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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Let’s do it the ancient Greek way and have everyone compete stark naked… then WE can decide who’s male and who's female. This South African nobody with a baritone voice, a bulging Adam’s apple and crutch, called Caster Semenya, is a publicity seeking gender fraud and it revels in it!

But how would you feel as a parent of a petite little blonde chic valiantly trying to keep pace with a huge bruiser of a bloke in an 800 meter final? This "gender non-binary" person (although it has now decided it’s a sheila for the sake of competition) has no shame, as it continues to annihilate fields of genuine, superbly fit, petite females.

“Oh, but I sit down to pee!” it exclaims, as if that is the determinant of one’s sex. Blimey, I sit down when I’m too pissed to stand up, and I still feel like a bloke… well I don’t really feel like a bloke, I still feel blokey sort of (did I get that right?).

It has now married a fellow confused non-binary person in Violet Raseboya, and it appears it has the wedding tackle to maintain the marriage because the couple is now expecting a baby and there is no indication of who it is that's pregnant or who exactly did the impregnating.

Look, I couldn’t care less what sexually confused people finally opt for, but I care when they cheat. I care when they strut around with gold medals and a national flag pretending they fought a fair race.

With carefully tucked up tackle resembling an untidy camel toe and nary a nipple in                                           sight, it brazenly runs down fair dinkum sheilas

                   Caster breaks the 35yo South African 1000m women's record

If the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) continues to allow this person to compete as a woman against fair dinkum women, then it can look forward to a continued erosion of its base support.

Maybe I’m getting too old for this crap.


seriously, are we too scared now to stand up and tell a man he is a man and must compete against men? Has political correctness destroyed every fibre of common sense and integrity? what a fucking world we live in!!!!

Tigerbalm: .... Lovely to see the mentally ill supporting one another .... Annie Mac: .... Tiger Baby again with his inane comments. Will he ever grow up? .... Mentally ill, Tigerbalm? Yep. And deranged and delusional. And, thus, as celebrated, these days, by the increasingly Nazified fascist Left, as were the 1930s' not too dissimilar freaks, by the Nazis.

Caster's athletics career is about to be halted because athletics is introducing testosterone limits in female athletes, more or less in the same way horse racing has limits on substances like cobalt levels in horses.

Tiger baby again with his inane comments...will he ever grow up?

Lovely to see the mentally ill supporting each other.

We can blame a former Australian female 800m athlete in one Madeleine Pape for Caster
Semenya competing without being on hormone therapy to reduce its high testosterone levels. Pape became a do gooder academic on gender equality and her evidence in appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport by a female Indian sprinter, Dutee Chand, about her non selection in the 2014 Commonwealth Games because of high testosterone. Chand refused to take hormone suppressant drugs and wasn’t permitted to compete for India so she appealed. Chand won the appeal with the support of Pape’s arguments. The IAAF and the IOC could no longer enforce the ruling that those intersex athletes competing as females who had high testosterone levels would be required to reduce those levels by taking hormone suppressants. Thus Semenya came back onto the track stronger than she had been for the last few years when she was forced to compete on doses of oestrogen hormones to bring her levels back to an acceptable limit (still high though for the average female).

Semenya won gold in the 800m at Rio. In the IAAF World Champs in 2017 she got greedy and went for the 800m -1500m double. She won the 800m but strength and brawn weren’t enough to win the 1500m as she was outsmarted by 1500m specialist runners who surged half way through the race and she wasn’t able to bridge the gap then do her big sprint for home. She won the 1500m at the Gold Coast Comm Games with her sit and kick tactic as no one was prepared to run her off her feet mid race so the race was there for Semenya’s taking over the last 400m.

The Indian athlete Dutee Chand was hoping to compete at the Gold Coast Comm Games but a bone fracture in her wrist limited her preparation as she couldn’t practice her starts and when she recovered she was unable to run the qualifying time to be selected.
The IAAF is to bring in another rule change on this hormone issue thanks to Sir Sebastian Coe who is very much against Caster competing with such high testosterone levels. Athletics' global governing body hopes to bring in regulations that will limit testosterone levels in female athletes by November this year, meaning Semenya will either have to take medication that will bring her body's levels down, or quit the sport.
The Court of Arbitration of Sport had given the IAAF a deadline to provide scientific evidence for its suspended 2011 rules over hyperandrogenism, as well as advice on how the governing body intends to implement the proposed regulations. The IAAF still has to overcome that Court of Arbitration 2015 appeal ruling so let us hope for the sake of all female athletes with their testosterone levels within the accepted range that the IAAF is successful.

Try Rowan Dean on 2Gb today.

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Still not game to see if it is loaded Chopper?

They are sick and deranged females - sinister and dangerous and wrecking all that captures their filthy attention....and agenda.

Thanks Winston
Yes , that's the way I remembered it to be and I think the one who brought up some dreamt up or 1/4 learned experience of USA in Loisianna in the 40's or something is trying to use the poisonous idea in once again besmirching good decent men and women who acted appropriately and respected each other. This newly taught feminist poison wanting to hate men and accuse wives of being prostitutes or slaves to their husbands is a bitter lie from thehairy armpit uglies of women who are unmarriable, childless and disgusting.

Micky - in those far off but well remembered bus days I always sat near to the front in whatever seat was available. If the bus was not packed - midway was my choice...In the WA of my childhood it was the ratbags who headed to the back seats where they became rowdies etc. Nice girls sat as indicated....One always felt demeaned and slumming it if there were no mid to front seats available an one was forced to sit at the back unless one decided to stand up instead.

I have a nose for this shit. I know a few vets and whilst they have issues they don't talk about their experiences and certainly have respect for the vietnamese people.

Great name

Tb. That fucking old impostor never went anywhere, nor did anything, but he likes to let people think that he did.

Loosey's idea?

Working overtime PB, much respect.

Don't insult Leo .......

I was about to say that.

How about this for a proposal. We start an anti-apartheid Australia group, whereby we will target the aims of do-gooder white Abos and their lickspittle supporters attempting to disenfranchise our genuine aboriginals by marginalizing them with separate waiting rooms, Aboriginal only housing, special treatment by Centrelink etc etc. Surely we could turn this situation around by claiming the true aboriginals as our equals.