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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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…how the hell do they communicate?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Would”? I really meant “wouldn’t” explained Trump. Well, if you believe that you probably believe our ABC is politically neutral. But the media was far too busy revelling in an apparent Trump stuff-up to listen to what he actually said. 

This is what he said as his correction: “I have full confidence in US intel agencies…under my people”. Under his people? So in 2016 he had no confidence in the Obama intel crew led by the despicable deplorables in Brennan and Clapper, with some assistance from a treasonous Obama, Comey, Lynch and Hillary. How could any ally except Turnbull and Shorten have confidence in that pond scum? 

                                                      The treasonous trio

2016? Wasn’t it then that the claimed Russian “interference” was at its height paying for cheap ads on Facebook of all things? So Trump hasn’t apologised for anything, and nor should he, he has just confirmed his mistrust in US intel only at the time of the election process and the hyperventilating media completely missed it!

He has just indicated complete trust in US intel now, so the Dow arrested a serious fall, Theresa and Angela breathed a sigh of relief and Turnbull is still trying to figure out WTF he said.

The phosphorescent hatred of Trump has left responsible journalism wallowing in its                                                                         wake. 

International espionage games have been played by all nations always and they never own up to it. Yet the Left has no fear of China who is targeting the most harmful retaliatory tariffs to affect States that Trump will have difficulty retaining.

Bugger all to worry about when the Chinks stole the blueprints for the new ASIO edifice in Canberra. No, the in thing according to Bob Carr, Plibersek and Sam Dastyari is that Russia must be the enemy now. Why? It was Putin who killed off ISIS in al Raqqa…something Obama could never do, as he refused to allow a soldier to kill a Muslim unless the Muslim killed him first. 

Without Russia we might all be speaking German now.

But words like “Russophobia” do matter and French words are even more descriptive… you see the French language has no equivalent of the word “fuck”. How the hell they communicate without it is a mystery! 

So they were forced to invent brilliantly meaningful words that explain the most nuanced of thoughts without the “F” bomb… words like “détente”, a word that Trump used without even knowing it.


The word “détente” was an order given by French generals to their archers in medieval times of heightened conflict. It literally meant to relax all tensioned bow strings while still keeping the arrows and bolts in place. 

Detente set aside time to spend talking to each other rather than killing each other. Our stilted versions would have been words like “ceasefire”, “armistice”, “truce” or similar, which are all designed to be broken.

The word “détente” indicates far more than what English can offer and only Reagan came close with, “Trust but verify”.

Trump has just exercised the true meaning of “détente” and he offered it to Putin who appears to have understood it! Clearly the Left has never even heard of it,

…and to understand its meaning is far too much to ask of CNN or our ABC and Fairfax.




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The headline should be that younger women slept with rich old Trump with intent to blackmail him.

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4th of July Zombies - Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate Fourth of July!

Mark Dice


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I note that @GenFlynn has changed his twitter profile.

Note that the eagle is facing to it's left. That positioning is deliberate, IMO. Those who don't know what it means, please look it up. (looking now at the arrows of war...getting ready to rock & roll)


Jim Ball

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Strikes me that when society is moving in the preferred direction of the elites they refer to it as democracy and when society is moving away from the preferred direction of the elites it’s sneeringly regarded as populism?

I think many more people read posts here than actually post. Thats why the Lefty loons are so active they know PP has very wide coverage.

Tigerbalm Fri 20 Jul 2018 08:02:44 am
Waleed Aly admits that Sudanese are over represented in certain high harm crimes.

TDS the new epidemic of the USA. Cure not likely for at least 2 years and possibly out as far as 6 years. Most prolific in New York, California and Washington DC and Washington State.
BACK TO THE FUTURE Predicts 9/11
At 2:22, towers falling and the lamp. Are beyond coincidence.

Good to know that the Queensland Government is doing its bit to lower unemployment. At last count Palletshed and her girlfriend Tragic have employed 26,400 Pubic Serpents since Newman culled 8000. Also good to know that in order to justify this exorbitance, they have commissioned an "independent" review to prove that these P S's were in fact required at a cost of $165,000. With a salary cost of $1 billion a year its a big ticket item in the budget. Canberra is at risk of losing its title as the P S Capital of Australia, if Palletshed stays in power much longer Queensland will take that title with ease. But don't call any Government office and expect prompt service, that's not an outcome of this increase in numbers.

The journo who broke the story on Labor MP Emma Husar using her staff as slaves has posted the talking points sent out by Bill Shortens office which Albo basically repeated on the Today show defending her. There's two pictures in this link one of the talking points and the other of what albo said.

No wonder Jamie broke up with Rachel with Pru overseeing affairs..after several dates Rachel probably handed a Jamie a piece of paper and said your future shviger requires you to sign this before we go any further...jamie what?.WTF is this?

Any bets the lugenpresse find he has "mental health problems" and is not terrorism. Knifeman 'wounds at least 14 people in rampage on bus in Germany' and dumps 'smouldering backpack': Suspect who 'claims to be from Iran' is overpowered and arrested - as cops refuse to rule out terrorism

Lets see how this works..Lauren Southern struggles to get a visa from the Australian Government to give a talk that White people have rights..Lauren Southern appears to have been forced by Vicpol to advise where she was going to have her fireside chat. Oddly enough on the night of the event violent Antifa racist thugs appear outside the venue (Antifa is funded by Soros and protected and funded by the ALP and the Libs)..the Riot squad and police on horseback then spend hours fighting Antifa who are threatening to kill all the law abiding Aussies who arrive to listen to Lauren. When it was all over the Vicpol boasted that they had not arrested ONE Antifa thug, and then sent Lauren a bill for $70000, being the cost of stopping Antifa killing law abiding Aussies- whats wrong with this picture