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Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Just as our fair dinkum athletes would be better served competing against open competition, our fair dinkum Aborigines would be better served back home looking after their delinquent kids. And the pretend Aborigines? Well, they would be better served smoking dope on the beach while they wait for the Gold Coast Centrelink office to open. 

My kids insisted on seeing the Commonwealth Games’ opening ceremony. Well, the “ceremony” appeared to be nothing more than a modernised, acid influenced version of a bloody corroboree! 

I needed to bite my tongue until it hurt because I never seek to influence my kids with my politics, and I’m told not one of my eleven kids reads my Blog, so I doubt I have had any political influence on them at all… which is okay by me. 

My older girls seem to have developed a decided verdant tinge and my boys are all sensibly conservative so I simply cannot have had a blanket leverage on their thinking, but I sometimes wish that I did have, because the girls appeared to have enjoyed that opening ceremony and they completely ignored the irony of fifty or so pretend Aboriginal Industry activists trying to disrupt it.

WTF were these activists complaining about? Was the opening ceremony a re-enactment of the arrival of James Cook? Was it a re-enactment of how we Europeans have developed a worthless island of internationally unwanted red dirt into a vibrant first world economy that could afford $35 billion a year to throw at Aboriginal demands? 

Don’t think so.

So when a bunch of pretend Aborigines, dressed up as North American Red Indians waving gum tree branches around, began dancing to the lilting strains of a dozen melodic didgeridoos, I headed outside for a much needed smoke.

And what the hell was an Aboriginal flag doing there? More irony! It’s a shame the Aboriginal Industry activists don’t adopt a regime of active push-ups, then we might see a medal or two hanging around their necks in a winners’ ceremony… 

I mean, it wouldn’t be all that hard to be competitive, 

…not too much opposition in the VB-guzzling, wife-bashing and petrol-sniffing events. 


OT...I heard that a settlement of 1500 Sudanese is being made at Mooroopna.Mooroopna is already full of Aborigines...what a combination if it's true. I wouldn't like to live in Shepparton, just over the river.It has its own moslem ghetto.What are politicians trying to do to our country?Does anyone have any news on this?

The Games' Reconciliation Action Plan has a LOT to answer for ...

No doubt buttwad Beattie will get an Award and bonus and a Government job paying $400,000.00 a Year as thanks for him making the Games such a brilliant ''success'' !

Oh dreary me, the number 2 troll or moll has spoken.

Is that thing loaded Chopper or is it just you?

Your Number 1 gay boy troll, shit didn't know you had company, joey boy.

Remember when you could go to the milk bar and buy a ham and salad sanga or a four&twenty meat pie with sauce for lunch?

dem days is gone

now it kebabs (the meat looks like it's been festering for the past six months) and falafels

New post

Christ,some people get outraged at nothing.Some old volleyball player/commentator called a couple of coconut throwers ''human lamingtons''. How the fuck is that racist.

Turdbull and Kevin Rudd have this in common..... Egomania is also known as preoccupation with one's self[1] and applies to someone who follows their own ungoverned impulses and is possessed by delusions of personal greatness and feels a lack of appreciation.[2] Someone suffering from this extreme egocentric focus is an egomaniac. The condition is psychologically abnormal.[1]

The term egomania is often used by laypersons in a pejorative fashion to describe an individual who is intolerably self-centred. The clinical condition that most resembles the popular conception of egomania is narcissistic personality disorder.[3]

has Trump walked in the Israeli Mousetrap and attacked Syria yet?..if he does..well its bye bye credibility forever

I wonder if Salim will make an insurance claim on this.

To the Politicians and Media whom are Supporting the Terror infused Cult of Islam and it's current invasion of Australia. They should think long and hard about what they are inflicting upon this Nation..History has shown us that Being a Do-gooder, will not save them when the local Imam when he knocks on their door and demands they recite the Pillars of the Qur'an, or their heads will be used as soccer balls at the local Islamic Primary school, but then it will be too late..This Cancer needs to be stopped and stopped soon...Just look at the examples both here and abroad, Londonistan,Melbourne,Lakemba,France,Germany and all the other Western Countries that have allowed this Terror infused Cult to fester in their lands..And this is just the Beginning. Every day it festers, it grows stronger.

AS I HAVE POSTED REPEATEDLY THE TURD HAS THE WOOD ON ALL OF HIS 53 ANAL TWITCHERS , in the old days it was called BLACKMAIL. Mark Connell came back to his desk to find three missed calls from an unfamiliar number. Then came the fourth call.
Shouting down the line at a million miles an hour was the principal private secretary to the Prime Minister, Sally Cray, as she tore into Connell, who is the chief of staff to NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro. It was shock-and-awe stuff.
“I’m so f..king angry,” came the tirade from Malcolm Turnbull’s senior staffer, who Connell had never met.
“Your boss will cease (talking about Turnbull) and he will step down from this talk about Turnbull and the leadership.
“You guys are on the second rung; don’t play with the big boys.
read more
Election there to be won: Turnbull
Arrogant, remote, uncaring
Miserable mob with little hope
PM’s empty locker the real worry
“I don’t give a f..k if I have to quit my job in order to sit down in front of (The Daily Telegraph editor) Chris Dore and tell him all about your boss and what he has been up to!
“I know you’re high-fiving in there; you’ve got plans to keep going with the story and do press conferences.
“If I’m not allowed to leak about your boss and tell people what’s ... going on (with him) I will quit (so I can do so).”
Cray listed some unsubstantiated slurs against Barilaro she claimed she could present to the media as she continued to swear and threaten.
The call came an hour after Barilaro had given an interview to 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones on 2GB on December 1 calling on Turnbull to resign.


America the perpetual invader

This may list may surprise many, enrage a few and some would think everybody already knew

Points to deep national insecurity and need to dominate

Islam has NO place in Australian Culture or Values. They, as a Terror Infused Cult, are Totally incompatible. They have Slaughtered Australians in it's name, and leached off our resources to fund their invasion ever since our Government allowed it to infect us and Our Nation. Islam is our Mortal Enemy, literally....If you don't let it infect you, and renounce your Values and Culture, It has sworn to Kill you....The ONLY variable in this factual equation, is Time..If this cancer is not cured or removed, it will inevitably get the Political power to take control, and the rest will be history, All written in Australian Blood, and done with your Governments Blessing and Assistance....You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see what is occurring across Western Countries that have been infected, shit, even Blind Freddy can’t miss it….That is, Everyone except the Media and Government, for some inexplicable reason. But that is just my humble opinion…..

20 year old GOATFUCKER assaults a 18 month old child , THIS is the Filth that that common Kunt turnbull allows into this ONCE great country , YEP we send our people over to their SHITHOLE to fight the shit they have stirred up, Guanteed a MOSLEM will not fight one on one they will if they have 8 or more fucking weak filth that includes the Turd

What is wrong with this statement?

Bill Shorten has labelled the treatment of sheep by parts of the live cattle industry a “national disgrace” as he offered bipartisan support to crackdown on “shonks” in the sector.

Trump is apparently in the Process of delivering a message to Assad.....