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Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

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But only after black people become rich and successful

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Destitute Aboriginal men, addicted to alcohol, reside in river beds, content with Aboriginal women who beat each other up before the men get drunk enough to beat them all up. And where are the kids?

Who bloody cares. And who cares about Aboriginal culture when fame and fortune beckon? 

Why don’t Aboriginal footballers take a nubile Aboriginal wife to nurture and extend their precious cultural experience?  Does this preference for white people emerge only after a football player receives above $100,000 a game, or is awarded "Australian of the Year"?

                                       SA footballer Eddie Betts and partner

Only then can an Aborigine afford a proper house in a proper suburb with a garden and a letter box with a number on it and of course a sparkling new BMW SUV in the driveway.

But it’s not just about Aborigines, it’s about colour in general. White people are mostly colour blind, I know I am… black people are not! To them a white person is to be reviled as a baby-snatching, murderous invader… that is until the trophies get handed out. 

Only then does a white partner become a necessary trophy to exhibit their success, a newfound wealth and/or notoriety.

Adam Goodes’ shocking verbal attack on a 12 year-old white girl during a football game in front of 80,000 people was largely praised by the Left as culturally acceptable. But it was culturally unacceptable for that same young white girl, as a paying attendant, to verbally attack Goodes. 

He demanded security remove her from the ground and she was questioned for hours alone, without her parents.

                                                       Goodes with wife

                              Successful black women also need white trophies

                                     Serena Williams wins her prize white guy

A few short years ago a tearfully opportunistic Kevin Rudd led Australia in a “sorry” event asking forgiveness for “the stolen generation” of the fifties. 

Now Australia is pleading with the Government to embark on another “stolen generation” because white people can’t stand the thought of generations of black children as young as two being raped. 

And it's we white people who don't care!... WTF?

   Interracial coupling is good on every front... it's the double standard that's appalling

Until we all stop this white guilt and accept that it is whites, and not blacks, who shell out $30 billion a year to achieve the best possible for Aborigines, we will all suffer from this cultural excuse for worsening bad behaviour. 

This is my country too…and how do I know that?

Because I was born here long before you were!


Governments fall over backward to pay Aboriginals for white guilt.

Right on. Double standards are the rule. Being white is not necessarily being privileged. Governments have fallen over backwards to rid themselves of the white guilt associated with Aboriginals.

You left out Meghan

Apart from the pictured Freeman, Australia's most famous Aboriginal sportswomen are Nova Peris and Evonne Goolagong, who both also married white men.



Trump and Vlad live...

Sebastian Gorka on fire.

"Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka lauds the President's UK visit"
Channel 4 News
Published on 14 Jul 2018
"Sebastian Gorka's interview with Channel 4 News, discussing Donald Trump holding Theresa May's hand and the President's interview with the Sun."

Tigerbalm (professor of convoluted reasoning. AP. BJ.) has been hard at it today here on Pickering Post as opposed to being hard at it on another homosexual. Tige has really excelled itself with a series of comments centered on male violence against women. And, as to be expected, those posts reinforce our understanding of why Tige holds a professorship in convoluted reasoning. It has mixed facts with fantasy, Tige's sweeping statements becoming indicative of everyday behaviour, according to Tige. Facts that are basically true are cast about like black paint in an attempt to talk up a Tige line, even though when analysed they mean very little when measured against reality.

Putin Trump meeting...Dems are stressed, fake media are insane, I just watched CNN fake news and they are just weird and ....pfft, I can't even describe their fakery , it's intense and a sense of foreboding. As if there is imminent danger. Of what? Truth.

Imagine if the world is about to actually change , for better or worse? If Putin actually has the truth of the Clinton Obama CIA deepstate corruption ....and is willing to tell, has the proof, all the facts, decades of manufactured CIA deepstate warring.

The mad left Dems would have reason to be shitting themselves.

By the way...It is true that Obama absconded and landed in his own country of Kenya today to catch up with his family. old ancestors or maybe pickup an 'extract of entry' ...modified version. and maybe go into hiding.

Call in the myth busters!

So now we have the Thais weeping and wailing outside the cave where the boys were. Oh, please, just like after the Bali bombing, the locals were sitting in a circle singing the equiv to Kum by ya. Out the back the Aussies were dealing with the hurt people, or making sandwiches to feed the workers that were actually doing something useful. What a bunch of wankers. And OUR ABC thinks this is worthy of a headline. Get a life you pack of useless virtue signalers.

Only just caught up with this. Hilarious!......

Remember my reply to a previous occasion you cut ‘n pasted that snide little “White House Iftar” comment Billy? Well I do. Like a broken record, you're again insinuating Trump is ineffective, even hypocritical, regarding his early campaign pledge to prevent further entry into the US of all Muslims.

Here it is again;


Yeah, that's real nice Billy. Being a little sarcastic? Or did you just forget to read the subtitles of that diplomatic nicety from the President:

“Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the Hell is going on (i.e. Until Hell freezes over). We have no choice, we have no choice.”

“I think Islam hates us.”

“Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anyone the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

Knowingly or otherwise, Trump was alluding to one of the most highly attested doctrines in Islam, that of Al Wala’ W’al Baraa, literally the loyalty and the disavowal, or more straightforwardly, the love of all things Islamic and the hatred of all things non Islamic. You need to brush up on this doctrine Billy. Everyone does — including the President.


Trump never gave any undertaking not to sell arms to the Saudis or cease business with any Muslim country. The Deep State, Dhimmicrats, seditious Federal Court judges, the enemedia, the lunatic left, none have been making his task any easier in keeping that pledge. Like countless others, I'd like to see not only every Muslim, irrespective of their “race, skin colour or ethnicity“ prevented from further entry into the USA along with Australia and every Western nation — I'd like to see them all deported!

Not once but twice, the US Supreme Court has upheld Trump’s Executive Order banning entry of all persons from six, predominantly Muslim nations. In spite of this, several treasonous Federal Court judges persist in openly thwarting its full implementation. There is, of course, a second, as yet undeclared Civil war in the US between conservative patriots, the true defenders of the Republic and Constitution — and its many enemies. Perhaps it's nearing the time where it will be necessary to dispatch SWAT teams, line traitors up against a wall, and swiftly reeducate them (we don't advocate violence here on PP).

Who'd you like to have seen become President? That buffoon, the champagne socialist Bernie Sanders, who’s never done a real day’s work in his life? Mummy's boy and wimpy kid Jeb from the Bush Dynasty? That incompetent, corrupt, entitled, venal, sickly, haggard, criminal bitch the Hildabeast herself? The fact Donald Trump isn't a former politician, working on little other than their perks and pension, as most do, but instead a highly successful businessman, a man who actually accomplished things — that is one of his great strengths!

Perhaps the US does have a few faults, or has made an odd misstep in the past. These are minor compared to what's at stake. Little more than the United States stands between a world in which there's hope for the survival of democracy, freedom and human rights — and their permanent extinguishment. There won't be anywhere to seek refuge, not Switzerland, New Zealand, Iceland, nowhere, if the US is ever subjugated by its enemies. The Donald knows what's at stake as well as anyone, and he's in the hot seat.

I believe in Donald Trump. So should you.

A blonde goes to the doctor and the doctor says, “the sickness you’ve been feeling is because you’re pregnant”. Surprised she says, “Are You sure it’s mine?”

Check out this flock of sausages.
"Stelter: Trump and Putin can't be trusted
Published on 15 Jul 2018
CNN's Brian Stelter says that we may never know what happens during the Helsinki summit because both President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have proven over and over that they can't be trusted."

The temporary US Embassy is clearly the temple foretold.

We are receiving more and more gut-wrenching stories and emails from both NSW and VIC police officers who are being ill-treated both by the “force” and, yep, by their workers comp insurer aka as Metlife…and wonder what the hell is going on?!! Bullying within the police force appears rife and on the increase, and once a police officer is injured – whether physically or psychologically- their nightmares truly begin.

What the ef is going on within the police force and with Metlife?

A police officer’s story

We are both police officers in the NSWPF or in my wife’s case to be medically discharged next [day/week/month] with not even a hand shake.

I am back at work because it is the only way we can survive without losing everything we have worked so hard to achieve but it is taking its toll and I don’t tell my wife as I don’t want to add anymore pressure that what she is already under.

I go to work with great fear of senior officers and fear of being screwed over and it isn’t making my depression and anxiety disorders which the organisation has caused me by giving me no support for doing the right thing and reporting police corruption.

It is coming to the point that I don’t want to wake up and deal with these feelings any more but can let my wife and (children) down and put them through trauma for the rest of there lives.


Trump will recognise Putin's claim on the Crimea and quite rightly so! And there was no Russian meddling on the election. How do I know this? A wee birdy told me!