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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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But only after black people become rich and successful

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Destitute Aboriginal men, addicted to alcohol, reside in river beds, content with Aboriginal women who beat each other up before the men get drunk enough to beat them all up. And where are the kids?

Who bloody cares. And who cares about Aboriginal culture when fame and fortune beckon? 

Why don’t Aboriginal footballers take a nubile Aboriginal wife to nurture and extend their precious cultural experience?  Does this preference for white people emerge only after a football player receives above $100,000 a game, or is awarded "Australian of the Year"?

                                       SA footballer Eddie Betts and partner

Only then can an Aborigine afford a proper house in a proper suburb with a garden and a letter box with a number on it and of course a sparkling new BMW SUV in the driveway.

But it’s not just about Aborigines, it’s about colour in general. White people are mostly colour blind, I know I am… black people are not! To them a white person is to be reviled as a baby-snatching, murderous invader… that is until the trophies get handed out. 

Only then does a white partner become a necessary trophy to exhibit their success, a newfound wealth and/or notoriety.

Adam Goodes’ shocking verbal attack on a 12 year-old white girl during a football game in front of 80,000 people was largely praised by the Left as culturally acceptable. But it was culturally unacceptable for that same young white girl, as a paying attendant, to verbally attack Goodes. 

He demanded security remove her from the ground and she was questioned for hours alone, without her parents.

                                                       Goodes with wife

                              Successful black women also need white trophies

                                     Serena Williams wins her prize white guy

A few short years ago a tearfully opportunistic Kevin Rudd led Australia in a “sorry” event asking forgiveness for “the stolen generation” of the fifties. 

Now Australia is pleading with the Government to embark on another “stolen generation” because white people can’t stand the thought of generations of black children as young as two being raped. 

And it's we white people who don't care!... WTF?

   Interracial coupling is good on every front... it's the double standard that's appalling

Until we all stop this white guilt and accept that it is whites, and not blacks, who shell out $30 billion a year to achieve the best possible for Aborigines, we will all suffer from this cultural excuse for worsening bad behaviour. 

This is my country too…and how do I know that?

Because I was born here long before you were!


Governments fall over backward to pay Aboriginals for white guilt.

Right on. Double standards are the rule. Being white is not necessarily being privileged. Governments have fallen over backwards to rid themselves of the white guilt associated with Aboriginals.

Failed your English reading test again Stoney. Is English spoken at home??

"pelican Mon 16 Jul 2018 04:06:03 pm
Israel funds hamas"

Good info. Shad. Thanks. Facts are cryptonite to intrepid Yid Busters. :-))

Not sure what I could have done about it Troop. There's millions of false posts out there in cyber land, and I don't want to waste my fellows PP's time reporting on them all. My reasoning for comment to yours now, was that you posted it and I remembered reading this some years ago. No offence intended. pure info Old Son. And NO I won't end up voting Labor.

You left out Meghan

BlackDuck43 Mon 16 Jul 2018 09:25:43 pm
Trey Gowdy is my guy. Common sense,free from PC, is his main attribute. I could listen to him for hours.
Key House Republican Trey Gowdy says 'Russia attacked this ( USA ) country in 2016'
Putin's poodle says he can not see why they would

Yes MR Shadow, don't forget to remind MRS Shadow to tuck her chin hairs under her pillow.

Tiggy is just sloppy, to be expected from such an evil creation.

Apart from the pictured Freeman, Australia's most famous Aboriginal sportswomen are Nova Peris and Evonne Goolagong, who both also married white men.

Totally agree with you, Brian.Tiger baby seems to exist on another planet as he never makes much sense.

Goodnight Dottie, get back to the galvanised gunya before the frost hits.


Trey Gowdy is my guy. Common sense,free from PC, is his main attribute. I could listen to him for hours.



Trump and Vlad live...

Sebastian Gorka on fire.

"Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka lauds the President's UK visit"
Channel 4 News
Published on 14 Jul 2018
"Sebastian Gorka's interview with Channel 4 News, discussing Donald Trump holding Theresa May's hand and the President's interview with the Sun."

Putin Trump meeting...Dems are stressed, fake media are insane, I just watched CNN fake news and they are just weird and ....pfft, I can't even describe their fakery , it's intense and a sense of foreboding. As if there is imminent danger. Of what? Truth.

Imagine if the world is about to actually change , for better or worse? If Putin actually has the truth of the Clinton Obama CIA deepstate corruption ....and is willing to tell, has the proof, all the facts, decades of manufactured CIA deepstate warring.

The mad left Dems would have reason to be shitting themselves.

By the way...It is true that Obama absconded and landed in his own country of Kenya today to catch up with his family. old ancestors or maybe pickup an 'extract of entry' ...modified version. and maybe go into hiding.

LOL, gender fluidity or gender confused? ... LOL

The Shadow Mon 16 Jul 2018 11:29:43 am
Privacy concerns as usual... opted out. Mrs Shadow has the same concerns and has also opted out.