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Friday, 19th October 2018

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... it's just Islam that is bad

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The nasty taste of a disastrous Islamic immigration experiment should not extend to all immigrants. We can credit good immigrants with contributing to our lifestyle, our wealth and our standing as a first-world Asian power but, as Howard said, “We will choose who comes here” and that makes today’s High Court ruling a critical high-water mark on the boat battle.

But, as many bloggers suggest should happen, no responsible Australian government will ignore the UN or breach international treaties and nor will we ignore our High Court’s rulings. To do that would be to degrade our standing as a nation and undo 200 years’ standing as a responsible nation. 

The High Court has already shown its dislike for Scott Morrison’s “Sovereign Borders” by ruling his cap on boat arrival places, and his temporary protection visas “invalid” after the Senate voted down his attempt to re-introduce them in March this year. Let’s see which way Clive jumps on this one.

But that’s no problem anyway now there are no boat arrivals to invoke High Court rulings regarding visas or caps.

The High Court has predictably nestled itself comfortably somewhere between Left and hard Left ever since its Chief Justice, Sir Garfield Barwick advised Sir John Kerr how to deal with Whitlam.

So today you can count on the High Court remaining true to type and overruling the elected Executive. Yesterday’s successful application for an interim injunction is a huge victory for the Left and designed to effectively scuttle Abbott’s “turn-back” policy. 

But the ABC’s and Fairfax’s delight will be short-lived because Abbott and Morrison have already morphed “turn-back” into “come-and-get” by cleverly massaging and bribing Indonesia’s and Sri Lanka’s corrupt militaries... something Labor, the ABC and Fairfax declared an impossibility.

Morrison’s mistake was to truncate processing of Tamils on board an Australian vessel, which acknowledged our receipt of the refugees, rather than simply ensuring their safety until the Sri Lankan navy arrived. 

That action makes the High Court’s decision even easier.

Regardless, Morrison’s signature “Sovereign Borders” will be safe from High Court rulings and the Left’s ideology as long as conservative practicality rules.


fellow Posters – fellow Australian's

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I would entreat you to email :-

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Use your right to advise your representatives in your Parliament what your attitude is and repeat your views expressed here.

Stop whinging, get positive.

After being drummed into him from birth that his culture was superior 15yr Arsmel realised nothing could be further from the truth. "Hey dad our prophet is a sham and I'm leaving the faith." "Son, when your cousin Kutwat turns 10 she will be forced to marry you. You may have 4 wives. When you are 50 another 10yr old if you desire. You can have 40 kids and claim a huge disability pension like me and all your uncles. You may kill the hard working infidel, take all his wealth and his wife and daughter for sex slaves and besides if you leave we'll kill you. What say you now Arsmel?" ..........." May peace be upon the prophet Dad. May peace be upon the prophet."

Who the fat Labor goof on the ABC, he's got a bad lisp and a mouth full of crooked teeth spitting and splattering all over the screen

Ignoring the UN should be a requird subject in our high schools

Looks like the old Fun ship, P and O fair Star the [email protected]$K ship.

Forget a sentence, a bullet would be far more effective!

Obama's watch and ring are being repaired. what a load of shit. He is a muslim and cant wear jewelry during whogivesadam

let Israel sort it out, they don't stuff around

It's not bad enough that we let lawyers stuff up our lives, now we have them over-ruling our elected Government. This is not a constitutional issue.

We should start by speed processing ex-muslim asylum seekers into Australia, you know, the people who have grown up and thrown the shackles. Let's start with Film Producer, Imran Firasat who has a warrant for his arrest issued in Spain for critising Islam in his animated biography of the life of 53 year old Muhammad and his 9 year old "bride" Aisha. Yes, cartoons again, only this time it's all undeniable.

I would have thought UN would have too much on its plate with the rank atrocities in Iraq and Syria. Where are they? Where's their Serajevo type response. When any other country doesn't want to listen to them they don't. Over here puffing their chest out. Go and do your job that you were formed for instead of pestering law abiding western countries. ..... oh dear, what a tragedy!

also believe the UN has generated more death/ wars/ damage to our world/ over population, poverty and general misery that any other government or movement on earth. It should be destroyed. We need to close all boards to all western counties. Let the waring nations sort their own mess out. Then we would allow the natural world to settle down to a more balance plant.

Maybe when the Moslems take over they may give the older Australians and infidels Tasmania to live in. Perhaps New Zealand May be a place we could seek asylum.

We are now all paying for this prick Whitlam. I was 18 years old when he was sacked. It was a great day for Australia. But the seeds of damage had been sown. Look at the Labor and Green today. The social engineering that has stuffed this country for generations to come. I hope you all rot in hell.


(The road to total subsumation – our obliteration)

Resulting in the inevitable loss of our Australian identity and democracy

Moslem numbers increase (moslem fertility rate (7) cf. Australia (1.3)
Increasing radical numbers (asylum seekers, family sponsorship etc)
foreign countries place agents (organize, threaten, train personnel, speakers)
Islamic education programs (school visits, media portrayals, church visits)
Slow infiltration of all levels of society (political, public and private, sports, clubs)
Extorting us (Halal certification, welfare fraud)
Large increase in violent crime (shootings, gang rape, street violence)
Open disrespect (for our Christian religions, family values and traditions)
Strategic mosque building (funding from Halal extortion, Saudi Arabia, Iran)
Growing legal and political support

15% of population Moslem (a tipping point)
Louder and more aggressive demands for religious privileges
Mushrooming Islamic ghettos (with Islamic councils)
Sharia Law recognised for certain areas (applies to non-Moslem as well)
More open hostility towards Christian churches and traditions
Severe criticism of our Australian way of life (anti-Western sentiment)
Mosque numbers rapidly increasing (loudspeakers - “call to prayer”)
Education for girls restricted (house duties only)
Australian non-Moslem population still failing to recognise the dangers
Early calls for changes to our constitution
Gang rapes and other violence has risen dramatically
Attacks on churches

65% to 705 of population Moslem
Many Moslem MP's and senior bureaucrats
Moslems hold key positions in law enforcement (and military – ADF)
Sharia law widespread
Non-Moslem victimization (loss of jobs,
Forced closure of some businesses
Fearful non-Moslem population
Many Australians have departed the country (led by Labor /Greens no doubt)
Early attempts to form loose knit cells of resistance (Australian Freedom Fighters)
Floodgates open to Moslem immigrants and businesses (untended contracts awared)
Christian schools forced to close (in some areas)
Street punishments for wrongful dress and behaviour

4. MOSLEMS NOW CONTROL AUSTRALIA - (65 to 70 years from now)
Australian constitution totally re-written
A majority vote totally removes our democratic government
ADF quash last remaining vestiges of the Australian Freedom Fighters
Failing economy and nationalised mining and financial sectors
Crumbling and inadequate infrastructure
Zero public services and welfare
Allied to Middle-East and Moslem SE Asia
Sharia Law across the country
Property values crashed
Public executions (stonings, hangings)
Australian history erased
Freedom of the press a distant memory (leftist journalists have fled or executed)


The Rudd labor government took power on 3 Dec 2007.

o Chief Justice French AC, 1 September 2008 – labor appointed
o Justice Hayne AC, 22 September 1997
o Justice Crennan AC, 8 November 2005
o Justice Kiefel AC, 3 September 2007
o Justice Bell AC, 3 February 2009 – labor appointed
o Justice Gageler, 9 October 2012 – labor appointed
o Justice Keane, 5th March 2013 – labor appointed
Four out of seven High Court judges

How do you think the High Court will rule on intercepting and returning illegals ?

Question :…. If the government is prevented from returning illegals,…how do we stop hundreds of thousands from invading and settling in Australia.

My Answer :….. We can’t - and it will be an economic / cultural disaster for Australians.

Do you have an alternative, feasible solution to counter hostile senate and the anticipated High Court ruling ?

OT Larry can we please discuss the following matters:

1. We seriously need a referendum on the the makeup of the senate so that numbers become representative of population distribution. The electoral system we have at present is clearly anti-democratic on 2 counts in that:
i) Smaller population states have exaggerated say over larger populated states
ii) The 2PP system is a mockery in that a person with 1500 votes beats a person who has 150,000.
2. In the same referendum we should vote on how to remove the politicisation of the federal judiciary selection, because we all know that most are Labor appointees who are expected to return favours, aside from them being left-inclined as well. I defy anyone to state they are not politically motivated appointees.

Well Larry? Get your pen out

Australia should think seriously about leaving the UN.