America doesn’t see, that the rest of the world increasingly is focused on, is that the things America does — drones, torture, backing terrorist factions, arming criminal regimes, bombing and murdering at will — has made America a less than desirable friend, ally or even trading partner.
American Elections: A Global Death Threat
Son of a friend and partner of Bush-41, John Hinckley II shot President Reagan
GOP control of the congress was achieved by mob money flooding the electoral system and even then, the GOP took control of the House with only 37% of the vote. America’s elections are among the most crooked in the world.
In most American elections, candidates run virtually unopposed. There is really no two party system. 90% of office holders in America are chosen at private meetings of wealthy powerbrokers, with rigged elections a humorous formality.
Candidates that choose to mount real opposition in rigged elections have their families threatened or are murdered. Ross Perot gave up an assured presidency to save his family. Both Al Gore and John Kerry walked away from wins in presidential elections due to threats against their families.
In 1981, 69 days after taking office, President Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded by the son of one of Vice President George H.W. Bush’s business partners. Eight years later, Vice President Bush was the only senior member of the Reagan administration not convicted of a felony or facing indictment.
Joke Elections
Though armed thugs are still used to threaten voters in the American South, most states use simple computer hacks to “flip” votes. We will be discussing this process more later.
The mechanism for election rigging, once simply ballot box stuffing, has now turned to hacking, bribery, police state voter suppression and even murder. The stakes are high — whoever wins is able to use the largest military force in the history of the planet as a personal revenge squad. Can anyone question that this is exactly how the American military has been and is being used?__
Death in Ohio
Adelson, Kasich and Bush — all three men are owned and operated by the Khazarian Mafia
Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war. Governor John Kasich, elected though massive election fraud financed by gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, has been offered the position of Vice President under Jeb Bush in the upcoming 2016 election.
There is a fear that Jeb Bush’s ties to recently indicted Senator Bob Menendez and an $8 billion defense fraud may come to light. Between this and Jeb’s long history of money laundering for Colombian drug cartels through Bush family owned Texas Commerce Bank, Kasich may well be pushed into the presidency.
Kasich is the “creature” of Adelson and Netanyahu and a Kasich presidency would hand America’s nuclear arsenal to organized crime.
A Bush Kasich ticket, both fiscal extremists with broad “police state” agendas, both dedicated to dismembering worker’s and investor’s rights, could only maintain political control of the US during a wartime.
Oligarchical rule, which they represent, requires a national disaster and a new enemy. Russia is the “flavor of the month” and war over an incident tied to a Baltic State or Ukraine is already rumored to be in the planning................"

I missed it thankfully..what did he say? He agreed with what was written, whatever it was, and to ever it was said?

the power in Indonesia rest with the chairwoman of the party that placed joko and deputy in office. appeal to joko and co are just wasting time.

If poor Bill was in the trenches he wouldn’t last long.
He’d have his head blown off quick smart..
…it’s such a huge target!

I posted this last night but it may have been missed because MikeO / sailor33 was having his psychotic episode at the time. I think it is important to understand just how important it was for Europeans to have won the Battle of Tours. If that battle was lost, we would be all Moslem today and have progressed no further than the 7th century.

How would have history been different if Charles Martel lost the Battle of Tours?

The Arabs would probably have gone on to conquer much of Western Europe and turned it Muslim. As it took nearly 800 years for Christianity to reconquer just Spain, there is thus a strong possibility that Europe would have remained Muslim perhaps as far as the present day, with all that implies for world history since 732.

The idea that the Franks were unified themselves, much less were allied with other Christian groups or kingdoms is not true.Spain had been conquered so quickly because of dissension amongst the Visigothic nobility, and active disloyalty by many of them towards the king, Roderic, once the invasion had begun. The situation was much the same in France.Austrasia, Neustria, and Burgundy were in effect autonomous regions rather than a part of of a unified Frankish kingdom; Charles Martel and Eudo (who controlled much of southern France) were enemies, Martel having attacked and conquered parts of Eudo's territory in 731, only a year before Tours. Martel spent the years from 726-732 fighting in Bavaria, Thuringia, and Frisia, and against the Saxons, so these people could hardly be called his allies; if they were, where were their contingents at Tours? Also, where did Martel find the time for "hammering at the Moors" prior to Tours, as he was busy fighting fellow Christians?

The idea that there was internal unrest and dissension inside the Arab Empire at this time is also untrue. The Arab Empire remained, on the whole, strong and unified until the split caused by the Fatimids of Egypt in 969 - nearly 2 and a half centuries after Tours.The Arab Empire in 732 was strong, vibrant, and still expanding, hardly possible if it was riven by internal rivalries and dissent.

Defeat at Tours would have been a disaster for Christian France, and by extension the rest of Western Europe. Martel's reputation as a war leader and warrior would have been gone,even had he survived the battle, and the remaining Frankish territories would have freed themselves from the (limited) authority he had imposed over them through force in the previous decade. As no immediately available army was in place to confront the Arabs, they would then swiftly have overrun and conquered Southern France. Arab cavalry moved much more swiftly than the mainly infantry armies of the Franks at this period.

Once in control of southern France, the Arabs would have had all the momentum. A factor in the rapid conquest of Spain was that, after the initial Arab successes, waves of reinforcements arrived. These men were attracted by easy pickings and the possibility of plunder.Such troops were known as Khawarij and often volunteered to serve in the front line, as this gave them greater opportunities to get rich quick.Success bred success for Arab armies - victory at Tours would have resulted in the arrival of fresh waves of Arab troops to keep pushing the boundaries of Arab control forward.

Further, throughout the period of Arab presence in Spain, their armies always contained Christian allies, Christian mercenaries, and Frendji - Christian converts to Islam in occupied ares who joined up to gain a share of the spoils. Mercenary Berber cavalry and black troops from Africa also joined Arab armies for the same reason. There is no reason to suppose that, following an Arab victory at Tours, anything would have been different in France.An indication of the resilience of the Arab military at the time is that, despite Martel's decisive victory at Tours, the Arabs were not completely expelled from France until 759 - nearly 30 years later; how much longer it would have taken to drive them out of France had they won at Tours can be hypothesized, and it certainly wouldn't have happened a mere "few years later."

So, if Charles Martel had lost the battle of Tours, history would have been very different, as the Arabs would have conquered France and then possibly the rest of Western Europe, turning the whole into part of the Muslim Arab empire, for the reasons outlined above - which are neither exaggerated nor ignorant.

Cheesus Larry , are you losing the thrill of a couple of well placed fingers.. >. Now I know where it originated . > Finger lickin good.