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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


The Daily Mail has reported that a pub in Sydney is hosting a F*** Pauline Hanson party. They are billing it as a day of inclusiveness. Seriously!!! How many Muslims will be going to go to a pub?

Were the organisers that drunk that they forgot alcohol is actually haram and that Muslims can face up to 80 lashes for consuming alcohol? How ignorant can these people be?

I wonder if they mean to be inclusive of an ideology that promotes incitement to violence, hatred of homosexuals, abuse to women and an array of other distasteful promotions.

It has been proven that halal certification profits fund mosques and schools where these textbooks are upheld as the word of Allah. The Quran and Hadiths are supposed holy books that contain these very sacred commands from their so-called prophet and their so-called god Allah. These #textbooksforterrorism explicitly contain hate speech and incitement to violence.

The organisers of this hate promotion party are obviously not concerned about the millions of dollars raised through halal certification that funds the promotion of such texts – but you know what – plenty of Aussie consumers are. That was evident in the almost 1500 submissions to the senate inquiry last year and confirmed by the committee’s findings.

     Dastyari prefers to be known as "Dasher" but most people know him as Mister Bean

And where is chairman of the Senate Inquiry Senator Sam Dastyari’s outrage and condemnation of a group so filled with hate that they can promote and host a F*** Pauline Hanson Party – a woman elected by Australian voters?

Imagine if we held a F*** Sam Dastyari party!

Imagine if we held a F*** Halal party! The outrage would be tangible and every left wing social justice warrior would be on the war path. The spineless feminazi’s would whinge and whine and carry on for days if it was a F*** Clementine Ford Party.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe Sam is trying to make it up to his halal pals for saying, “Some certifiers are nothing more than scammers. This has undermined public confidence and, in the committee’s view, amplified the perceived seriousness of any shortcomings that may exist” he said.

“It is an inescapable fact that halal certification is poorly understood, and arguably under-regulated, certainly in the domestic market. This compromises the integrity of the system and has allowed questionable conduct by certifiers of questionable expertise, and questionable intent.”

Maybe Sam’s halal pals are upset that the senate recommendations include clear labelling and taking away the ability to profiteer and now he has to suck up to them? They would be pretty dirty I imagine that the report actually confirms what I have been saying for 5 years!

See the recommendations here from the senate inquiry:

I urge you to keep writing to your local MPs and ask them to implement the senate recommendations. I know I won’t let up until they do. Also ask them why an elected member of the Senate is able to be subject of such appalling hate speech and organised parties being thrown to promote such hate.

Ask them why Sam Dastyari is not held to account over his reprehensible behaviour and silence about the true findings of the senate inquiry.

There is still a lot of work to be done and I strongly encourage you to stay on it.

Comments Looks like Brown is about to give Bandt a deep tongue kiss.....or even a root! With Pruneface as the voyeur

Great stuff Lights... couldn't have said it any better!

smart AND sweet :-)

Can we get this to all the whinging people here crying ‘Racist’ and forever playing ‘the victim card’.
Can this one man make a difference the world urgently needs ? Cut and paste .

Anyone know what Oldfield is up to since he got chucked out of the NSW Upper House?

Doesn't this come under the description of being offensive. Haven't others been fined and convicted for vilification or is Ms. Hanson the nation's punching bag you can attack without fear?

I forgot the question mark, because I have no idea of the question

I highly recommend, Wolf J Flywheel as a competent mouthpiece. Is Andrew Carne the brother of Willie Carne. Be careful young man.

I will pay that one cruel bastard. 10$.....nine dollars change please.

I'm entrenched with you Lights.

Our NSW Premier banned the wrong Dogs . Oldfield for a start , even if he did do it for Tony . he denied at the time so at least his second wife now knows what the first wife always knew. Kiss and tell is just not on in my world . My Chihuahua would disown me if I did something like that.. >>> That Q&A , sad cases and the public purse pays for that shxt. . The only one with a brain was Hanson

No fool like an old fool, is there? Women aren't commonly found in trenches.

how about a f*** the Grand Pufti party...

Turkey is stuffed...Islamic 60,000 sure they are all Christians ..then says he will bring back the death penalty..this could be Australia say ten years...if they flood more in here.

Bruce, you stick out a mile.

Right on Lights... have left a message elsewhere... hope you are able to access.

You have no idea what's in other folks' lives Bruce. You bully and puff off your own consequence when it suits, then cry victim when someone takes you on. Larry set up this site so that all types of people can enjoy his & guests' articles, subsequent discussion of such topical issues as are raised, and interaction with other forum visitors. Taking human nature into account, it is a fairly colourful place to exchange views. When not ambushed/dragged down by the genuinely ill-intentioned, it is a most enjoyable forum, esp. for those who may be - a little or considerably - isolated by their circumstances. It is Larry's privilege to set all parameters for site users, and your words “The calibre of some posters here raises serious questions” are pretty pompous/arrogant. We all have our favourite “hobby horses” so far as subject matter goes, and I like the range of other posters’ views, opinions, experiences etc. You constantly harp on about one person and re-hash a 20 year old story. That’s it. That’s all. You are hardly in a position to criticise the “calibre” of other posters.

Here's a fascinating interview with Syria's President Bashar al Assad. The ABC routinely refers to his government as the Assad 'regime' even though international observers sad it was a fair and democratic election. He speaks perfect English too so you can make up your own minds:

Interestingly he said, "Russian politics is not based on deals" but on principles. The West is now so depraved it doesn't understand the word 'principles' any more.

The main business of America is war. Their economy depends on war.


Its too far off the ground to eat grass !!