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Monday, 25th March 2019

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…Hmmm like hell it does!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


We could have a similar problem Donald Trump is about to have with the Saudis … and it all comes down to trade. The fact that Joko Bonobo is making noises about Australia shifting its Israeli embassy to West Jerusalem is an affront to a first world nation in Australia by a dysfunctional third world nest of Islamic malcontents, crooks and jihadists.

As suggested here last week, “Muhammed bin Salman (below) certainly ordered the murder of journalist, Jamal Khashoggi (above)... it could not have happened without his authorisation and blessing”.

Bald-faced lies are very much part of the Islamic credo, thus the denials of murder by Muhammed bin Salman and the plaintive assurances from Indonesia that it is actually cracking down on terrorism and people smuggling.

Win or lose Wentworth, Scott Morrison must exhibit some Trump-like testicles and stop pussy-footing around Islamic, internecine, tyrants’ bullshit. There is only one language they understand and it’s not cooperative honesty.

Indonesia is part of Trump’s category of “shithole” countries. It believes it is entitled to $50 million pa in “aid” from Aussie taxpayers and of course it demands many millions more when it can’t cope with its regular natural disasters. It also believes it is entitled to dictate our foreign policy simply because it trades with us under the threat of China's expansionism.

Indonesia plays us off against China's cheek and has flat out refused to stem the hordes of discontented Middle Eastern country shoppers coming to Australia on clapped out Indonesian fishing boats. It took Abbott to stop them in their tracks by bribing the corrupt military. And that made Bonobo furious, because the cost of bribery came off his foreign aid endowment. 

Now the illegitimate Mrs Ed from across the ditch says she will welcome them! Bloody hell, why are these Left fools allowed to breed? Hillary Clinton might need locking up… this one needs sewing up.

Anyway, maybe ScoMo will send Marise Payne (in the arse) to Jakarta to straighten Joko Bonobo out with a few more million to stem the archipelago's non-existent rising sea levels.

             …oh, for Christ’s sake, another token red-headed warmist is all we need!


Phelps needs to be watched...she is a green left wing feminist trying to cover it up.I do not trust her. Also, how dare the media say that Wentworth speaks for all Aussies! Most of the people in Wentworth would not have a clue how ordinary Australians live, think or feel. Toffee nosed and full of arrogance.

Oh, for further info on comment see Bagman 11.50 AM below.

I hereby claim the Foreign Fucked Female Domestic Worker's execution sword as my official award..

Hey Guys
I claim a winner. Earlier today (see below) I claimed that what would happen next would be one of:
“Entire 15 suspects killed in Riyadh car accidents” or
“Prince’s bum boy bodyguard admits all but commits suicide by beheading before he can be questioned.”
Check it out. Latest news is that one of the fab 15 just got killed in a Riyadh car accident!!!!!!! Of course, that will be the (fall) guy admitting to all. The Head Mongrel will say to the others – “one word and you and your family in in the middle of the Rub al Khali.

Below, BB wrote, "And Trump was elected despite losing the vote".

Huh? Doesn't BB understand that the Electoral College was instituted in the Founding Fathers' Constitution - and yes they were all men - because they had the vision to distrust the popular vote? So they ensured via the Electoral College that the people in the less populated states were not disadvantaged.

The framers of our Constitution studied the US Constitution and took that democratic check on board, establishing our Senate as a House of Review as a similar check on the sort of 'democracy' that equals mob rule.

If Australia is a federation of states why shouldn't the less populous ones have a say?



As Wentworth has been held by non-Labor since Federation, and used to be held by the conservative parties prior to Turnbull, one would think that the Australian Conservatives would field a candidate. No way. I wasted over a year with them before I woke up that they are never going anywhere.

Reporting on the Honduran convoy trying to get to the US, their GayBC tonight kept referring to them as 'migrants'. But they aren't migrants. They are invaders. And typical of socialist scum, the Hondurans are using women and children as their shock troops.

But the Don is onto them: - Go, the Don!

Mrs Ed? Yep, she's even got that fuck'n crazy horse look in the eyes down pat....

Was Turnbull popular in Wentworth because he evangelised and preached SSM ?

Update on Michael Smith's prosecution.

Wentworth going to Phelps can't be all bad. The Liberal Party will be better off without having to try to placate a bunch of wet lefties.

Channel Nines' in house smartarse, Ross Greenwood, telling us we are being ripped of by Electricity and Gas providers, with their bullshit "discounts", that's "news"?. Why wasn't this stopped by the authorities, or brought to attention by Greenwood, years ago? Probably, in the latter case, because they were paying his salary, in the former because they were too stupid!

At last Morrison has done something I agree with. He is gifting the newly awaited son of Harry & meghan a set of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie books. Couldn't get more Australian than that.

Following up on yesterdays Hot Seat discussion. Tonight, the last person in the seat the daughter of Andrew Gaze from basketball fame for a $50,000 question. First she spins some bullshit about giving half the amount to her basketball club if she wins (argh bullshit). The question she gets. What was the name of the character played by Kate Winslett in Titanic. Fair dinkum, could you think of a more difficult question for a 20 something girl.

I see the Leaders of the Sudanese community in Victoria (where else) want more access to those poor brain dead from within their community who are in Victorian gaols. Turns out this community's folks are responsible for about 10% of violent aggravated robberies in the Garden State. They are like the homeless dog you take in and it shits on your new carpet and chews the shit out of your lounge chairs.

A glance at Russian journalists attacked or killed

VW Amarok current TV advertisement is plain bloody ridiculous and in extreme bad tast for all people who have lost a love one in a car accident. The ad depicts an Amarok ute overtaking a B.Double truck overtaking another B Double truck, then the ute cutting in front to get through a steep narrow cutting. Then in the distance there is an explosion and fireball leading to the unspoken conclusion that the overtaking truck didn't make it into the cutting. And this is meant to sell these utes? Only to Dickheads.

Drake University Expelled Male Student After Female Allegedly Admitted to Sexually Assaulting Him