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Friday, 14th December 2018

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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


It must be great being a pessimist. When you always expect the worst, surprises are usually pleasant ones. Little wonder then that pessimism is so popular.

There is one endeavour however, where pessimism is just not an option and that is when you are fighting.

Years ago, when I was infinitely more stupid than I am now, I used to occasionally climb into a ring with a dedicated martial arts expert who was determined to pound my face to a pulp. Looking back, it was one of the craziest things I ever did whilst sober.

                       An optimistic Harry at the Ferntree Gully Hotel in Melbourne in 1989 

If you are going to indulge in such a pastime, it pays to have a really great trainer and I was lucky enough to have one of the best. My trainer was a huge West Indian guy called Lincoln. It wasn’t Lincoln’s size that was so impressive however, it was his incredible aptitude for strategy.

Of the many things he pounded into me, one stands out above all others. “If you climb into that ring with any doubts at all” he told me (between blows), “I guarantee that you will lose.”

I have come to realise since, that this advice doesn't just apply to Thai boxing. It applies to every kind of fighting. Once you are convinced that you are going to win, the only consideration becomes, “how am I going to do it?”

That isn’t to say that boundless optimism will get you over the line every time. The Light Brigade found that out to their dismay on a particularly disappointing Wednesday afternoon in the Crimea.

While optimism isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success however, pessimism leads to defeat every time.

A stark example of this was provided for us in Mohammed’s day. A group of Jews lived in an Arabian town called Fadak. When their neighbours in Khybar were overrun by Mohammed’s army, they became so pessimistic that they threw in the towel before the bell had even rung.

Whether or not they might have been a match for Mohammed’s forces is something we will never know. What we do know, is that they submitted to the Islamic semi slavery of dhimmitude without so much as a whimper.

By comparison, some twenty centuries before the opening of the first green grocers shop, a group of 300 Greek optimists wedged themselves into a narrow coastal pass at Thermopylae. 

From there, they stared down an army of a million Iranians who were determined to barge their way into Greece, without so much as a fake Syrian passport between them.

Sadly, they were not eventually successful in holding back the invading forces, (thanks largely to a local traitor whose descendants went on to run the ABC, allegedly). Their incredible resolve however, is thought to have been a contributing factor to the pessimism of the Iranians from that time on. The unfortunate invaders eventually turned tail and tried to retreat home.

Sadly, in a shocking breach of their human rights, the Spartans flat out refused to pack them enough food for the return journey. Consequently, most of the invaders starved to death on the way back leaving the Western world safe from attack for centuries.

When I first started my own personal war, I was actually quite jealous of the Spartans. What wouldn’t I have given for another 299 mates backing me up. Why couldn’t I be facing just a million berserk Middle Easterners instead of 1.2 billion? Wouldn’t it be great to have just one traitor in my camp, instead of an entire Parliament full of them?

Despite this, once I understood what I was up against, I never for a moment doubted that I would beat them. This was not just because of Lincoln’s advice. It was because I could see their weakness and knew that once we understood what we were fighting, that they would have no chance.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of optimistic Australians standing shoulder to shoulder with me, how can I possibly doubt our victory? Every day brings more support, with Bob Katter the latest (but surely not the last) politician to join the growing number on our side.

I understand of course, that not everyone can share my optimism. We are all different people with different personalities. If you can’t help but feel pessimistic about the outcome of this fight, I get that.

I would ask just one thing of you however. Pessimism is contagious so please don’t share it around. Don’t share it at the pub where you could affect dozens of people. Especially, please don’t share it online where you could affect millions.

You can fake anything online, including optimism. By doing so, you might convince many others that we can win. Heck, you might even convince yourself and if pessimists challenge you online, send them this article.

One thing I am sure of is that once we are all convinced of success, this fight will take on a whole new dimension. When that happens, we will find out how much resolve our enemy really has. 

Frankly, I think that will turn out to be quite a surprise, even for an optimist like me.


the Weekend Australian (just gone) page 10 covered this story also...'New Spiders Not So Incy Wincy"...Mrs Aussie, plenty of spiders as big as your hand in suburban Brisbane. About 11pm one night years ago when I lived there, one appeared from nowhere on my night stand. It paused for a few seconds, doing some light aerobic leg bends, but when I screamed (long and loud) it vanished. Left me behind, thanking the good Lord for inventing mosquito nets. I have still never yet again, seen one that big, anywhere else, and fervently hope I never do, esp. at such close quarters.

Every conversation I try to have about Islam is invariably met with protests about all the nice Muslims people know personally. Just as with Catholicism, Muslims accept and practice various aspects of the faiths. For example, many Catholics accept same sex marriage and priests marrying. Rome does not. Rome prescribes the tenets of Roman Catholicism, just as the Koran and Hadiths prescribe Islam. The conversation needs to be about Islam, not Muslims, just as it must be about The Vatican, not Catholics. Human beings in the main are intrinsically good. People generally don't consciously choose their religion, they're born and raised in it. Most passively resist the more repugnant aspects of their faiths by failing to observe those bits in their daily lives. Lets talk about Islam, not people.

They've had to cancel the pantomime Jack And The Beanstalk in Birmingham, Oldham, Bradford, Burnley, Leicester and Luton.

The giant couldn't smell any Englishmen.

Harry, your profile pic looks like a mid mannered reporter named Clark Kent, but it seems that when you strip down to your action gear your alter ego is more like Superman.

A must read, so bloody realistic.

Well, Donna You know what they say about dogs and horses. Ive had dogs from the age of 4 , that's 63 yrs , never had a bad one. , did have a stupid kelpie / collie cross in the Jackarooing days. Working dogs get less slack. The blackest day in anydogs life is when you have to say goodbye because they sence your upset. People who dont like animals , k9 , feline , equine , have to be treated with the upmost suspicion IE members of the Islamic Culture.

The only good dog is a hot-dog, I can bite it and it can't bite back.

How many non-combatant Muslims were killed by Nazi Germany?

IF (!!!???!!?) Germany is to pay penance and must take in 6 million for those exterminated during WW2, then surely they should be Semitic?

Lot to be said for the Christian Ethic Donna . I'm sitting here in my electric lounge chair on a beautiful sunny day on the Peninsula with Archie , Joffas brother , asleep on the corner of my rug at my feet. Lovley . !!

Thinking of changing to BILLY WMLC . Naaaa ! Probably a bit too in for a dig .

The Master Race theory......

Just another one for the list of why Melbourne is the Worlds Most Livable City.

When I was a teenager and had just started work the oldest bloke in the office was a bit of a drinker. He purchased a raffle ticket in the pub and won a duck. It was alive. He didn't want a living duck so he raffled it off. True story.

Yes I was a captive and brutalised by the modern version of Mengeles for about 20 years...the psychiatrists....I was lucky to survive the abuse. I made an uninformed error of judgement in ever deciding to consult the shrinks.....decades of horror followed.

Josef Mengele obtained his training in a German genetics institute funded by the Rockefeller Foundation not unlike today's Clinton Foundation.

Hitler obtained his ideas while in prison from reading the American geneticists who in turn obtained their ideas from then British Fabians. GB Shaw first suggested gas chambers and two of Hitler's heroes and mentors were Henry Ford and Marie Stopes.

Apparently.....all is about hatred and punishment of the West by their own.

If more moslems were like Susan Carland and less like Wally Weed they would get on better in Australia.