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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Dyson Heydon must stay and the Left still don’t understand why. They are high on fantasy and chanting “bias, bias, bias” in a circular trance with their hands on each other’s genitals in an overt display of reciprocal masturbation.

It’s a new low in self-ingratiating judicial alchemy, even for the ABC and Fairfax. Dyson Heydon must stay!

“His future decisions will be tainted, his position is now untenable”, they scream. What they are really saying is, “He must be stopped from unearthing any more of Labor’s unionised corruption before it reaches the Opposition Front Bench and Bill Shorten.”

The Left’s modus operandi has always been to attack the courier of bad tidings rather than debate the efficacy of the message itself. Shoot the messenger before he can utter the message! Don’t allow the people to know! So the judgment must be burnt and the judge degraded.

The industrial thuggery of the CFMEU and its political arm, Bill Shorten’s AWU, is about to be unleashed on the airwaves as millions in workers’ subscriptions are poured into media’s coffers in a shower of outright lies and deception.

Make no mistake, union thugs have the whiff of their own death in their nostrils and they will use every last penny of their members’ fees to fight to the end.

This is a turning point in Australia’s industrial relations and Dyson Heydon is alone at the fulcrum.

If the Commissioner were to stand down it would, in effect, be an admission that his findings have been compromised. It would mean dozens of the guilty again walk free

... this time from “tainted” evidence the Commissioner and the Commission itself will have all but admitted to.

Union thugs will resume their corrupt practices killing off the last of our manufacturing industries.

Our once great rag trade and shoe manufacturers have gone, foundries are closing, our automotive manufacturers have returned to where protection rackets haven’t rendered their products’ prices uncompetitive.

Billions in Australian government assistance went straight into union coffers to fight conservatives who dared restrict their excesses.

We are an Asian nation with workers on wages beyond comparison to our neighbours and most of our trading partners. We cannot compete and we cannot product-improve our ore, bauxite, uranium or minerals, and the Greens want coal mines killed off over pobblebonk frogs and spotted skinks.
We export raw iron ore, live cattle and sheep, anything that requires a minimum of costly labour.

Unions have destroyed the manufacturing sector. It now constitutes a diminishing 16 percent of our economy but, like all good unionists they will simply move elsewhere, like they moved to Australia from Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

If this Commission falls over through a false and innocuous claim of a “perception” of bias then all future Royal Commissions will also fall over. Dyson Heydon cannot allow that to happen, and I don’t believe he will.

It is only a perception because the rabid Left says it is.


The live cattle/sheep trade should be shut down, abattoirs built, Australian workers employed (NOT moslem), and only chilled/frozen meat exported from Australia. Importers in other countries would soon toe the line and we would benefit.

Maybe we should ask Bill, Cesar, Bruce, John, Brian, Julia, Craig, Diana and the rest of the crims who they'd like to head the commission. Maybe Bernard.

Just do your fucking jobs you cowardly pricks. It is unlawful to question, disrespect, impugn, whatever, not answer questions, at a Royal Commission. No wonder our country is so fucked and I now live over in Pattaya. And Abbott is no better. Just takes it up the arse each day from these scumbag laborgreen slime, does nothing, tries to appease the filth, no bastard likes him, but no, he wants to please every cat and its dog. What a fucking tool. Back up with the blackfellas, living in humpies for a week, which of course stops all the rapes of children and savage bearings of women. Well done Abbott you fucking idiot. And I vote Conservative. We have no hope.

Any chance the Royal Commissioner coming out and having these arseholes charged with disrespecting the RC, and throwing them in gaol. Aren't these arseholes guilty of crimes pertaining to the running of a Royal Commission? Or would that be seen as being biased too, upholding the law? jesus, why are laws allowed to be broken with impunity? Black and raghead savages rape children with impunity, little girls get their labials chopped off, terrorists get charges dropped, a raghead originally from Afghanistan is allowed to rape children because some scumbag magistrate says it is okay in his old country so he can do it in a civilised country. FFS!!, charge the rapist with subverting justice at an RC, not answering questions, and anybody else questioning the RC.

Read 'Animal Farm' byr George Orwell and you will understand.

This is not good news........

Remember what they did to parliament house in Canberra when JWH was in power, the arseholes wrecked the joint and caused millions of dollars worth of damage, and staff were injured, small businesses in the house were trashed - what a day of anarchy that was. They are out and out mongrels. Read somewhere the other day by some union fellow that documented activities by the unions in wartime were not true and it was all bullshit.

Union joins Centennial in protest over Springvale delays

Monday, 24 August 2015
Lou Caruana
THE MINING union joined with Centennial Coal in Lithgow News South Wales over the weekend to rally against NSW Government delays to the Springvale coal mine extension approval which it said is putting hundreds of coal mining jobs at risk.

Courtesy CFMEU

The proposal to expand Centennial Coal’s Springvale mine’s underground coal mining area allowing it to operate for another 13 years has been referred to NSW independent Planning Assessment Commission for a final decision.

But the fate of 300 workers at the mine who have been stood down since August 21 is still unknown because the extension project still needs federal government approval.

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union south western district vice president Graeme Osborne said the company had been seeking an extension of the mine since 2012 but because of the NSW Government’s confusing and convoluted planning process they were still waiting.

“Mineworkers, their families and the Lithgow community have been left in the lurch for far too long as the NSW Government panders to green groups at the expense of workers,” he said.

“The Springvale coalmine has been a part of the Lithgow community for more than 20 years and directly employs almost four hundred local workers.

“We are already starting to see the very real effects of this irresponsible behaviour. The first stand downs of Springvale mineworkers took place on Friday evening and many more workers will be stood down in the coming weeks.

“We’re calling on the local Nationals representative Paul O’Toole to stand up for local workers instead of standing by and allowing Planning Minister Rob Stokes to play politics with our jobs and the future of our community.

“Without the mine’s approval, many hundreds more local mineworkers will be out of work by the end of September when Centennial Coal will be forced to stop production and place the mine into care and maintenance.”

Osborne said the Springvale mine is the sole provider of coal to the Lithgow Mount Piper Power station and if the mine extension is not approved it is likely the power station will also be forced to close, taking hundreds more local jobs with it.

“In the Lithgow area 20 per cent of all jobs are tied to coal mining and power generation. Our region has already been hit hard by hundreds of job losses when the Wallerawang power station closed and Centennial’s Angus Place coalmine was placed into care and maintenance last year.

“Unemployment in the Lithgow area is now almost 10 per cent – a rate well above the regional NSW average.

“If this approval is not granted it will have a devastating impact on our tight-knit community in Lithgow.”

Centennial Coal executive general manager external affairs Katie Brassil said the company has no option other than to stand down the majority of the Springvale workforce because of the delays in approval.

“Springvale mine requires both state and federal approvals to allow it to continue operating,” she said.

The application has been put under the microscope through a number of extensive reviews, involving analysis by independent experts and community consultation, a NSW Department of Planning and Environment spokesperson said.

Message to ABC
Your reportage of the Dyson Heydon emails doctoring was inaccurate and misleading. No emails were doctored and this was established many hours before your defamatory report. Only a full retraction and correction leading your next program will be an acceptable remedy to your irresponsible and unprofessional work. Good and honest people deserve protection from the lies and deceit of bad people using our taxes for their wicked ends. And nothing is more depraved than expecting us to fund protection for organised criminals. How do you sleep at night?

I hope your right Larry. I`m with you

You are a fucking pain in the arse.

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Subject: Recent article in the Newcastle Herald

This article is from Yvonne Campbell, Newcastle Morning Herald 11/08/2015

The attached JPG was forwarded to me but is a bit tedious to read so I have re-printed here. The text has not been altered in any way.

My apologies to Yvonne Campbell and Fairfax if I have broken any media or copyright laws but I really don’t give a shit about that. It is a real public and topical message and it needs to be spread... by any means available.

As the trough-dwellers in Canberra seek your votes at the coming federal election it might pay to keep this article in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is the current adversarial POLITICAL SYSTEM that has created and enhances this now entrenched and anti-Australian behaviour and WE AS POLITICAL PLEBS ARE TRAPPED BY IT !


I’M very much looking forward to the next federal election. I shall watch with interest the lead-up, which I suspect will see more rolls and tumbles than a washing machine on spin cycle.

Now, while I wouldn’t like to bet on the outcome, I’ll confidently predict right now that it is going to be the singularly most interesting election campaign of the past 50 years. Because if ever there was a melting pot containing so many disgruntled views by so many disgusted voters, I suspect it would pale in comparison to what we see daily in the online opinions of Australians right now.

I can’t ever recall sensing so much unhappiness in the Australian people.

The bad mood of the voting public doesn’t seem to be about one candidate over another, or even one party over another; but about the entire direction the country is heading.

For any politician of any persuasion, that is going to be dangerous ground on which to formulate election policy.

Winning the confidence of the Australian people is not going to be about dangling promises, kissing babies and a whiter-than-white smile. Nor is it going to be about smart rhetoric in parliament, or via media, taking potshots at the other side.

This country has some serious problems, now and looming and the last few governments of both political persuasions have failed to do what they were elected for – plan for the future of Australia.

It’s high time our politicians got down off their helicopters, took their snouts out of the public trough, their minds from endless irrelevant debate, and earned their keep.

It also time they started to show some respect for the Australian people and some attention to their responsibilities as leaders.

Because if the end of the age of entitlement is here for Hockey’s ‘‘lifters and leaners’’, it has also ended for our politicians.

The people expect them to start governing the country – for the good of the people.

That’s the Australian people, not any other people, nor any other country, nor their parliamentary mates.

The subject of the sale of Australian land and infrastructure to foreigners and the loss of Australian jobs to foreign workers – aided and abetted by the policies of our own governments – is one that draws a raft of public comment from disgruntled and displaced workers every time.

The ongoing lack of employment opportunities for our youth in concert with the absence of future nation-building strategies is another.

Then there is the deliberately exclusionary welfare system we have been handed in recent times, where we are seeing huge numbers of genuinely unemployed without any kind of benefit or tangible support into paid employment.

Then there are our elderly – many self-funded – who have worked hard, paid taxes all of their lives, who are despite this now living on very little because of the low interest rate environment that exists.

Balance all of that against the money we just give away, such as, but not limited to, the billions of dollars we hand out in ‘‘foreign’’ aid every year.

Charity, the last time I checked, began at home and that doesn’t mean politicians’ entitlements.

And while politicians may actually feel ‘‘entitled’’ on behalf of the Australian people, I’ll never hold with the premise that we as a nation have had it too good for too long and must now pay the cost.

I think what Australians are looking for is that which has been ingrained into who we are as a nation over 200 years.

And that is a ‘‘fair go’’.

A right to the basics – a job, shelter, food and a helping hand when we are down on our luck.

Also, a sense of national pride in who we are. If we have none of that, and if we have sold off everything that symbolises who we are as a nation, what future do we have?

Given we don’t even know just how much land or how many jobs have gone to foreigners because no one will divulge the extent of the rot, will we wake up one day and find Australia as a nation, or even as a country, has ceased to exist?

What are you doing Dee???!

I would like to think that all posters here would join with me and send good wishes to Commissioner Heydon... he needs the support of us all in coming days pain....

...with obsessive compulsive disorder.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I've taken time to read the arguments. A perception of bias in the mind of a reasonable man? I don't see it. What I do see are the brutish dumb kids ganging up to bully the smart kid making them look bad.

All this bleating from the left about the Royal Commissioner being a politically biased appointee, but not one word that I have seen about Kathy Jackson's partner who appears to have benefited from her criminal activities being a Fair Work regardless of the criminal activities surely that is one hell of a huge conflict of interest. I didn't year on the ABC nor in the FauxFacts press.

Frank...Indeed an Australian patrician legal grandee. ..incorruptible and fair.....and therefore an anthema to Labor Unions and co;...a great good man to be covered in Labor Unions filth flingers who are hoping some will stick in the minds of the Australia public and voters when they go the polls next year.

History will record that Justice Heydon is one of our finest men.