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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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...the heroic soldiers of the ISIS

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Muslim against Muslim, Islam against Islam. Their own graphic video documentary (below) is an account they want you to see of their atrocities. It is intended to intimidate and weaken the will of their Islamic brothers. Allah only knows how they feel about Christians.

Forty of our young Aussie boys died in this craven Middle Eastern Islamic cesspit. Do we really want to import Islamic culture to our shores or should it be kept out of sight and out of mind?

Hundreds of Australia’s Muslim youths have gone to fight with these advocates of extreme Sharia. 

When they return to our shores will they be radicalised, immune to decency, imbued with hatred, accustomed to atrocity?

Obama ordered the CIA to arm these people. Putin armed Assad to defend against them, over to you Obama, it’s your weaponry! Do you want it back now?

This lengthy documentary will never be seen in mainstream media. 

As difficult as it is to watch, perhaps it should be. We sit in our warm lounge rooms playing with our kids before we put them to bed while our Left media tell us we should respect Islamic culture... we are racist if we don’t.

The pride and joy the ISIS displays in the making of this documentary is palpable. What is missing is the pride and joy in the footage of what they did to the women and children, the rapes and beheadings. That "embarrassing" footage is on the cutting room floor.

Islam against Islam! Thank God our Baptists and Presbyterians don’t feel the same way about a variation in Christianity. 

In the mosques of our suburbs the silence of the Imams is deafening.

Allahu Akbar


Just watched part of the video..sick, sick, sick. Why does it take 6 or 7 bullets in the head to kill somebody? For the sheer joy of it!! These blood thirsty scum have no idea about right and wrong. They live to destroy everything good on this earth and by the look of the video landscape they have made a mess of it. What's that again? There are 'good' muslims and 'bad' muslims? Well, as far as I'm concerned they are all cut from the same cloth and need to be treated as such. Some wonder why the Imams are so silent? Some say their muslim neighbour is such a good bloke? Forget it!! They are all the same with some just that bit more radical than the other. Muslims who left Australia to fight are definitely not "Aussies" and their passports will be cancelled to ensure they never return!!!!

Labor and Greens would love to have em all over in Australia??????

One wonders what we left behind? The millions of dollars spent training their new army and equipping and rearming them? Why are they being rolled so easily? These thugs are mothing more than armed hooligans! A trained, disciplined well armed force should easily dispense this lot to the after life! What is our Government doing about the scum bags that are travelling there to fight with these pricks?

9/11 was an Inside Job!

OK Now that I’ve got your Attention.
The BIG Question is – WHY would these Evil Mongrels DO such a Horrendous Thing to their Fellow Americans?
The Short Answer is – GREED.
The Illuminati (AKA One World Government, AKA Agenda 21, etc. etc.) want it ALL!
All the OIL, All the Uranium, All the Gold, All the Earth.
None of the Swine will Live any Longer, but their Families will Inherit the LOT. ( Even Dumb ones like Geo.W)
9/11 was the 1st. False Flag Attacks on their Agenda.
..... It WORKED a Treat. It started the War on Terror and also the Patriot Act passed Congress.
The FINAL Goal is ... The De-Population of the Earth.
You want to live here? Too bad ....It’s for “MEMBERS ONLY”
So – Feel free to discuss this among yourselves for a while.

Ill Be BACK!

9/11 was an Inside Job >:~]

Better keep quiet about your your neighbours, they may get decapitated. I see Muslims as "sleepers" in our society, waiting their chance to flip onto the wild side. No matter if it is from the present generation, or their next generation they will always be Muslims. Don't get sucked in Brian

Excellent comment bsul. However your Muslim man is not a Muslim. No Mosque would recognise him as a "good" Muslim and many "good" Muslims would blow his brains out if given the chance. When we justifiably criticise Muslims we are referring to the real ones that are doing the work of their God as instructed by the Quran. This is why the "moderate" Muslims do not speak out against the barbarians. They don't represent the faith. How anyone could wish for the termination of a Hawthorn supporter is beyond me.

But when the proverbial hits the fan, the nice mussies will quote the Koran and escape while the rest perish. We have 'two bobs each way bills' everywhere, it seems.

Lawrence of Arabia portrayed the cool, superior British manipulating the muslims to help them win the war.. In return, Saud tribe was given central Arabia, Feisal was given Northern Arabia ( Iraq and Syria until oil found and revolution aided by communists ) .......Ironically, its the moslems who have successfully invaded Britain without a shot.....Its the moslems that own $billions of business and property around the world.......And Saudi Arabia has financed the current Sunni wars in Syria and Iraq and terrorist organisations around the world including Twin Towers - but never a harsh word from the West..

Yes Maree, and B Rugby are quite correct......In fact, there are many books spanning history up to recent times on the scurge that is islam ( I won't dignify it with a capital or describe it as a religion ).....Sadly, we never learn from history and Australia never learns from other nations' obvious mistakes.....We just follow them into war.....The politicians who govern a nation are likely to cause greater damage than a foreign enemy..

If anyone is & wants to SUPPORT another evil group, and publicly announces it in AUSTRALIA too. They are worthy or needed to remain in our country after it ! Let's supply them a 1 way ticket back to those they wanta support in person, with their family included......

The late Peter O'Toole best summed it up in a line from Lawrence of Arabia "As long as the Arabs fight tribe againt tribe, they always will be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barberous & cruel"

BRIAN: And who would these "nice" Muslims side with in a showdown…???

Most probably want to live their lives in peace and don't want to draw attention to themselves . I personally don't fear Muslims, while realising some need to be dealt with harshly.

Hotrocks those are the ones that are supposed to represent the "religion of peace"why are they scared if Islam is so peaceful. They should outnumber the radical "ones 100.000:1. There is no reason for fear. If there is shouldn't we the one be even more fearful?

brian, the ones you refer to who live around the corner from you, does the wife and little girl where that whateveryou call it around the head? If not, then they are probably ones that just want to assimilate and think of themselves as true Australians, maybe don't even go near a mosque. And I suspect they don't want to speak out, as I wouldn't if I was in their position. Why would I want to draw attention to myself if I don't practice the religion? They are probably like most conservative Australians who don't want to march and screech in the streets.

If you want more recent, how about the Crusade that killed thousands of Jews, sanctioned by the church? Terrorism in the UK and Northern Ireland?. The IRA even raised money here in Australia. That was in my time.

I was wondering where 2 twats was , apparently she has emerged from he cave and said she would move a motion to allow 500k Iraqi,s into Australia on T P V,S what a moronic idiot

Interesting that shortarse got a big mention again. Should he step down ?

They might be too scared Ing.

Brian but those are the ones who are not speaking out against those radicals. That is a very disturbing fact. If Islam calls to arms in any country they are in would those "nice "Muslims be opposed and stand with us or would they go for the gun?